6 Best Drumsticks for Kids. Colorful, Durable and Light

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kid drum player holding a pair of drum sticks

Are you looking for drumsticks to go with your kids' beginner drum set? Do you wish to get a drummer kid a birthday present? There are drum sticks that are perfect for them. Generally, drumsticks are usually the last consideration when buying drums and accessories. Because they're often an afterthought, most people end up buying Read More »

6 Best Hi-Hat Stands That Won't Let You Down

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Statistically, of all the parts of your drums, the hi-hat will take most hits from your drumsticks. This means that your hi-hat stand will probably take the toughest love of all your drum hardware. This is why you need it to be in top shape before any performance. You don't want your hi hat stand Read More »

Best Marching Drumsticks. Get Prepared!

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The drumsticks are indispensable items when it comes to a drummer. This is even true if you're someone who is part of a marching band, and you will also know that you can't just adopt the sticks that a traditional drummer. The drumsticks you pick must be strong and must guarantee that the beat it Read More »

6 Best Drum Cases That Guarantee Maximum Protection

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featured image of the article: drum cases hard, road drum cases, padded drum bags review, drum set cases

Of all touring musicians, drummers have the most challenging job moving their instruments around. This is because there are a lot of different parts to move; usually between 5 and 12 depending on the kits. Drums generally don't look fragile, but they are. That's why most transporters may not handle them with so much care. Read More »

5 Best Drum Triggers for Any Kind of Setup [11 Models Tested]

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best drum triggers, best acoustic drum triggers, drum midi triggers, kick drum trigger, electronic drum triggers

The friend of every modern drummer—the drum trigger. It adds dimension to your drum set by converting your acoustic instrument to a new and improved electronic-sound-giving set. Triggers are those tiny products that are very hassle-free when it comes to their usage. Drum triggers are equipment that is attached to a part of your drum. Read More »

5 Best Snare Wires for the Right Buzz

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best snare wire, best snare drum strands, wires under snare drum, drum snares reviews,

The snare wire is one of those negligible parts that sit in a humbly among the other more significant part of drum set. Many of us have been guilty of attributing the outcome of that perfect sound of your snare drum to its head. While the snare head is an important part, the piece of Read More »

6 Best Drum Brushes [Out of 18 Tested]

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best drum brushes, drumsticks brushes, drum set brushes, nylon drum brushes

As a drummer, professional or otherwise, you should strive to grow the arsenal in your stick bag to be prepared for any gig or session that comes your way. One of the selections that you can include along with your drum gear is a pair of brushes. Drum brushes are usually perceived as a one-dimensional Read More »

5 Best Drum Stick Holders [Buyer's Guide + Reviews]

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picture of drum stick holder, drum stick holders review

It is a good practice to have a place for everything and to keep everything in its place when you do not require it. If you are a drummer, this is especially true when it comes to your pair of sticks when you are playing a show or jamming in a session. Enter the drumstick Read More »

7 Best Drum Overhead Stands. Solid as Rock

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featured image of the article best overhead mic stands, in the image there are 3 mic stands

Drum overheads are important pieces when miking drums. Either you’re recording in a studio, or you’re miking your drums for a live performance, you need those overheads to capture the sound from your cymbals and also to give the whole drums unit a more natural feel. Here’s where the stands come in: To hold overhead Read More »

11 Best Drum Rugs. We Rug Experts Now, WOW!

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best drum rug and mat, drummer mat, rugs for drum sets, percussion rug, drum carpet mat for sale, meinl e drum rug, gig mat

In pursuit of their own unique sound and playing skill, many drummers spend tons of money on equipment. But very often they suffer from creeping. Because of vibrations, pieces of set creep away from drummer making his playing worse with every extra cm from the original position. To prevent this drummers use special rugs. Though Read More »

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