The Best Double Bass Pedal - Look No Further [2020 Reviews]

Posted in Gear | Last Updated on May 1, 2020

aluminum double pass pedal model Trick Pro V1

What we looked for?

Bass drum pedal is one of the most important parts of drum equipment. It simply has to be high quality. Every part of it must be durable ... starting from a spring, a belt or chain, and so on ... It is desirable that the replacement parts can be bought if needed.

So what were we looking for? We looked that there was no need for maintenance, to be durable, that the response of it is as good as possible, that there was a possibility of adjustment. It needs to be light, fast, nice design, not much pricey, that the foot easily fits on the pedal ... Is this kind of product really exist on today's market?

There are 3 main varieties of double bass pedals: direct driven, chain driven, and belt driven. Every type has their benefits and disadvantages and it all depends on what style of drumming you're playing, and the way you like your pedals to response. Once comparing these different types of pedals it's vital to understand that the only, but very important difference is that the connection between your pedal and the beater.

  • Direct Drive pedal has no lag and it is very durable. There is no need for any kind of maintenance.
  • Chain Drive pedal has a very little lag and it is durable and has the ability to adjust the tension of the spring and the position of the beater. But it may happen that chain will make you unwanted noise.
  • Belt Drive pedals are usually lighter than chain or direct but they are less durable and cause an unwanted lag.

The thing that you simply need to look for is that the adjustability of your drum pedal. So decent double bass drum pedal can allow you to modify any aspect of the bass drum pedal that feels uncomfortable to you. Some of the things that you need to adjust are beater height, beater action, spring tension, and positioning of your beater. You basically just want to make sure that you just will regulate the pedal so it’s enough comfortable for you.

Each major double pedal manufacturer tries to feature one thing that makes their pedals totally different from others. Accessories like the stops, heel raisers, interchangeable drive systems (chain, strap), and included carrying cases are all good things to possess along with your pedals. You furthermore may want to make sure that your double pedals will sit near your hi-hat stand, some pedals have an oversized base beneath the pedal and it makes it hard to keep the hi-hats near your left pedal that makes it tougher to switch back and forth between your double pedals and your hi-hats. Plenty of drummers simply purchase new hi-hats after they get double pedals, generally, if you purchase both from the same company, you shouldn’t have a problem.

The DW 5002

The Drum Workshop 5002 is an upgraded version of the DW 5000 and it is well built, with a great range of features and an extremely smooth feel. You can tell DW knows what drummers need from a pedal, based on what they’ve included in the design. If you want to buy one double bass drum pedal the DW 5002 is an absolute top choice. The latest version of the DW 5002 is perfect for playing, and it’s backed up by a super smooth action.

It has a solid double chain drive, which can also be replaced with a strap drive.
Clamps quickly and securely fit any bass drum hoop, making it a great pedal to use on different kits. This is one of the best clamps because it automatically adjusts itself to any type of hoop. Adjustable beater angle, chain length, and footboard height is an extra advantage.

It has two cam options when buying. You can choose from the Turbo cam (for a great feel across the entire motion), or the Accelerator cam (for increased beater punch across the motion, making the pedal response faster). Non-skid rubber grip across the entire underside of the base plate, plus retractable spikes offers an excellent grip.
Features two-sided beater: A plastic side (for a brighter sound), and a felt side (for a slightly warmer bass drum sound).

The left pedal’s footboard holder is on the right side (instead of being double-sided), making more space and easier to position the hi-hat stand to the left.
Add-on accessory Drum key clip (with drum key) built into the base plate and a nice nylon carry case.

  • Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp
  • Adjustable beater angle, chain length, and footboard height
  • Universal Assembly with Memory Lock

  • I found that some of the bearings on the left pedal are falling off. But is the company responsible for it? Think about it.

Trick Pro V1

Trick Drums Company created something really great, which is why it should get awarded for the absolute best bass drum pedal ever. When you’re spending big money on a double bass drum pedal that you’ll keep, it needs one that is versatile, reliable, smooth, and rock solid. The Pro 1-V really stands out because of the unique features that show. Trick truly knows what drummers want.

It is direct driven and has the easiest spring tension adjustment from any other pedal also the fastest clamp system ever. Those things will satisfy every drummer. A double pedal made up of two stand-alone single pedals is a great option when you do not have the need for a double pedal. Try to find all of the Pro 1-V’s features in any other bass drum pedal. The best thing is that all of these features are done great. Trick’s Pro 1-V takes out the first place as the absolute best bass drum pedal ever made.

