The Best Plastic Trumpets. Those Sound Good! [Reviews 2021]

Posted in Trumpets | Last Updated on February 21, 2021

a man holding 8 plastic trumpet in different color

Those are not toys! This review will be shedding light on plastic trumpets, which are gradually gaining popularity. Plastic trumpets are becoming the most preferred choice among students, beginners, and even intermediate players. If you are not interested in the heavyweight of traditional trumpet and want something you can easily handle, be sure to check out our best plastic trumpet review. They are usually small in size, comfortable and light.

You can expect the same quality of sound from a plastic trumpet as a traditional one. However, the instrument is not easy to play. The mean reason? The plastic of course, the material doesn't vibrate as well as metallic instruments. You can increase the response by simply using metal mouth piece. You may ask, then why buy one? If you were to spent the same amount of money on a metallic instrument, you will get something that will be worse!

Here are the top 10 plastic trumpet available in the market. Hence, if you need a plastic horn, be sure to check out our review.

1. Tromba-  TP1, BB

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It looks cool, doesn't it? The first in our series of a top plastic trumpet is Tromba TP1. This is a classic horn, champagne in color and a little expensive. It comes in a sleek design, beautiful to behold without a seam. It features a solid material construction, made of ABS plastic core, which adds to its durability. The piston also comes in top quality stainless steel.

It also has in brass sleeves, honed by machine with the perfect finish. This instrument is robust, giving it the needed strength to withstand any structural damage. Due to its lightweight, it is ideal for beginners and kids. This trumpet comes with a one-piece bell, Bb pitch, two keys, second and third valve, robust single piece valve block and customizable tuning slides for first.

One of the exciting things about this trumpet is the strengthened mouthpiece receiver. It was fabricated such that it can work with any metal standard mouthpiece. This is the perfect wind instrument you should go for if you care about powerful resonating sound with a warm tone.

With a weight of about 3.5 pounds, you will not suffer unnecessary stress with this horn. It measures 19.7 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches. It comes with a traditional design, portable that you will surely bring out the best in you.

2. Tromba Pro - C

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If you want a plastic trumpet which will give an excellent playing experience, Tromba Pro is the right choice. It comes with a classic elegant look which gives it a luxurious appearance yet it is cheap and within budget.

The structural strength is superb as this wind instrument is made of a durable ABS core while the pistons are made with stainless steel. With the addition of a metallic valve and lead pipe, the structural strength of this Pro trumpet is second to none.

With its excellent strength, the trumpet will hardly experience any physical damage; hence, prone to last pretty long. It comes with a smooth surface, easy to clean and pretty light in weight. This wind instrument is the definition of True Note technology, which gives out a clear, loud, and comfortable sound.

You do not have to worry about too much strict maintenance routine with it. Besides, with a weight of 4 pounds, kids and other players will experience little to no fatigue. It is durable and measures 22 x 7.1 x 7.1 inches. This is the ideal choice for an economical, classy, and a durable trumpet for everyone.

3. pBone - PTRUMPET1R

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We love this beautiful, classic, and high-quality trumpet, an output of pBone. pBone is a name that is known for strength, high quality, and durability. PTrumpet 1R has been the most preferred choice among players for many reasons. Some of these are the great aesthetic, superb quality of sound, quick response, and high efficiency.

Only high-grade plastic was used in the making of PTrumpet 1R. Hence, users will use it for a very long time. The plastic is durable and can withstand rough handling and falls. This beautiful piece is pitched at Bb and comes with a bell size of 4.75 inches.

It has water keys made of plastic alongside the upper turning side that can be customized and adjustable slides which accommodate the first and third valve. You can easily adjust this device, giving you excellent control which you will find handy, whether you are an experienced player or a beginner.

In our best plastic trumpet review, this is one of the lightest as it weighs just 2 pounds with a dimension of 21 by six by 5 inches. All in all, this wind instrument is an excellent choice for everyone on a budget who wants a fantastic trumpet that will last years to come.

4. Allora - ATR-1301 Aere Series Plastic Bb Trumpet

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This is one of the best plastic trumpets that come with beautiful appearance. It is so classy and elegant that you will hardly know that it is a plastic trumpet. It comes in varieties of appealing colors with superb structure and design, which makes it easy for all to play.

Everything you need to showcase your skill is present in this wind instrument such as a stand and the mouthpiece – a very vital accessory of every horn. Besides, there is also a valve brush to ensure that you get a quality sound and not have a sticky device with you.

You will be dazzled at the superb quality of sound that comes out of it. The trumpet is a product of ABS plastic; hence; it is light and pretty more affordable compared to the brass types. It comes with amazing features and great functionality that stands it out on the list of plastic trumpets.

It is half the size of a brass trumpets. Hence, it is comfortable and not stressful for the player. It is the ideal choice for students and experienced players. Being a product of Allora, you can expect quality and durability in this trumpet. You can get this for your kids and as a gift for anyone.

