10 Best Professional Trumpets [Buyer Guide + Reviews 2021]

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When you make the move up to a professional level instrument there are some real specific things you want to consider that are based around what you are playing, where you are playing, and your own playing qualities. Professional level instruments are much more consistent than student or intermediate ones but there is also a Read More »

Best Mendini by Cecilio Trumpets [2021 Reviews]

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If you are looking for a combination of quality and good pricing trumpets, and want to start playing this an exciting instrument, you can be sure that Mendini by Cecilio is the answer for you. With a large catalog to choose between, pocket, single braced, double braced and so many other variations, Mendini gives you Read More »

The 9 Best Pocket Trumpets [Buyer Guide + Reviews 2021]

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The term “pocket trumpet” sounds strange right? I know you’re familiar with the regular trumpet. It may seem like an unpopular instrument for some musicians, but definitely not for all. A pocket trumpet is still a trumpet. The major difference is their size. They are smaller and compact than the normal trumpet. It is a Read More »

The Best Plastic Trumpets. Those Sound Good! [Reviews 2021]

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Those are not toys! This review will be shedding light on plastic trumpets, which are gradually gaining popularity. Plastic trumpets are becoming the most preferred choice among students, beginners, and even intermediate players. If you are not interested in the heavyweight of traditional trumpet and want something you can easily handle, be sure to check out Read More »

8 Best Intermediate Trumpets [Buyers Guide + Reviews 2021]

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Now that you have been playing for a bit, you may be feeling like you have outgrown your beginner trumpet and you are currently working too hard for the results you want. Though beginner trumpets are more affordable, it also means that the price comes with some drawbacks in performance. You also may not be Read More »

2021 Best Trumpet Tuners & Metronomes

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A tuner is one of the most important practice aids for a trumpet player. They allow us the ability to work on tuning, intonation, and pitch stability, all while giving meaningful and immediate feedback that will help make us better. There are many tuners on the market from clip-ons to smartphone apps. In this article, Read More »

9 Best Trumpets for Beginners [Buying Guide + Reviews 2021]

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As you are starting your brass playing journey you are going to want to start looking for your first trumpet, there are many factors to consider when making this decision and below we will help steer you in the right direction.  In addition to model and the brand of the trumpet there are a few Read More »

Overview for Beginners: Parts of a Trumpet

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As a beginner, the first step you should take is to get acquainted with the parts of a trumpet. A trumpet looks like a simple musical instrument, but it’s not. However, if you know the functions of different parts of the instrument, it will make learning to play easier. Understanding, their functions will be helpful Read More »

The Different Types of Trumpets

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From orchestral playing, to jazz and anywhere in between there are numerous types of trumpets, each one playing its own special part in one of the most iconic sounding instruments.  The trumpet is a remarkably versatile instrument, and that versatility has led to a rather large roster of trumpets one can choose from to craft Read More »

How to fix a sticky trumpet valve?

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Help! I think my Trumpet’s Broken! Every instrument has its own needs when it comes to being looked after. Each offers its own challenges, and some are much easier to look after than others. Though this article applies to all valve instruments, if you’re reading this article, you’re probably a trumpet player. Congratulations! You’ve chosen Read More »