Slingerland Drums

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Slingerland badge

OVERVIEWS Slingerland drums was a large drum manufacturing company that boomed from the late 20's until the early 70's. In addition to drum sets, they also made ukeleles, guitars and marching percussion drums. Today, Slingerland drums are highly sought after for their vintage sound and rarity. What remained of Slingerland was at the Baldwin Piano Read More »

Brazilian Drums - Types Overview

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Pearl Caxia Drum Yellow

There are many types of common Brazilian drums. These include the Surdo, Pandierno, Caixa, Repinque, Tambourim. They are typically used in Samba as one of the most common Brazilian instrument. While commonly used in Carnival parades and celebrations, these various types of drums have found their place into other genres of music and are widely used today Read More »

Drum Tuning - 12 Tips

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drum tuning

Before you can start banging on your custom drum set, you need to set it up first, so without further ado. Here’s how you do the drum tuning: 1. Lay out all the drums and accessories in your work area.  Place them on carpeted surface, rugs or foam to avoid scratching. 2. If not yet Read More »

Drum with Kids Using Floor Drums

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Although there is no universal formula of how to drum with kids, here are some suggestions that help you get rolling. Drumming together with your kid deepens your relationship, makes fun, develops your rhythmic sense, your rough and fine motor behavior, your sensibility of movement and feeling, and the strengthened networking between your cerebral hemispheres.All Read More »

The Best Cajon of 2018: Reviews

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The Best Cajone Guide

If you are interested in a this type of instruments then you have probably figured out that there are a lot of options to choose from. In searching of the best Cajon You will find that just about every major drum manufacture have a least one type of it available for purchase. The most common type of Read More »

The Schlagwerk Cajon Drum

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Schlagwerk Cajon Drum

If you are a die hard percussionist who has a high standard when creating good music, then the Schlagwerk Cajon drum is for you. Its many features and creative workmanship will surely add great pleasure and inspiration whether you are playing for recreational reasons or for professional gigs. The Schlagwerk Percussion Professional drum costs starts Read More »

Cajon Flamenco

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Flamenco cajon hand made with

Nowadays, every true blue drummer has his own favorite type of cajons included in his arsenal of drum sets. The versatility and uniqueness of this type of musical instrument has made it a necessity in making great music using your creativity and musical style in a fashion that is truly your own. The Flamenco drum just like Read More »

The 4 Best Cajon Bags: Review 2018

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Cajon Bag Picture

With the onset of the Cajon’s increasing popularity, comes the need to give the instrument the proper care and handling it needs to maintain its beauty. This is where the Cajon Bag and Case comes into the picture. The specially designed bag is very useful to a traveling musician since it makes transporting the instrument Read More »

Meinl Cajon Review. You Know You Want One!

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Menil Cajon Review

Meinl Percussion HCAJ1NT The Meinl Pickup Cajon is one of the most modern types of cajon drums that are currently available in the music market. It carries many new features including a microphone and preamp system. This style of cajon also has wires inside the drum allowing the user to adjust the sound for better Read More »

The Cajon Drum

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The Cajon Drum is an Afro-Peruvian musical instrument that was developed in the early 1800′s. It was developed by slaves of West and Central African origin, though are now widely used across all of North and Central America. There have been many changes to these drums since their early days. Originally they were constructed from shipping crates Read More »