Remo Kids Percussion

Posted in Kids and Drums on May 3, 2016

Four kids sitting on the floor and playing Remo floor drums

Cool Sound Inspires… Remo World Drums are beautiful, high quality built, really affordable, easy to handle and to clean, light weighted, long lasting, and on top of that: They really produce cool sounds which inspire your kids and all family members to delve into their play.… and They Look Beautiful! The colourful Kid drums are going to be played on Read More »

How To Kill Noise | Kids and Drums

Posted in Kids and Drums on April 2, 2016

a boy behind a drum set

There is no getting around it: drums are loud instruments, especially when kids play them. So how do you deal with the common issue of how to kill the noise, without having to abandon the sound of your drums? Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make the circumstances more acceptable for everyone in Read More »

Best Toddler Drum Sets | Review 2017

Posted in Kids and Drums on February 26, 2016

The Top 5 Of course the ideal drum set for your family will depend on the individual development of your child. This article was written with the parents of 1 to 3 year-old children in mind. If you are looking for a classic drum set for kids aged 3 and older, click here. None of Read More »

How to Find the Best Drum Sets for Kids

Posted in Kids and Drums on February 25, 2016

a kid playing on a five piece set

When your kid shows an interest in playing drums at a young age, you wish to do every little thing you can to nurture that interest. By purchasing a drum set for kids, you will give your kid the chance to learn to play the drums at an early age and enhance his/her skill with Read More »

Musical Toys For Kids

Posted in Kids and Drums on February 20, 2016

Babies can develop their gross- and fine motor skills, as they first pat with their hands on the playing surface, and later on learn how to hold and handle a mallet. They love to listen, they love rhythm, and toddlers can play a simple puls beat within a few days. Remo provides a large variety of musical toys for Read More »

What is Making Music About | For Parents and Kids

Posted in Kids and Drums on February 20, 2016

You may be new to learning an instrument or to singing, and you ask yourself, “What is making music about?” “What do I need to start off with and how do I get good at it?” In this post I am going to give you tips and advises, which can be implemented in your kid music Read More »