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9 Directions That Will Help You Grow As A Musician

a light bulbArtists in general and musicians, in particular, are a quirky bunch. On one hand, we develop some pretty thick skin that deflects harsh critiques, snide comments, occupational harassment, and peer judgment.

The Blueprint Method

an image of a blueprintIn the last article, I outlined a style of learning that I call Polka-Dot Learning and explained how many drummers use it thinking that it’s effective but showed how it actually hinders their progress over time.

The 4 Essential Building Blocks of Drumming

drum sticks and brushesIn previous articles, we talked about a popular style of learning that I call Polka-Dot Learning and explained why it’s detrimental to use for a long period of time and then explained what I call the Blueprint Method and showed why this method of learning is far more effective and yields greater results.

The Best Cajon of 2020 | Reviews

picture of a cajon box drumIf you are interested in a this type of instruments then you have probably figured out that there are a lot of options to choose from. In searching of the best Cajon You will find that just about every major drum manufacture have a least one type of it available for purchase.

Power Vs. Force: A Definitive Guide for Drumming

picture of a cymbalAs drummers, we speak with our hands. This means that the tones and textures we create on our instruments are directly influenced by the way we move. If you move in a tight and rigid manner, you’re going to speak in a tight and rigid tone.