5 Best Evans Drum Heads [Reviews]

Posted in Drum Heads, Gear | Last Updated on May 1, 2020

In this area, we take a look at different drum heads / skins and review their strengths and weaknesses. There are many brands to choose from in the drum head arena like Evans or Remo and many others. Some of the more popular  skins like the Remo Pinstripe, and Evans G2 are reviewed here. Single ply heads and double ply drum heads are used for different styles of playing like rock or jazz and it’s important to pick the right style of drum head for your type of drumming style.

G1 Clear

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The G1 Clear Batter is a single-ply, 10 mil-thick head with a bright attack, warm sustain, and a broad tuning range.
G1 Clear Batter Drumhead Features:
* Clear finish
* Wide attack
* Medium warm tone
* Open sustain
* Soft feel
* Highly durable
A solid head you can count on to anchor your sound.

The G1 Clear head is a great, all-around drum head well suited for Jazz and other styles where an open sound is desired. Little lighter than the G2. I personally have been playing with G1s for a while now and they last and wear well. They’ve been great sounding heads and very versatile for different ranges of tuning.


Inked Bass Drumhead

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Inked by Evans Alchemy Kick Drumhead uses top-notch resolution printing system, providing photo-quality resolution applied straight away to the bass drumhead film for an uncompromised excellent. The replacement drumhead is a 7.5mm single ply with a 10mm internal overtone control ring.

Since 1977, Alchemy Gothic has been a leader in gothic jewelry, art, and lifestyle products. Designed and produced in their Leicester, England workshops, Alchemy Gothic has amassed a superb collection of authentic gothic, mythological, and fantasy ability. This astonishing art is now featured on this officially licensed Evans resonant bass drumhead.
If you are looking to bring fresh style to your sound, this is a great choice. I personally very like the Inked heads.

Ultra-cool, graphical bass drum heads from Evans that come in the most popular bass drum head sizes. The artwork on these are incredible and come in a bunch of different graphic configurations like Labelle, Bleeding Heart, Chaos, Life Blood, Seer’s hex, Seers of Calix, Solaris Chart, Ace of Hades, Checked Skull, Hexagram, No Evil, Skull, Spade Tattoo, Spidrasica and more… There are a ton to choose from, with typical Evans high quality.

Adjustable Dampening EMAD Bass Head

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The Evans Adjustable Dampening EMAD Bass Head includes two revolutionary damping rings, each of which affects the heads sound and pedal response. EMAD stands for: Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping and this external system maximizes natural attack characteristics.

It offers tremendous dynamic range even at low dynamic levels where other systems fall short. It also allows quick, easy adjustments without the need to remove the head because of the drum, especially valuable option during recording sessions. EMAD come in 18, 20, 22, and 24 size.

The EMAD heads are one of the greatest bass drum heads around, there is no question about it. The dampening ring works perfectly. I don’t use any type of internal muffling with this head. It’s suitable for all types of music including rock, jazz, etc. You can achieve great sound results with this head and change up the amount of muffling on the fly. I swear by it.

G2 Fusion Head Pack

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As notably one of the best drum heads around, the G2 fusion head sports a two-ply skin (7mil each) featuring extraordinary consistency and durability. Evans G2 offer the perfect blend of sustain, depth, and attack. Some say that it makes small toms sing and floor toms growl. G2 have been a consistent leader in the Rock drumming arena. Little less resonance than the G1 series drum head, but delivers a powerful sound.

* Finish: Clear
* Attack: Defined
* Tone: Warm
* Sustain: Focused
* Feel: Moderate
* Durability: High

G2 heads have become one of the most popular heads around. These 2 ply heads allow for stronger, harder playing suitable for rock. The sound is less open but gives a powerful punch. Highly recommended.

Heads like the G2, and G1 series have become very popular in the drum head arena. The G2 are made up of 2 ply construction, whereas the G1 series is made up of a 1 ply construction.

Each head has their purpose for being played in either rock, jazz, fusion, R&B, etc. It’s important to pick the right drum head, whether it be the G1 or G2 series for your style of playing.


Snare Drum Tune Up Pack

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The Evans Snare Tune Up Pack is a fantastic way to revive or cherry any snare drum and enable it to sound like it should. Evans includes a EC reversed coated snare batter head, a Hazy 300 snare side resonant head, Torque key, a set of Puresound Blasters Series 20-strand snare wire, and a few E-ring snare damping rings in the TUNE UP pack.

Power Center Reverse Dot batter head is made to add durability in the spot where the stick strikes it the most, the Power Center also adds focus to your sound. The coated, perforated, center-reinforced head still allows overtones to ring freely when struck on the edges.

The head provides an open, bright sound and produces a fat backbeat. Hazy 300 Snare Side resonant head The three mil film yields a wide dynamic range and controlled snare response at all dynamic levels. Torque key Drop-forged, ergonomically designed for comfort. Knurled knob for quick, easy spinning.

Magnetic head helps prevent slipping and stays in position for fast tightening and loosening. Rattle-free design. Snare Wire Features: 20-strand snare wire it have 20 medium-gauge wires that are evenly spaced standard coils.

They are pro-quality snare wires that have been developed for high volume, high intensity playing and have specially formulated, premium-grade steel-alloy wires on angled, copper-colored end clips.

Blaster snare wires feature bent end clips that are designed to create greater snare wire contact across the surface of the drumhead while offering increased activity, consistency, response, and projection.

Cool Kit by Evans company. I would think this would make for a nice present bundled up into a gift pack. Includes a durable reverse dot head. I’ve used this head before and it held up pretty well.

Gives a nice controlled sound. It’s nice that it includes everything to freshen up your snare drums sound so you can do an “overhaul” all at once. It’s Evans, which is synonymous with quality.