6 Best Treble Booster Pedals [2021 Reviews]

Posted in Gear | Last Updated on July 12, 2021

Picture of different guitar pedals on of them is treble booster

Surely you've wondered how Brian May and many other artists do to get those effects in their chords. He is one of many guitarists who use treble booster pedal to get some effect on his treble and high notes.

This tool is useful both for live plays, as studio recordings and became very popular in the 60s, and although they fell into disuse for a while, today they have returned to the scene.

In this article, we are showing you what to look for in the best treble booster pedal, and a curated list consisting of some of the best options you can find in the current market.

What to look for in a treble pedal booster?

While there are many ways to increase the volume of your sound all around, like using your amp or OD pedal volume knots for example, these usually lose some quality when taking up in strength the high pitched tones of your guitar

The first thing you need to understand is that the treble booster must generate enough impedance in the input so that, given the right moment, you can raise the sound of your guitar to make it sound above all.

Besides, you will need that the values are adjustable to the sound that you intend to reach, in that case, a good treble pedal booster will include potentiometers that allow you to adjust the treble tones, the volume and some other effects in your playing.

Your booster must be able to solve the problem of sound degradation, which is caused by the long distance that the chord travels through the cables to reach the amp; this will strengthen the original signal and prevent your notes from getting lost in the sound of the band.

Also, your treble booster should not create distortion. One thing will be the saturation that you want to add to your style, and something very different is that the sounds are disturbed uncontrollably.

Besides, you should look for a pedal of resistant construction and high-quality materials.

To help you find the best treble booster, we listed you below six of the best options we could find in the market.

Our Reviews of the Top 6 Products on Today's Market

Catalinbread Naga Viper Treble Booster

It is one of the most used treble booster pedals thanks to the performance it offers for its price. It is based on the famous Dallas Rangemaster used by Tony Iommi and Brian May.

Thanks to the Boost button you can control the output volume, this way the guitar will maintain a harmonic sound with the rest of the band. An adverse effect of this function is that as the volume is increased with the potentiometer, a beep or crack will occur, of course, some skill is needed to maintain that high setting in balance.

The Range control allows you to set the low bass frequency and increase the high frequencies. It is especially useful for single-coil guitars or to combine with overdrive pedals. With the Heat controller you can get a stronger sound, but to use it you need to connect to a slightly saturated amplifier to get a cleaner sound.

This booster adapts to different playing styles, allowing you to find the style you want instead of adjusting to a single way of play.

BBE Bohemian Treble Boost Pedal

It is built in a sturdy metal structure, perfect for those who are uninhibited when they stomp the pedal to turn the effect on and off. Its base is anti-slip and allows the guitarist full confidence when leaning on it which makes it an ideal option for live concerts.

About its settings, it only has two potentiometers to regulate, in the first case, the volume of delivery, thus achieving that the impedance provided overcomes the other elements of the pedalboard – an excellent option for guitar solos- and the polarization potentiometer, regulating its position will allow reaching the desired level in the acute tones.

This treble booster is based on the classic circuit of amplification devices, so if you are one of those whose primary influence is on the groups of yesteryear and you want a vintage tone, then this is the best choice for you.

Despite the simplicity of the controls this is overall a very versatile pedal. It provides a great way to illuminate the sound of a warm tube amp, you can also achieve a more sustained tone, or add depth to a thin tone which means that it works perfectly with clean and overdrive tones.

Electro-Harmonix Screaming Bird Nano

Editor's badge - budget choice

It has a resistant chassis and a simple design. About its settings, it offers only one bar that works as an interface, making it a good option for those who are just starting out business or begin to experiment with the manipulation of high pitches.

It is a product of the Electro-Harmonix brand so it will perform well with what is expected of it. However, in the case of professionals, this may not be the best option, since it can distort the volume and its boost effect can actually damage the tones that you intend to achieve.

The knob will allow you to calibrate the level of effect you want to achieve with your treble. The bad part is that this is the only adjustable option this model has, not enabling access to other advanced settings.

