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Nowadays, every true blue drummer has his own favorite type of cajons included in his arsenal of drum sets. The versatility and uniqueness of this type of musical instrument has made it a necessity in making great music using your creativity and musical style in a fashion that is truly your own. The Flamenco drum just like Bajo drum is one particular instrument that can make rhythms, beats and harmonies that are magical and reminiscent of the cajon’s mysterious beginnings.


Cajon Flamenco - Get to Know It!

Unlike other traditional box-type drums, it offers two surfaces where you can play music to your heart’s content. These two sides are able to produce different kinds of tones and pitch when you slap the surfaces with your hands and fingers. The front side produces sounds which evoke Flamenco music that have gypsy-type attributes and characteristics.

Meanwhile, the other striking surface which is located at the back portion gives out beats and rhythms that are usually created by a Peruvian instrument; this exudes a woody sounding echo that reverberates every time you hit it with your hands. Still, most percussionists like to play with all sides of the drum as the other sides are able to make interesting sounds in a higher pitch level as well.

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Here is another explanation of what you can expect:

One side has snares usually used for Flamenco, another has a deep wood sound usually used for Afro-Peruvian style and the other two sides have a higher sound that can be used for Caribbean
(Son, Bachata, etc...).

This box has 4 strings that can be synchronized to adapt a particular tone or tune that you are looking for. The strings reverberate with the drum’s adjustable surfaces in order to create a different kind of sound that can only be attributed to a cajon’s versatility in making good music.

You will notice different levels of pitch and harmony as you play with the percussion instrument on its different sides. You can even run your foot up and down the surface if you want to make additional sounds; a higher or lower resonance can be created depending on the pressure that you apply to it.

Other Characteristics

You can use this musical instrument as a way to relax as in a hobby. This is one of the few instruments today that allows for flexibility in the way that it is played; you can use your hands to hit the surfaces and sides or you can use subtle finger movements to bring out enchanting beats that will captivate the attention and admiration of your audience.

There are no rules when you play and it is one of the most beautiful characteristics of this drum. You simply allow yourself to be carried away by your emotions and the music is produced naturally.

The instrument can be purchased online for around $300. Most sites are even offering free shipping for this product. Be sure to get one now and feel the magnificence of having two different sounding drums in one package.