5 Best Cajon Pedals for Every Budget

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In the last few years, drum companies have designed many diverse accessories to bring the drum set closer to the cajon in terms of playability and sound. The invention that turned this whole game around is the cajon pedal, which allows drummers to free a hand in case they need to use a shaker, tambourine, Read More »

The Definite Guide. 9 Best Cajon Drums [24 Instruments Tested] - 2021 Reviews

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The Best Cajone Guide

If you are interested in a this type of instruments¬†then you have probably figured out that there are a lot of options to choose from. In searching of the best cajon drum you will find that just about every major drum manufacture have a least one type of it¬†available for purchase. In this guide I Read More »

The Laptop Cajon Drum: What a Strange Beast

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For the traveling drummer who is on the go and performing in front of a small crowd, the laptop cajon drum is a great alternative other than packing up a complete drum set. Convenient, portable, affordable and excellent producing sound makes the laptop an attractive instrument for the percussion enthusiast. How the Laptop Drum Works Read More »