5 Best Drum Practice Pads | Reviews 2018

Posted in Drums | Last Updated on October 4, 2018

And there you are, practicing again your paradiddles and toms on your drum set, this time you feel you are sounding incredible, the adrenaline starts running through your veins and then... Toc-Toc your neighbor is knocking the door asking you to play silently because that drum is too noisy. Scenes like this, are commonly live by drummers because unlike other instruments, it is impossible to practice as it should be with your drum in a low volume.

Thus, every drummer need a drum practice pad to practice anytime and anyplace he or she likes. Here we present a review about what we think are the best drum practice pads on the market, chosen after exhaustive hours of review on websites and music stores to make easy for you the choice of a practice pad.

What did I consider?

To choose the best drum practice pads existing, I have to consider some features as size, sound, materials, quality, design, and price. Basically, there are the most important considerations to select the perfect pad for you, although the importance of these features may vary according to preferences of each drummer.

The size is one of the most important elements that you have to consider if you want to buy a practice pad. The smaller practice pads are designed for beginners and the bigger ones for experienced drummers who want to have an experience more realistic.

The materials are another important thing to consider because the material defines the sound of instrument. The softer gum rubber is soft so you can practice on a bouncy surface while the neoprene surfaces have a no bouncing effect, providing an experience closer to a real snare. If you like both surfaces you will find drum pads with has dual sides.

About the body of the practice pads, there are made of different materials, some are made by wood, others by plastic, and others by metal, I prefer the wooden pads but if you don't have any particular preference you can buy one made by plastic because is cheaper.
Of course, the quality and durability are important because you deserve a quality practice pad, which you can use for years and resist, without problem all the hits of your drumsticks.

Obviously, the sound depends on the materials of the surface and the body, the more realistic are the sounds is, the nicer practice on that pad is. Also, the volume of the sound is vital because this will provide you the chance of practice for hours without disturbing anyone.

Lastly it doesn’t matter if you are beginner looking for budget solution or advanced drummer who is after the quality or maybe you are the kind of person who loves to have a variety of drum pads, if that is the case, here we provide you multiple options so your hunt of the best pad will end here.

Drumeo P4

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This is a unique multi-surface drumming pad which allows you to "move around" on the different four surfaces of different materials, giving you the sensation that you are playing a kit, this provides you a better practice session full of new fills and rudiments combinations, helping you to develop more control in your technique and muscle memory. Obviously, multi-surface to practice on a drum head mean smaller individual practice surfaces.

The pads are at different levels. the grey pad has the lightest feel but also has a really good bounce. The blue pad is harder than grey and it feels similar to most pads. The black is even harder and provides the sensation of play a tight snare drum, with a pretty good rebound. The last pad, the orange feels like hitting a closed hi-hat (try to play relaxed this last one). Nobody can deny that its design is pretty cool and attractive.

This Drumeo pad has some insignificant factory issues, as the visible glue where the pads are put onto its base and in some areas, the residuals are noticed.

  • Made with quality materials.
  • Different pads offer different feels.
  • Fits on any standard snare stand.
  • Offers pretty realistic drumming experience overall.
  • Fits on any standard snare drum stand.

  • Expensive.
  • The rebound of the pads tom (black and white) doesn’t feel like realistic toms.
  • The rubber adhesive isn't strong enough.
  • The pads could seem too close at the beginning if you are just learning to move your sticks.

Vic Firth 12" Double Sided Pad

Vic Firth is undoubtedly one of the best brands of accessories for drums (my favorite) which offers us the 12-inch double drum pad, a great option for drummers who want something different in their practicing, the wood base provides you a real feel while practicing drum kit, its double sides allow you to practice on two different surfaces. One of them is made with soft rubber which mimics a real snare and is ideal to practice rebounds, and the other is made with hard rubber, so you can intensify your performance and practice diddles and paradiddles. The Vic Firth is bouncy when is hit with drumsticks, if you don’t like that bounce the trick is to use heavier weighted drumsticks and if you love that bouncy feel so you can use your regular drumsticks.

These features made the pad perfect for practice or just jamming without ruining your favorite table. One of the features that I love is its lightweight, so you can take it with you anywhere in a backpack to pretty much practice at any moment you like. You will love the possibility to practice on one side for a while and later flip over to practice on the other side. If you want the best experience, while practicing, attach the practice pad to a drum head, placing it on table could work too, individual stands or another kind of flat surface are viable options as well. You got the idea the thing is super portable.

  • Has two sides to practice so you don’t need to do a double spend
  • It is portable.
  • No unpleasant chemical smell.
  • Its wooden base provides an authentic drum feel.
  • Built to last

  • The edges of the pad start to curl after few days of use.
  • The glue that holds the padding is no good.
  • Expensive.
  • In some cases, the glue may start to come undone.

