The Best Drumming Shoes (We Have Worn Many) - Reviews 2020

Posted in Gear | Last Updated on May 1, 2020

There are many varieties of shoes that are comfy to wear when playing. Most drummers need footwear that give them some additional power
without interrupting the foot's natural motion. I will introduce you several types of shoes that you can use when playing for several hours without pain in your feet.

In a hurry? Our top 6 pick:

  1. All-Star Converse
  2. Puma - Speed Cat
  3. Adidas - Samba OG
  4. The Urbann Boards Neil Peart Signature
  5. DC Men's Net Lace-Up
  6. Vans - Slip-ons Classic

There are several techniques for playing the bass drum. Most popular are heel up, heel down, heel-toe, slide etc. The heel-toe technique has been around for quite a while, however only recently has it become extremely popular among the drummers. This can be a good technique for playing fast double strokes. The slide technique is another very popular method for playing very fast double strokes with only one foot. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or pro there are usually three categories drummers fall in when faced with the question. If you are one of those who plays drums in shoes.


The 6 Best Drumming Shoes

The first of all is irreplaceable, eternal and legendary

All-Star Converse

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Many drummers will say that these shoes are their favorite for playing. Why? Because feeling is like you do not have them. All-Star Converse simply deserves respect. The first model has been made over 50 years and is still very modern and popular. I have to admit that I do not like them. I do not like their shape, their design. Don’t hate me. I just do not like to walk barefoot. Their main advantage is that they are very light and affordable for everyone.

  • Lightweight.
  • Quality vulcanized rubber sole.
  • 100% cotton canvas.

  • Pay attention to the size selection.
  • A lot of fake products, be careful.

Puma - Speed Cat

Yeah, the famous Speed Cat, what our list would look like without it. Many of our fellow drummers adore this shoes since its creation in the year 2000, and there are numerous reasons for sure. They fit comfortably because of the soft materials they are made of. Obviously, the materials are the reason for the second feature, making them extraordinary light. They fit tight, sometimes you forgot that you wear them, this gives you a feeling of high sensitivity while your foot is on the pedal. Soles are light, and they don’t have padding.

If you wonder, why all those features suitable for pedal pushing are concentrated in one shoe, the answer is simple, Puma made a collaboration with Sparco (Italian auto accessory company) and created the model specifically for sports car driving.

If you use them only while playing you can expect that those shoes will last for a very long time, they are quite durable. If they don’t last, who cares? They are super affordable.

  • There is a cult around them (seriously).
  • Lightweight & comfortable.
  • Affordable and durable (yeah, surprisingly sometimes this two goes together).

  • Not enough color variations.

Adidas - Samba OG

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The other super popular drummer shoe on our list. Generally, we are divided by the Samba and the Speed Cat. This is a debate is going on beyond our editorial team, as a matter of fact, it goes around the whole community. It’s something like PC vs. Mac.

They are made of leather, with flat rubber sole. Sambas will give you gorgeous grip, forget about slippery. They are light, and they don’t keep your feet extra hot. Pro Tip: if you want to increase the sensitivity, remove the arch support from and the insoles. Get thinner insoles. Thank us later.

Usually, the Classic model tongue was a big drawback because of its size, and this is why we picked the model with a short tongue. Generally it is OK if you are using for everyday shoe, but we are talking drumming here. The classic model, however, has more color variations.

  • Shoe with legendary status among drummers.
  • Durable.
  • Cheap.

  • Not enough color variations.

DC Men's Net Lace-Up

DC Men's Net,Grey,9 D US

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An interesting option of drumming shoe could be a product for which you may never say it will be mentioned. Drummers are humans, and they differ from each other as their feet and taste.

I used to wear it for a while, but I found them as very big and robust, so I put them on the side.

If you are wondering what I'm talking about, then I'll tell you that they, believed it or not, skateboard shoes.

All models have a flat sole, meaning there is no any kind of high heel, so you can use the technique you want. Maybe not your style, maybe you will need some time to get used to. Their price will help you in that. As I said their size and robustness may not suit you and your bass pedals as you would like, but you will certainly be comfortable and your feet will not hurt.

  • Leather.
  • Vent holes.
  • Durable, reliable, comfortable.

  • Some shoe shapes and sizes not matching.
  • Careful with size selection.

The Urbann Boards Neil Peart Signature, Black-Gold

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If basketball players, tennis players, football players, athletes, even golf players, motorcycle and car racers can have specially designed shoes, why the drummers could not?

The question was answered by the firm "Urbann-boards". The light and flexible Urbann-boards shoes were developed to allow drummers to perform at their best ability, providing extreme comfort, precision, breathability, glide and excellent grip. They come in gorgeous vibrant colors, materials, and styles. Here is our number one pick for the category "best drumming shoes":

“We gave Neil two pairs of shoes a few years ago. He wore them on stage during a RUSH tour, so we started working with him on a signature model. After 6 months we had the final prototype with all the features he asked us for.”

And Neal was very pleased and grateful.

Urbann Boards Drummer Shoes are comfortable, supportive, and provide just the right combination of glide and grip on the pedal. I wear them every time I play. Thank you so much for working so hard to produce the best drumming shoes.”

Drummers who have their own signature shoes from Urbann Boards are Neil Peart, Virgil Donati, Dennis Chambers and Aquiles Priester.

Because of their high price, this pair of shoes may not be your first choice. But be sure to know that if you decide to buy them, quality is unavoidable. The Urbann Boards Neil Peart Signature Shoe provide everything you would expect from a custom-made product. These are not a pair of cheap shoes you may buy in any shoe store. They are a good investment aimed at the serious semi-pro/pro player looking for a professional quality product.

  • 100% leather.
  • Construction that is 70% a single piece of leather.
  • Features a special device to ensure the laces don't untie.
  • Unique.
  • Light weight with soft but firm sole.

  • Price

Vans - Slip-ons Classic

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Shoes preferred by many. Made of good materials with a simple design. Have No laces is key here; some love them for it others not so much. The sole is thick enough to provide a buffer between the pedal and the foot. When we compare them with all of the other shoes on our list, the Vans stands in the middle in terms of thickness and light feel. We can describe them as controllable with a ton of grip. Keep in mind that there are other shoes from Vans that are liked by many drummers, this is not the single model that stands out.

  • Comfortable.
  • Plenty of colors.
  • Grippy.

  • n/a

What type of drumming shoes are best for me?

The Specific Shoe Drummers mainly use a particular type of shoe. The No Shoe Drummers play drums barefoot or in socks. The Any Shoe Drummers do not care about shoes. They do not matter either the weight nor the shape or the material of the shoes. I even know a couple of drummers wearing military boots while playing.

Unbelievable but true.

The four facts are important when choosing which shoes you will wear when you step on your pedal.

The more grip you have, the more control you have but, slippery shoes tend to work best for speed, while shoes with a substantial grip are better for power. If you want to achieve both then consider buying a shoe that has a decent amount of grip but not so much that will affect your speed.

The material is really important, it is all about comfort. Shoes that are made of lighter more flexible materials are much better than the stiff one. Choose flexible and light materials.

No need to discuss too much about the weight. It's very simple, every additional weight will make it difficult for you to play.
The shape of the shoe is also very important, avoiding high-heeled shoes, it will make you uncomfortable.

Tennis, basketball, skate and some running shoes are generally great choices for drummers because they tend to be flexible, lightweight and flat.

In the end, I must point out that not one of the best drumming shoes I mentioned (or any other) will make you a better drummer. But these shoes can make your practice easier and more comfortable.