Best Vocal Harmonizer Pedals | Review 2018

Posted in Accessories on September 13, 2016

A vocal harmonizer is what you need if you are a performer and wish to transform or tweak your voice. Today, these instruments have found wide usage in modern music and are extensively used in recording studios, live performances, and even for practice sessions in home studios. The right vocal harmonizer provides you with the Read More »

Remo Kids Percussion

Posted in Kids and Drums on May 3, 2016

Four kids sitting on the floor and playing Remo floor drums

Cool Sound Inspires… Remo World Drums are beautiful, high quality built, really affordable, easy to handle and to clean, light weighted, long lasting, and on top of that: They really produce cool sounds which inspire your kids and all family members to delve into their play.… and They Look Beautiful! The colourful Kid drums are going to be played on Read More »

Pyle Pro PTED01 | Review 2016

Posted in Other Drums on April 27, 2016

Table electronic digital drum set in black color

While this kit will not replace a much more costly digital drum set up, it offers some unexpected attributes I really like. It additionally has downsides. The Pyle Pro PTED01 is your best option for practising in a flat and/or late at night. You will be very delighted in that case. It will not take Read More »

How to Play the Buffalo Drum

Posted in Guides And Tips on April 25, 2016

White Remo drum with mallet near it

Although you can learn to play this awesome instrument autodidactically, I want to give you some useful ideas of how to play the Buffalo Drum. If you are looking for immediate drumming success, and you want to learn to play the easiest kind of instrument, your choose of the Buffalo Drum is perfect. As said, it is easy to learn, music will Read More »

Gretsch Catalina Maple Snare Drum | Review 2018

Posted in Other Drums on April 23, 2016

Good Value and Sound to Match! Not everyone needs or wants a professional grade snare drum or kit. Many hobbyist drummers love to play for pleasure, maybe gig for fun with some friends or make themselves available for their cousins wedding. You get the point. Gretsch Drums does, too, and offers the Gretsch Catalina Maple Read More »

Ion Electric Drum Set | Reviews 2018

Posted in Other Drums on April 23, 2016

An Ion electric drum set is probably a new brand to watch out for. Ion Audio just started in 2004, and now, the inventor of the USB turntable is making heads turn with its fantastic line of electronic products like audio accessories, music or beat making bundles, music players, cables, computer recording, drum console gaming Read More »

Sonor Force 3007 Maple Snare | Review 2016

Posted in Other Drums on April 22, 2016

Check Availability and Prices on Amazon Precision Engineered for Dynamic Sound! Sonor is committed to producing drums that have exquisite sound quality brought about through the highest possible precision in craftsmanship. They put renowned German engineering into each new offering, and the research, testing, and tweaking pays off in better sound both drummer and listener Read More »

Top Rated Remo Drum Heads | Review 2018

Posted in Other Drums on April 22, 2016

Remo 5-Piece Rock ProPack Review   The Remo 5-Piece Rock ProPack includes 12″, 13″, 16″ Pinstripe tom heads, 22″ Powerstroke bass head, and a 14″ Coated Ambassador snare head. Remo 5-Piece Rock ProPack also Includes an FALAM patch. Remo Pinstripe heads are the classic, trusted drum head for rock style drumming. I’ve used these heads Read More »

5 Top Rated Evans Drum Heads | Review 2018

Posted in Other Drums on April 21, 2016

In this area, we take a look at different drum heads / skins and review their strengths and weaknesses. There are many brands to choose from in the drum head arena like Evans or Remo and many others. Some of the more popular  skins like the Remo Pinstripe, and Evans G2 are reviewed here. Single Read More »

Ho To Tune a Drum - The Ultimate Guide

Posted in Guides And Tips on April 19, 2016

General Drum Tunning It seems a common question that comes up with beginners to seasoned players as well is the topic of proper drum tuning. The first thing to consider is; what type of sound are you looking for, what are you trying to achieve with your drums? This should always be re-evaluated every time Read More »

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