Alesis DM6 USB Drum Set | Review 2018

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alesis dm6 review

Altogether, the Alesis DM6 Five-Piece Electronic Drum Set is a great item. Most likely not the best you could obtain but for the cost, a good entry level set and you can get some great usage from it before you move to a much more extensive kit. Okay let's start the review!

Pros & Cons - the whole story

Among the first thing’s I discovered was that the kick pedal spring tension was set too tight. This made the pedal difficult to control and would be extremely discouraging to a newbie. Luckily the thumbscrew and nut adjustment is simple and made a significant enhancement in feel and command. The documents included are poor and, inexcusably, there’s absolutely nothing better readily available online from Alesis.

The steps in the graphical setup web page are less than ideal for assembly by one person. The kit permits remarkable versatility in positioning the pads horizontally and up and down, yet you’re basically left on your own to find this out. Experienced drummers will certainly know what they want yet I would certainly have cherished a recommended standard configuration showing typical variations. The command module’s buttons and procedure are explained, but there’s no comprehensive overview of the preset kits or selectable pad patches.

You’ll simply need to hear them and take down your own notes. There seems to be a recurring controversy over a firmware upgrade to the controller module – whether it fixes a problem with the snare drum pad responsiveness when struck concurrently with the hi-hat, or is in reality the reason for an issue with the pad. I have actually noticed no such issue and, since this day, Alesis has no such update on their website, which leads me to suspect their previous update might have misbehaved and/or they have actually updated systems currently being offered.

But these are only minior details, let's hear it!

All right where were we, yea mentioning the snare, the 2nd outer zone for rimshots is nice however I can just get it to induce while sticking from the exterior. The technique of laying the stick level throughout the head and lifting one end does not seem to cause the rimshot (or possibly I just haven’t worked out the touch yet). I want an organic noise, possibly close to a classic jazz kit, and a couple of the presets help me.

small picture of the drum set


I also have Battery 3 and using the kit to trigger those sounds open’s up extensive possibilities. Still, most of the time I simply intend to take a seat and play and don’t wish to trouble with firing up the PC and installing a software application. So it is cool to have 2 practical choices.

The headset volume could be louder yet operating it with powered speakers and running earphones out from them resolves that problem. Keeping the pads tidy is easy with 2 soft lint-free cloths. Moisten one with a little warm water (wring it out well) and utilize a light circular motion to remove dust and dirt, after that clean delicately with the dry cloth to wipe up any kind of deposit.


The sensation of the this electronic kit actually is essentially different from an acoustic instrument, especially when striking the cymbal pads. It takes awhile to emotionally stabilize the soft thud or click (depending on which surface you strike) from outside the earphones with the tested drum sound within.

I had not been certain I liked it for the very first few weeks, which I didn’t. However, I’ve warmed up to it and actually have started to connect to the Alesis DM6 on its own terms, not as a replica of an acoustic drum set, but as another thing with its own special qualities. Since this is drum set under $400 I can safely say that this is a good deal! Stay tuned for more reviews, till next time!