This small pedal can grant about 20 Db, it works with a frequency between 1.6 KHz to 2.4 KHz in the maximum volume.

Besides, it integrates a 9-volt battery. However, it does not have a battery indicator, so you'll need to familiarize yourself with it to prevent it from falling while you are playing.

GreedTone Big Al Treblemaker CME Exclusive

As expected from a Greedtone, this model's construction is resistant to allow the guitarist total confidence and enjoy during his moment.

This model is a relatively new product, and this is reflected in its prints. It was developed in collaboration by Greg Williamson (founder/owner of Greedtone) and Alain Johannes.

It integrates three knobs to play with the tones until reaching the desired sound. The volume potentiometer allows regulating the level of impedance that will reach the amplifiers and position the sound of the guitar on high during the indicated moment.

The Gain knob allows you to adjust the sound-gain so that the chords can be saturated or not, while the latter controls the bass and the possibility of dirtying the sound.

The downside of this model is that it is not easy to use and control; with so many possibilities, it requires you to have a good ear and to know exactly what sound you need and how to change it.

Janglebox JB Nano Compressor

By having a Treble Boost Pedal of this model, you will see that its size is very compact and comfortable to use.

Its design is excellent, and its blue color makes it very showy. It is a product of the JB brand and actually acts as a compressor, so its highest quality is not the treble boost but the compressing effect.

It has two knobs, the first is Gain, which allows you to adjust the volume gain and the amount of compression. The second has a striking name, Attack, giving the option to manipulate the level of compression during your intervention. It will sound simple, but the result of using these two settings is powerful.

It also has two pedals in one, one of them provides access to the setting you have set, and the other is called T-Boost and is preconfigured by the factory. Having two pedals offers the opportunity to get a sound like that of Roger McGuinn in the Byrds but without the need to use two separated pedals.

On the other hand, these are "handmade" meaning that they are more prone to come with manufacturer defects. In addition to this, you will need some practice not to hinder your movements while you learn to use the two pedals.

Xotic RC Booster V2

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By using this Treble Booster, you will have access to 4 different settings in your tone. The highlight is that if you are one of those who only aims for a clean tone, you can get it easier than with any other option out there.

The volume potentiometer clearly intends to adjust the intensity of your sound to the taste you prefer, capable of reaching more than 20 dB; The Gain setting will allow you to adjust the gain of your sound, saturate it or not.

With the Treble knob, you will have control over the level of distortion or effect you want in your sound, while with Bass you will be able to dirty or clean your deeper tones.

This pedal is the best option for professional musicians, capable of adapting to different musical styles, from Jazz to Hard Metal. It allows complete manipulation of the sound and also works very well on other instruments including electric bass and acoustic guitar.

It also provides a real solution to the problem of distortion, caused by the extensive network of cables needed for a band. Of course, it is not very economical, but it still isn’t the most expensive option you will find out there, and the investment is worth it.

It is also a less risky decision to enter a wider universe with the sounds of your guitar. It will perform its functions very well with the treble.

If you want to get professional results then you should choose the Xotic RC Booster Guitar Pedal, its 4 potentiometers will give you the opportunity to get a wide range of sounds and chords, overdrive or whatever you want.

Also, it is compatible with various musical styles, consoles, and has the added benefit of harmonizing with other acoustic and electric instruments.

It has the peculiarity of being available in digital stores since 2007 so you will find many reviews about it if you are one of those who needs more than one reference.

To sum up

When you must choose a treble booster pedal, you will have to analyze exactly what you are looking for. Keep an eye in the impedance levels and the possibilities to manage the sound as much as possible.

If you are starting in music, the Electro-Harmonix Screaming Bird Nano is excellent thanks to its simplicity.

On the other hand, if you are looking to achieve professional results, you can make a choice between the Xotic RC Booster and the Greedtone Big Al Treblemaker since they both offer professional settings.