5. PAMPET Bb trumpet

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Pampet is also one of the incredible trumpet brands that you can trust. If you need a durable plastic trumpet at a reasonable price and easy to use, this is the right choice. The brand is known for producing economical and high profitable output with high structural quality. This product comes in an appealing red color, great aesthetic with incredible efficiency.

The surface is shiny and can be cleaned easily with a wipe of cloth besides, maintaining and keeping the trumpet in top condition is very easy. It is made with ABS plastic core while the piston is also made of stainless steel.

There is also a tuned pipe that you can customize based on the first, second, and third piston valve. There is an elastic valve at the top comes with a replaceable spring as well. You are guaranteed a lasting wind instrument with this trumpet, and the easy to hold design makes it pretty comfortable.

It weighs 1.76 pounds, one of the smallest in our best plastic trumpet review. It comes with 7 C plastic mouthpiece of superb quality and a carrying bag made of fabric which helps in moving the trumpet around. This is a professional plastic trumpet worth buying if you are on a budget.

6. pBone - PTRUMPET1O

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If you need a lightweight trumpet made of plastic, PTRUMPET1O is an excellent choice. This wind instrument is very affordable and made with sturdy plastic. Even though it is pretty affordable, it is made with durable plastic that allows it to withstand all kind of weather and handling. The polycarbonate gives it the needed strength to withstand heavy blowing.

This trumpet gives a clear, crisp sound, you can even compare it to some low-end traditional brass trumpets. It is a handy instrument with which you can perfect your skills on the horn. Besides, it is light in weight hence does not stress users while playing.

It is comfortable, smooth to touch, which can be cleaned with a soft cloth. The quality is high, which makes it convenient for use in both cold and hot weather. It is durable. Hence, you can use it for many years to come, with the ability to withstand various sort of handling.

For beginners, intermediate and learners who need a trumpet to perfect their skill, PTRUMPET1O is the right choice. It will neither break the bank nor stress you a lot while playing. It is, indeed, the right choice.

Tromba TPC-GD, C key

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For anyone out there that wants a plastic trumpet that play well despite the cheap plastic it is made of, this is a good choice overall. The dimension of this trumpet is consistent, making it convenient to use without any fatigue, which makes it suitable for practice.

It come with 5c and 7c mouthpiece. This is your ticket to a bright, crisp and fantastic intonation that will be pleasant to your ears and the audience. The valves are not very durable which can be expected from this class.

Easy to play with mellow sound. Good deal for the money.

8. pBone - PTRUMPET Jiggs  with Gig Bag & 3C & 5C Mouthpieces,

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Black is the new trendy as this high-end classy plastic trumpet features a stylish appearance that will steal your heart at first sight. This is a beautiful high-end piece of musical instrument that is guaranteed to give a first-class playing experience to users of all levels. It is easy to handle and delivers superb performance.

This wind instrument comes with a plastic water key, a single piece lead pipe, and a 4.75-inch bell size. It is accompanied with a 3C and a 5C mouthpiece with a valve system that is made of plastic only. It is very light in weight and gives a fantastic output. If you need a projected sharp sound, this is your go-to instrument.

Weighing just 2 pounds, it is recommended for children and young players. Everything you might want in a standard instrument is present in this one – superb performance, easy to handle, robust plastic, etc.

This PTrumpet is your ticket to enjoying good sound with ease. Besides, we love that this unit comes with a carrying bag, making it more comfortable for users.

9. Ammoon - Bulge B Flat

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If you need a good plastic trumpet for children and young adults, Ammoon Cavalry is a perfect choice. It comes at a reasonable price which is made of high-quality materials that are friendly to the environment.

It is a flat trumpet that comes with a smooth, durable surface, guaranteed to last many years to come. This is because of the ABS plastic type that was used in manufacturing. Playing this is easy as it is light in weight, weighing just 130 grams.

Students and beginners will all find this trumpet very useful and handy. You can use it as an instrument to sharpen your trumpet blowing skills. It is easy to clean, and gives out high-quality sound, in the class of traditional trumpet.

10. pBone - PTRUMPET1B

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When you need a plastic horn that can do everything that a conventional trumpet does, pBone PTRUMPET1B is the right choice. This explains why it is the most preferred choice among musicians and trumpet lovers. It is pitched in Bb and designed in the United Kingdom.

It features two mouthpieces made of acrylic and a canvas carry bag. This bag makes it easy to move your trumpet around without fear of damage. This plastic trumpet uses a 460 inches bore and a standard taper lead pipe, with a 4.75 inch Bell The idea is to have a very light horn which will be light and easy for everyone to carry and operate.

This wind instrument has a patented lead pipe which ensures that every sound makes sense. You will get a robust, reliable and superb quality sound with this unit. If you do not like the weight of the traditional horn, this is a good alternative.

We love that this wind instrument comes with 3C and 5C ptrumpet mouthpiece, which also works with a standard mouthpiece.