Sonor Force 3007 Maple Snare [Review]

Posted in Drums | Last Updated on May 1, 2020

Sonor Black Mamba (13 x 7 inch)

Sonor Black Mamba (13 x 7 inch)

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Precision Engineered for Dynamic Sound! Sonor is committed to producing drums that have exquisite sound quality brought about through the highest possible precision in craftsmanship. They put renowned German engineering into each new offering, and the research, testing, and tweaking pays off in better sound both drummer and listener alike can appreciate.

The Sonor Force Maple Snare Drum reflects all the Sonor commitment to great sound. The Force 3007 is made from thin-construction maple stock, combining 9 layers into a 7mm shell. The resonance properties are energetic and full, with plenty of projection.

# Pros

  • Classic maple tones highlight every strike, regardless of how the snare is tuned.
  • Bright snap, low growl, or somewhere in between, the distinctive richness of a Sonor maple is heard through the din.
  • I find it very easy and fast to tune!

# Cons

I somehow don't like much the snare throw off, It is mostly plastic. It's not a major drawback but still, it would be very nice if they used more solid material. After all, if you decide that you want to change it, you can do it anytime.

# Conclusion

Those playing the Sonor Force 3007 Maple Snare Drum range from seasoned professionals to beginners.

The price point allows the amateur to pick one up; the sound quality keeps the snare on the kit if and when they start gigging for a paycheck. The high-quality die-cast hoops, metal snare wires, stainless tension rods, and Tune-Safe technology, and beautiful maple finishes complete a snare drum with handsome good looks and excellent durability. The variety of sizes, from a stout 5X10 to a standard 5X14.5 provide different takes on the same dynamic tones.

The price may very, depending on size and the condition of the drum – which should be excellent if maintained at all – and the quality of the stock or replacement heads. Or if you want a brand new piece on a good price: