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What Its Like Song Drum Chart

This is "What its like" by Everlast. The drum sheet music. I did not write the song or any part of it. I own no rights to it. I simply notated out the drum part from the song for instructional purposes.

The song is in 4/4 time so we're counting four quarter notes per measure. The first 8 measures are a guitar intro so the drums just rest for 8 measures before coming in.

You'll note that the hi-hat plays 8th notes all the way through the first two verses and choruses with a snare hit on counts 2 and 4. The drummer also tends to open the hi-hat at the end of every 4rth measure for a bit of "sizzle"

The bass drum part has a bit of a shuffle by always coming in on the downbeat (count 1) and playing on the "a" of 1 and usually following by playing on the e and the "and (+)" of count 2. Count each measure as: (1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a).

Aside from a few minor changes, the same 4 measure pattern tends to repeat through out the first 2 verses and choruses. The tempo is fairly slow so you don't have to be very quick with your bass drum foot.

The first measure you would count as 1 +a2 + 3e+ 4 + with the bass drum on 1, the + of 1, as well as the e and + of 3. The hi-hat eighth notes just remain steadily through.

When a note has one bar or (flag) above it, it is an eighth note. If it has 2 bars or "flags" above it, it is a 16th note.

Happy Drumming !