The only downside is the price. You’ll pay a lot for this double pedal but you’ll never need any other. Trick definitely created a pedal that is a joy to use and that will stand the test of time. Simply amazing bass drum pedal.

  • Top quality.
  • Top adjustments.
  • Fantastic design.
  • Best pedal ever.

  • The price is a little discouraging ... you can buy a pretty good drum set for this price.

Now is the time to get back to reality.

For those who have a limited budget, this is the best double pedal for the money, overall it is a great choice ... Not as futuristic and fancy as a Trick pedal but it will certainly satisfy your needs ...

Tama HP310LW Speed Cobra - Best Double Bass Pedal For The Money

Editor's choice best pick badge

Many of my colleagues love this pedal ... Irrespective of whether the beginners or the pros, none of them will not say any bad thing about it. If you have the limited budget, or just do not want to spend much money on double bass pedal, a great option for you is the Tama HP310LW.

It is lightweight so it is easy to transport. It offers a smooth footboard that is that looks cool. It has a single-chain driver and is made of aluminum. Other models from this company offer more adjustable options, but for, get the good job done for a “couple of bucks” option, this is the double bass pedal for you.

  • Made from strong aluminum.
  • Lightweight.
  • Smooth long footboards.
  • Very durable.

  • Lacks features from more expensive models.

Not to be confused, I'm not saying this is a "couple of bucks". There are cheaper options. But when you already give, for example, $ 100 for a low budget pedal, it's better to add a "couple of bucks" more ($ 50-100) to have good equipment that will last your entire drummer career. It may even happen that you do not have to change any part of your double pedal ever.

Like me. For about 10 years I've been using the Pearl P122TW and believe it or not, it's new! Let's say that I play at least 2 gigs per week (sometimes 5-6 times a week depends on the season) means on average there will be 3 gigs per week. Multiply it 4 times a month and then 12 times a year and then x10 years ...

Do you not know how much it is?

You do not have to turn on the calculator. It's at least 1440 gigs so far. It does not look much. But when you consider that my gig lasts for at least 3 hours, if we count how many times I hit the bass drum beater it's already too complicated to calculate. In any case, there are many hits. And why did I mention all this? Because during all this time, all these gigs, mounting, carrying, packing, transportation, I did not replace any part, no spring, no drum beater (because I play with a plastic side), I did not even lubricate it once.

So what is the conclusion?

If you read carefully, I do not think I have to answer this question.

Since Pearl p122tw does not produce anymore (I suppose), I will present an alternative to you, in my opinion.

Pearl P2002C Eliminator - Best Cheap Double Bass Drum Pedal

Editor's badge - budget choice

Pearl's P122TW younger brother. He certainly overcame it in every way. Beautiful design with Independent Traction Grips, it simply fits and looks good in any drum set whether it's electronic or acoustic. You can choose between two models. They come with a double chain or a belt drive. I recommend a chain. But I do not say that the belt is a bad choice, it certainly depends on the taste and feeling that you want or to which you are used to. You will also like its quad beater.

  • Smooth.
  • Great response.
  • Durable.
  • Adjustments.

  • One guy complained that it is noisy.

You may find that some people complain about additional settings, but it seems that they are not skilled enough to set up every part of the pedal.


Any double pedal that you attempt to purchase will get the work done. When you are beginning to develop totally different techniques like the heel-toe technique you'll be ready to perform this technique on just about any bass drum pedal. The pedal itself isn’t an enormous part of drumming, however, it'll make you more comfortable if you practice plenty throughout the week, and play for long periods of your time.

Adding a foot to hand patterns can boost any drum beat or fill. the best part concerning the double bass pedal is that you just don't need to play too much to form a fill effectively. Due to this, you'll add this feel into all kinds of music styles.

Even if you're not a metal or heavy rock drummer, you'll get plenty benefit to playing the double bass pedal. Playing the double bass pedal may be discouraging at first, therefore ensure you are taking things slow. This is just one of the ways to boost your every day drumming.

The ultimate conclusion is that you have to try it before you buy it ... It does not have to mean that most expensive double bass will fit your feet and the way you play.