Best Acoustic, Percussion Stomp Boxes [Reviews 2021]

Posted in Percussion | Last Updated on July 12, 2021

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There are so many great solo acoustic artists today, however the unfortunate truth is that their live performances can often get lost in the crowd. There are simply too many acts with similar live sounds. An easy way for a solo artist to elevate a performance is by adding a stomp box to the mix. Instantly there will be a more ongoing synergy between the audience and performer.

Onlookers will feel more connected, often denoted by the slight nodding of their heads to the rhythm.

That’s really what live music is really about, isn’t it?

When looking at the best acoustic and percussion stomp boxes for your needs, there are a few things to consider including price, mobility, and usage applications. Here we have broken down some of top choices that you can better choose one for your needs.

SX SBX II Stomp Box

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This stomp box is really only intended to replicate the sound of a bass drum. It’s sleek and minimal design is an added plus. Having just one jack, be sure to have a channel or the soundboard or amp in order to EQ it for best results. This is one of the best budget-friendly options for stomp boxes and will serve its singular purpose well.

This gadget is really geared toward someone looking for to add a layer to their live performance without breaking the bank. Being an entry- level product, however, do not expect the SBX to hold up for years of heavy touring, but for the occasional open mic night or small sing along, the SBX will do its job well.

Meinl Percussion BASSBOX


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Percussion giant Menial’s entrance in the stomp box category does not go unnoticed. Meinl’s BASSBOX is a great addition to an acoustic performance with friends or in a small coffee shop. Being made of birch, it adds a nice and warm bass drum tone. This product is much bigger than the others on this list and is different in that it needs to be played with a bass drum pedal.

Although bigger than the others, this stomp box really has a great look to it and really fits in well with a stripped-down acoustic performance. It has a great synergy with cajon drum, as a matter of fact it comes with a beater. If you don't have a bass drum in your arsenal you can use the BASSBOX instead.

Log Jam Logarhythm Stomp Box

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Boasting a very sturdy build, this stomp box is one for the road. Like the SBX, the Log Jam Logarhythm has a single jack, so be sure that EQing on the amp or soundboard is possible for you. It is made from high quality tonewoods and has an excellent finish.

The non-slip base will ensure that it isn’t trying to get away in the middle of your best set yet.

Something really great about this model is that rubber towed soled shoes will produce a sound that is slightly hollowed, while playing it with a solid soled shoe will give you more of a wood block tone.

Wazinator - Classic KSB319

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On the higher end is the Wazinator Classic. This beautiful stomp box uses compressed air when pressed down upon. When stomping, the air is forced through the chamber and into a pickup. This build gives you a very nice low tone that is very similar to a real acoustic bass drum. Because of its design, hitting different parts of the product will actually give you different tones.

The size of the Wazinator Classic allows your whole foot to sit comfortably on the pad and lets you decide which part of your foot you want to play with. Like the Dropkick, this product is going to have a great sound right when you plug it in so you can really cut down the time spent on soundchecks.

Logarhythm Rattlebox Percussion

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Another pick from Log Jam, this one is just as low profile and sleek but has more options adding complexity to your live performances. The larger area for stomping allows you to be a bit more relaxed while performing.

It ships with kick, rimshot, and side stick sounds. Requiring no batteries and built out of solid spell timber, this product is ready for touring, although it does lack volume or tone control, so that is something to consider as its adjustments will have to be made on the amp or soundboard.

The Rattlebox also has a similar anti-slide rubber base like the regular Logarrhythm Stomp Box, giving you peace of mind as you stomp away while giving your focus to your performance.

Wazinator - Dropkick KSB883

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The Wazinator Dropkick is the world’s first die cast aluminum stomp box. Although mainly aluminum, the impact point is beautiful Tasmanian Oak. The Dropkick has a great out-of-box sound that doesn’t even need to be EQ’d in most cases, as opposed to others needing the treble lowered and bass raised.

Getting a great sound immediately after plugging it in to your rig is going to really cut down the time needed for sound check and reduce the trust that you have to put in whoever the sound guy happens to be that night. Boasting a clean look, the Dropkick will add to your onstage performance while keeping onstage clutter to a minimal.

It has passive analog electronics, meaning that batteries or a designated outlet are not required. This product is dependable and very much tour-worthy.

Roland - Percussion Electronic Drum Pad (SPD-1K)

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For the performer wanting more functionality, this box from electronic drum maker Roland is a no brainer. Featuring 22 different sounds from standard kick drum to tambourine, this product allows users to import their own sounds via USB to be stored for desired use.

If you need to make some edits to the sounds you are putting out in order to fit the venue, simply use the four knobs to adjust tuning, reverb, and other effects. You will need to use batteries or plug this stomp box in, although oddly enough it doesn’t ship with a power cord. This is a really great choice for anyone looking to have more control and a variety of sounds in their live setup.

Singular Sound - BeatBuddy

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If you are considering a pedal to handle all your percussive needs and then some, then you may want to consider the BeatBuddy. Technically a drum machine in pedal format, this pedal boasts over 200 preloaded songs and 10 realistic drum sets with storage capacity up to 3.2 million songs and 300 drum sets.

The drum tracks on the BeatBuddy are recorded with live drummers so you don’t have to worry about them sounding like a robot. What’s more is that it is loaded with functionality. While playing along with a drum track simply press the pedal and the drums will do a fill perfectly in time with the visual metronome. It works great with any sound system and will even work with your headphones.

All around, an easy to use product. Note that you really want to avoid using this through a guitar amp as guitar amps cut high frequencies. If you want to stop splitting with a percussionist the pay from already small and low-paying gigs, this is definitely a way to do that.

What is a stomp box and what is it used for?

A stomp box is a wooden box that is played with the foot to give a sound similar to a bass drum. Stomp Boxes are perfect for solo and acoustic performers looking to get a fuller sound in their live shows.

Are stomp boxes expensive?

Depending on your needs and preferences, usually they can range from low $$ to upwards of  low $$$. Some key areas to fully consider are tone, ease of use, and portability.

Once you find the right fit, a stomp box is going to considerably add to your live performance, giving your audience a better experience.