The Best Drum Gloves | Reviews 2018

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Picture of 4 drummers wearing different types of gloves

What we looked for? The best drum gloves have to be durable, to look decent (you do not want to look like a RoboCop), to fit comfortably to your hands, and most important thing is to not interfere with your playing. Certainly, you do not need additional pain, tightness, tingling or in the worst case Read More »

The Best Drum Tuner | Reviews 2018

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What we looked for? I remember when I started to play drums (more than 15 years ago) some guy had a device in a studio that I never saw before. It looked like some pressure measuring device for car tires. You know, like some big watch. He put that thing on drum head of the Read More »

The Best Drum Metronomes | Reviews 2018

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What we looked for? This is a device that every drummer must have. I believe that a drummer who did not practice with a metronome does not understand how much this gadget improves overall playing (read timing). It is a must have device especially,  when you walk into the studio to record your song. There is Read More »

Best Throat Lozenges For Singers

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In this article we will be looking at how you can go about choosing the best throat lozenges for you as a singer.

Do you know that singing puts some strain on your vocal cords? Yes… it does And when this happens you are bound to feel the effect in your voice. By now you know all about how to take care of your voice and making sure that you avoid foods that are causing harm to your Read More »

The Best Double Bass Pedals | 2018 Reviews

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aluminum double pass pedal

What we looked for? Bass drum pedal is one of the most important parts of drum equipment. It simply has to be high quality. Every part of it must be durable ... starting from a spring, a belt or chain, and so on ... It is desirable that the replacement parts can be bought if Read More »

Best 10 Inch Guitar Speakers - 2018 Reviews

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Are you looking for a good and quality guitar speaker to help in your recording? The truth is that if you are one of those hard core rock fans that like recording gigs or just recording with a guitar and a microphone, then you are going to need a guitar speaker. But when it comes Read More »

Best Acoustic Simulator Pedals – Reviews 2018

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Picture with the 5 best acoustic simulator pedals: Joyo JF-323 Wooden, AROMA AAS-3 AC, Hotone TPSWOOD Wood, Mooer MAC1 Akoustikar

I remember getting my first electric guitar… the feeling of excitement was insane. I imagined all the wonderful things that i could do with this instrument. I was in cloud in 9 An electric guitar gives you this feeling that is just impossible to describe. You need to have one to know what I am Read More »

Best Tube Screamer Pedal – 2018 Reviews

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compensations of tube screamer pedals, on the picture there are displayed couple of products

Are you hardcore guitar fan? Then you are probably looking for the best tube screamer to give your guitar sound that hard and gritty edge. What if i told you that getting that sound does not need to be confusing or even expensive? There is no need to bang your head on the wall looking Read More »

The Best 5 In Ear Monitors For Drummers | Reviews 2018

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a drummer on a stage, wearing best in ear monitors

Personal monitors are a really practical answer to a typical set of issues in live performance. Typically, every musician is supplied with a monitor mix, allowing them to listen to themselves (and the rest of the band) while playing. The problem with this kind of monitoring is that the monitor speakers (also known as floor wedges) and acoustic sounds from near instruments like drums interfere with each other, leading to volume wars between musicians. As a result, on-stage volumes will become dangerously loud, and also the threat of feedback is considerably enhanced. In an acoustically Read More »

Best Earplugs For Musicians | Reviews 2018

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Earplugs were first mentioned in the Greek story of Odyssey when his crew was warned about sirens singing on the island they were passing through. Circe, their hostess, tells them of the Sirens' fascinating song that makes men drive their boats toward land and they disappear. She suggested Odysseus to fashion earplugs for his men Read More »