The 4 Best Cajon Bags: 2021 Review

Posted in Gear | Last Updated on July 12, 2021

Black Cajon Bag

With the onset of the cajon’s increasing popularity, comes the need to give the instrument the proper care and handling it needs to maintain its beauty. This is where the cajon bag and case comes into the picture. The specially designed bag is very useful to a traveling musician since it makes transporting the instrument easy and hassle-free. Now that there are many cool designs and colors of bags, anyone transporting their instruments in this special bag will be proud to carry it around. Not only does the bag offer the musician the benefits of a trendy stylish appearance, it also solves the transportation problem, and protects the drum from scratching and dust.

The cajon has recently become a favorite and first choice percussion instrument among drummers. Some have even preferred it over the full set drum types. It’s a little thing that is capable of many things as far as making music is concerned. It is so simple and uncomplicated that even beginners find it easy to play. And professionals continually discover new ways and new sounds to make from it. It has inspired a lot of musicians from around the world and it has created a lot of beautiful music. It has become the perfect companion for all music players that it is only proper to give it the appropriate care that it deserves. Since you are here you might want to check our buyer's guide on the top cajon drums on the market.

The cajon bag can provide this feature!

Specially designed and made specifically for a particular type of drum. You have the option to choose from a regular type or style of bag that can accommodate just about all makes and models of the box like drum. Another type of cajon bag is the one that has been intended to specifically contain and store the laptop cajon. Since the laptop cajon is designed in a smaller fashion than the regular type of cajon, it is more portable and easier to transport than the larger type of drum. For the musician who is always on the move, you can immediately realize how effective this percussion instrument really is and how effective you will find the sound emitting from the instrument truly adds to your group or solo performance.


These carrying bags are made from high quality materials to make them sturdy and last for a long period of time. For added protection while in transport, a soft lining has been included within the interior of the bag. The lining acts as a shield to help protect the drum from harmful external factors and pressure that might damage it while traveling.

The carrying grip and shoulder strap also provides padding and comfort while in use. For an extra added benefit, an external pocket has been included to help you store your nick-knacks or other small items you may need to take with you.

Do not hesitate, but purchase a cajon bag today and safely store and transport your favorite percussion instrument. Better yet, head on over to and begin your search from several different styles they have to offer online from as low as $50 up to $150. Most bags come with the dimensions of 25.6 x13.8×12.6 inches and weighing approximately two pounds, so be sure to order the one that will correctly fit your instrument.

Let's make a quick review of 3 top sellers (hint: I use the 3-rd one)


ChromaCast CC-CBAG-S

  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 14 x 3 inches ; 11 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Carry Handle
  • Metal Zippers
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • 10 mm Padding

A lower end affordable product.

Meinl Percussion MSTCJB Standard 

  • Inner dimensions 20.5" W x 12" H x 12" D
  • Heavy duty zipper
  • Padding for protection
  • Holes for padlock
  • Offers sufficient protection

Pretty basic model, but it gets the job done.

Latin Percussion LP524-UT Ultra-Tek Touring Series

  • Provides superior protection - heavy padding
  • Shoulder strap
  • External pocket
  • Reinforced handles
  • Strong zippers
  • It can fit all standart instruments - 19.5 X 13.5 X 13.5

Pro class. Period.

By placing your ordering through Amazon, you will qualify for free shipping and you could receive your new bag in just one day. Purchasing the cajon bag for a gift? Then choose the gift wrapping option at the checkout and have it wrapped and delivered directly to the new owners front door!