5 Best Kalimbas and Mbiras with Magical Sound!

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The Kalimba is an African musical instrument you might not have heard about before. We are all familiar with guitars, drums, bass, keyboards and so on, but the kalimba is a unique instrument. Since you are considering giving a try is it makes a great alternative to other common instruments. It originates from Zimbabwe so it Read More »

Best Acoustic, Percussion Stomp Boxes [Reviews 2021]

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There are so many great solo acoustic artists today, however the unfortunate truth is that their live performances can often get lost in the crowd. There are simply too many acts with similar live sounds. An easy way for a solo artist to elevate a performance is by adding a stomp box to the mix. Read More »

8 Best Conga Drums [Reviews, Extensive Research]

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You must have heard of Cuban-American singer Gloria Estefan and her song called Conga. Yeah, a great, cheerful track that makes you dance. Unfortunately, we will not talk about this beautiful singer, but our topic will be equally interesting. It's about one of the most awesome percussion drums. There is a really large number of Read More »

Djembe Drums Overview | 5 Reason Why You Will Love It

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Some folks may not have learned about the djembe drum; it’s a percussion instrument used your hands. Not long ago I wrote an article about it's history and reviews of the drum, but now let's focus on it's charm. OK, it is basically help drum… but not simply any hands drum, it’s a djembe. This is Read More »

African Drums. Types and History

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There are many different types of different African drums. They come in a variety of shapes and produce a wide spectrum of different sounds. Here we'll take a close look at some of the most common types of and explore their different traits and how they were used. Djembe Drums OVERVIEW The Djembe or Jambe Read More »