Evans 2

Evans is another renowned quality brand in the industry, and when we talk about drum practice pad Evans offers us double sized too, featuring "Realfeel" technology, one side is made of hard neoprene what provides realistic drumming sensation, and the other side is made with gum rubber providing a good rebound feeling and responds pretty well to the hits of the sticks, with a deep but silent sound. This model simulates a snare on one side and a tom on the other side, the rebound on the snare side is very realistic. Its 12-inch size provides the possibility of put in a snare drum stand and practices with stability on any surface. It weighs 3.5 pounds, what makes it heavier than others but still being portable to take it with you on tour or to a quick practice before a concert.

You will practice for hours if you don’t have a delicate nose (the rubber has a disagreeable toxic smell at the beginning). Also, the rubber has some factory details (visible glue marks on the wood and rubber areas) but this issue doesn’t affect too much the practice. Another feature that we love is its wear-resistant and that it is designed to last a long time, however, it peels easily after some practice sessions, but still sounding and feeling great.

  • Has two sides with different surfaces to practice.
  • Cheaper than others.
  • Ideal size for a practice pad.
  • One half is neoprene.

  • Nasty chemical odor of the rubber when it is new.
  • Not glued down properly.
  • The difference on sides are not too significant as others double practice pads.
  • Heavier than others.

Tosnail 12-inch

This product is an economical option, perfect for beginners and low budget people, its large wooden base has just one bright blue pad surface drumming making it more simple than the previous practice pad in this review. The backside sponge maintains on the surface the pad when you are practicing, and makes the sound quieter too, making it the most silence practice pad of this list. Unlike the others, the Tosnail is the only pad that includes a pair of sticks (or sometimes for some unfortunate people just one or none) so you can start to practice and hit it since the first day. However even if includes the pair of sticks, you must buy other sticks due to the sticks including with the Tosnail are too delicate and they're broke easily.

This pad is bouncy and durable so you can develop stick patterns and difficult techniques. If what you want to develop strength and control you should choose a pad less bouncy than this. This low budget option could be the perfect present for your friend who is just starting in the drums world.

  • More affordable than its high-end counterparts.
  • Includes sticks.
  • Doesn’t have a nasty chemical smell.
  • Perfect for amateurs or light players.
  • Speed increasing.

  • Not 2-sided.
  • Weak sticks.
  • Sometimes just bring one stick or none.

Neewer 3-in-1 Digital

This pad is totally different to all the practice pad mentioning in this review. The reason? How its name suggests this is electronic and has additional cool features, so it is ideal due to the learning facility its offers. Include speakers and sounds from samples when you hit it, also incorporates a perfect metronome to work in improve your rhythm, something that I know is difficult for to beginners, the possibility to use it with headphones and the volume control is a feature which allows you to maintain a low volume.

This Neewer practice pad includes three practice modes, there are Counting Mode, speed Detection Mode and Metronome Mode, also it comes in different brilliant colors (orange, black and green) and includes batteries AAA so despite being electronic still being portable and if you want, you can connect with a charger to the wall (which you have to buy if you are not already the owner of one).

The electronic lovers and younger drummers surely will love the Neewer 3-in-1 which will allow them to practice for hours their new beats and rudiments.

  • Good to learn rhythm and beats.
  • Solid Rubber gripping to don’t slip.
  • Easy to understand.

  • It doesn't have the most professional feel.
  • The volume without headphones can get pretty loud.
  • Doesn't include a charger to connect it to the wall plug.

Remo Tunable Practice Pad

This pad is a good entry-level drumming pad, also the more experienced drummers will enjoy the consistency and high quality, one of these awesome features is that can be tuned and it comes in different sizes, 6" 8" and 10" so you can invest your money in the size that suits your need. If you want more fun get all 3 and set up a lifelike practice space tuning each one different.

It is good for practicing drum rudiments, stick control, and wrist development, the rebound style is good and include a rim what gives it a special sensation to the practice sessions, however if you don’t know how to tuned correctly or if you get the 10 inch size it can't be used to practice at night or too early in the morning because is too noisy and loud as the snare drum.

  • Available in three sizes
  • Can be tuned
  • Has a rubber coating that prevents it from slipping
  • Free of scratch with its protective rubber bottom.

  • Cheap Taiwan plastic rim
  • Does not sound like a real snare drum
  • Louder than others.

So definitively any of this option can help you to improve your skills and practice whatever you want at any time, even if you are a pro, a beginner, or a parent who has a kid in a marching school band who wants to be a drummer and you can't afford a snare drum yet, or just don’t want a kid beating all day in your house making noise, you would love any of this options for sure. Making any penny invest in it, one of the best decisions in your life.

Choose the one that best suits your needs and doesn’t let that your neighbors, wife, parents, friends or anybody interrupt your practice session again.