5 Best Kalimbas and Mbiras with Magical Sound!

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The Kalimba is an African musical instrument you might not have heard about before. We are all familiar with guitars, drums, bass, keyboards and so on, but the kalimba is a unique instrument. Since you are considering giving a try is it makes a great alternative to other common instruments. It originates from Zimbabwe so it Read More »

14 Best Harmonicas [Buyer's Guide + Reviews 2019]

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If you have ever wanted to play the harmonica, you have come to the right place. This musical instrument has been available since the last century. It is an excellent piece of wind instrument that comes in a small size. Even with a small size, they are durable and sturdy instrument that will bring life Read More »

Best Record Player and Turntable | The Buying Guide of 2018

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The phonograph was 1st created back in 1877. And after years of electrical and technological advancements, it quickly started being mentioned as the record player by the general public. Record players, for pretty much 100 years acted as the main staple for individuals to get pleasure from their music on a day to day, therefore Read More »

Best Throat Lozenges For Singers

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In this article we will be looking at how you can go about choosing the best throat lozenges for you as a singer.

Just as elite athletes take care of their body which is their means of work, the singers must take care of their voice to continue earning their living. In time you may notice changes in your performance when singing for long or even short periods of time. That’s when the throat lozenges come in. In Read More »

Best Turntables for Sampling | 6 Top Picks and Reviews 2018

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There is an increasing search for turntables for sampling in recent years. This rising demand is inarguably caused by a growing interest in sampling and DJing. Sampling is a vital aspect of music making that all DJs and producers would have to embrace in the course of their career – sooner or later. It brings Read More »