How To Kill Noise | Kids and Drums

Posted in Kids and Drums on April 2, 2016

a boy behind a drum set

There is no getting around it: drums are loud instruments, especially when kids play them. So how do you deal with the common issue of how to kill the noise, without having to abandon the sound of your drums? Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make the circumstances more acceptable for everyone in Read More »

Alesis DM6 USB Drum Set | Review 2018

Posted in Other Drums on March 9, 2016

small picture of the drum set

Altogether, the Alesis DM6 Five-Piece Electronic Drum Set is a great item. Most likely not the best you could obtain but for the cost, a good entry level set and you can get some great usage from it before you move to a much more extensive kit. Okay let's start the review! Pros & Cons Read More »

Alesis DM10 Review | 2018

Posted in Other Drums on March 7, 2016

drums set in studio

Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Professional Six-Piece Electronic Drum Set - quite long name 🙂 If you are looking for an electronic drum set that sounds perfect for live settings and studio environments as well, then you might want to check out the DM10. It is a product of extensive research and development. I bet that this review Read More »

Yamaha DTX500K Review | 2018

Posted in Other Drums on March 7, 2016

an electronic drum set

When searching for a drum set manufacturer be sure to look over the many drum manufacturer companies that offer a wide range of percussion and electronic drum supplies. Oh but WAIT A MINUTE you came to this page because you are interested in a particular brand and model, so here we are gonna talk only about: Read More »

Evans Level 360 Review

Posted in Other Drums on February 28, 2016

best drum heads

This past NAMM Show Evans Drum Heads released their new collar branded “360″. I really didn’t care or even take notice as I know everything and don’t care for drum head gimics. Fast forward 2 months later and I have some to try out. Upon opening the shipping box I notice a bright red box, Read More »

Pork Pie Drums: Overview

Posted in Other Drums on February 27, 2016

Pork Pie Drums

Pork Pie drums is a fast growing American drum manufacturer based out of Canoga Park, California. You get a sort of mom and pop shop feel with this company. In 2006, the company had only 9 employees and the founder would sign each drum stamping it with its date of manufacture. Their piglite acrylic lines Read More »

Drum Miking: How to plus Reviews

Posted in Guides And Tips on February 27, 2016

Drum miking or micing drums, whatever you prefer, is largely spending time experimenting with different microphones and varying their distance and placement from the drums. While this can be time consuming, there are many tried and true techniques to get the best recording or live sound out of your set. There are 2 main methods to Read More »

Best Toddler Drum Sets | Review 2018

Posted in Kids and Drums on February 26, 2016

The Top 5 Of course the ideal drum set for your family will depend on the individual development of your child. This article was written with the parents of 1 to 3 year-old children in mind. If you are looking for a classic drum set for kids aged 3 and older, click here. None of Read More »

How to Find the Best Drum Sets for Kids

Posted in Kids and Drums on February 25, 2016

a kid playing on a five piece set

When your kid shows an interest in playing drums at a young age, you wish to do every little thing you can to nurture that interest. By purchasing a drum set for kids, you will give your kid the chance to learn to play the drums at an early age and enhance his/her skill with Read More »

Best Piccolo Snare Drum of 2018 - Review

Posted in Other Drums on February 25, 2016

Piccolo Snare Drum

Why not Add a Piccolo to Your Arsenal and Vary Your Attack! Drummers tend to collect snare drums more than any other piece of the sound puzzle. Snares have tremendous individual “personality,” and none have more than the often overlooked it. Piccolo snares are shallow snares, usually just 3 inches deep, and rarely wider than 13 Read More »