Best Throat Lozenges For Singers [2020 Buyer's Guide]

Posted in Misc | Last Updated on May 1, 2020

In this article we will be looking at how you can go about choosing the best throat lozenges for you as a singer.

Just as elite athletes take care of their body which is their means of work, the singers must take care of their voice to continue earning their living.

In time you may notice changes in your performance when singing for long or even short periods of time. That’s when the throat lozenges come in.

In this article, we are reviewing the types of lozenges that are better for singers, how they work, and list up some of the best options that you can find in the market.

How do they work?

When the vocal organs are under pressure when singing, they usually suffer from wear and tear. Surely you have noticed that after singing for two hours your throat begins to sting, that is because the vocal cords and pharynx are irritated.

The lozenges, work to improve the voice work by reducing the inflammation that occurs in the pharynx, vocal cords and other phonetic organs. This way, soon after ingesting them, you may feel that the burning sensation in the throat diminishes until it almost disappears.

If you want to keep living with music, you must protect your voice, and it is good advice to reduce practice hours, do exercises and be aware of food and drinks that can deteriorate your vocal cords.

How to know if you need throat lozenges

Many times the less experienced singers notice that their voice tires easily and they begin to ingest pills to improve it. Before taking pills, you need to learn to use your voice well:

  • Perform warm-ups
  • Open your mouth wide
  • Project the voice appropriately
  • Do not sing for very long times
  • Learn relaxation techniques

Anyway, even if you have a good tone, take singing lessons that will help you polish and use your voice better.

On the other hand, to note that after using proper techniques and habits before the shows the same voice easily tires, then you must take pills to improve your sound.


The main reason to take throat lozenges is to relieve the burning sensation or pinches in the throat.

For a singer, the voice is his means of earning a living, and if he ends up hurting it by not paying attention to minor ailments, he will end up working something he does not like.

By reducing the periods in which your throat remains inflamed the lifespan of the voice is prolonged, consequently; you will be able to devote more time to the fascinating world of music.

Types of lozenges

The presentation will have an impact to a large extent on how quickly you recover your voice.

Besides, it also affects the time that it takes for you to consume the remedy; which can affect your performance if you are in the middle of the show or a recording session.

Most singers prefer those that are suck-called candies-because they dissolve quickly in the mouth. Again, everything will depend on which one best suits the need of the moment.

Along the type of presentation for throat lozenges you will find:

  • Swallow Pills: Slow action, Quick consumption.
  • Chewable pills and gums: Slow consumption but quicker effect.
  • Sub-lingual tablets and drops: Quick consumption and impact; usually have a terrible taste and the effect isn’t as strong as with the last two.
  • Syrups: All around average, but can leave a small tickle in your throat which isn’t comfortable for singing.

Menthol pills

It is a standard measure among professional artists to have some intake habits before singing.

Among the most common is to put a little essence of mint in the mouth or apply a small amount of mint in water and then swallow it. Doing this generates a feeling of freshness and relief in the throat can give you some extra voice clarity and confidence.

On the other hand of the scheme, there are menthol pills. These are not recommended, instead of freshening the throat they cause dryness, the enemy of all the singers.

AdviceUsing menthol pills, and other harmful practices like alcohol end up causing a lot of damage.

Eucalyptus oil

This type of oil is 100% natural and is taken orally to help reduce inflammation or pain in the organs of the voice such as larynx or vocal cords and minimizes a cough.

Besides, eucalyptus oil is frequently used to reduce the symptoms of throat ache and flu making it an excellent natural option to give some maintenance to your “singing system.”

And what are the best options that singers have when it comes to pills to improve their voice? Next, we rounded up for you six great products that can help you maintain your voice at its best.

The 6 Top Lozenges for Singers Along With Review

Vocalzone Throat Pastilles

Vocalzone Throat 24 Pastilles - 24pasti

The box contains 24 pills that dissolve in the mouth, providing a sense of relief from irritation or dryness of the throat. It can also be used to combat the symptoms of the common cold or the effects of smoking.

The effect of the pill on the throat is almost immediate, and after doing so, you will see that the voice lightens noticeably. The manufacturer recommends not taking more than one pill at a time and wait at least two hours until a next intake.

This product is a bit expensive, but offers a high quality; not in vain is the choice of artists of the level of Tom Jones and Hillary Duff.


It is a natural solution composed of red elm bark, celery seed, horseradish root, among other natural products. Voice 37 helps prevent and clear phlegm during singing sessions or speeches.

This product works by lubricating the vocal cords and calms the membranes of the throat and larynx. The result is an optimal condition of the organs of the voice and greater confidence in the scenario.

This product is highly recommended for those occasions in which the colds attack.

Its effect is powerful, but it takes a little time turn in. Voice 37 is specially formulated for professional singers, explicitly designed to take care of your voice with a more natural formula.

Grether's Pastilles Black Currant

Grether's Pastilles are chewable tablets based on Swiss glycerin, presented in four flavors for different tastes.

Their formula has kept the business running for 150 years and can relieve sore throats and tension in the muscles of the voice thanks to vegetable glycerin, which when diluted in the throat, forms a protective film that lubricates the vocal cords and throat walls.

Its great flavor makes it an attractive option, including Red Currant, Elder Flower and Blueberry for you to choose; but it takes some time for the effect to kick in, making them more fit for relaxing the throat before starting the show.

Grether's option can also be considered expensive if compared with the other product in our list.

Vita Vocal Throat and Voice Enhancer

VitaVocal Throat & Voice Enhancer Eliminates or reduces hoarseness, Restores Vocal Clarity and is an Amazing voice Remedy for other vocal troubles ✭ Safe & Effective ✭ 120 Vegetarian Capsules ✭ #1 Choice for Singers, Actors, Public Speakers

They consist of few capsules made from natural products such as American ginseng root, canine rose, and eucalyptus, among others.

This product is the result of a study that aimed to demonstrate that you don’t need medication if you use your voice correctly. This way, the pills are designed for professional singers, who usually give their voices a lot of work.

About its effect, this lozenge softens and flexes the vocal cords, decreases swelling and eliminates or reduces hoarseness.

It is intended as a continuous treatment to protect the organs of the voice from wear, so, if you are looking for some immediate effect, this is not the right product. The remedy usually starts taking effect after two weeks of use and works as a preemptive treatment.

TMRG Powerful Vocal Recovery KIT

This powerful kit is specially formulated for those occasions in which the voice is abused, and it also works for the maintenance of the vocal cords.

The TMRG kit works by softening your vocal cords, this reduces their swelling, improves closure, flexes them and protects them from overload.

Besides, it also helps against other voice problems and is a 100% natural supplement.

Although it does not act in the same way for all people, its effect is usually immediate; and in the worst scenario, you can go from a void voice to a fully restored state in just three days.

Therefore, ingesting these pills improves performance which will always be a great idea when you need to put your voice to work.

Thayers Natural Remedies Slippery Elm Tangerine

Thayers Natural option comes in two cans of 42 units and works great to relieve pain in the throat and mouth. Its secret is that it soothes the tissues of the voice box with the benefits of menthol while avoiding the disadvantages of common menthol pills.

Its formula is free of preservatives and made primarily from slippery elm inner bark.

On the downside, its flavor is not very pleasant, and the effect isn’t as immediate as you may like, so the product serves for the maintenance of the voice more than for a quick recovery cure.

One of Thayer's advantages is that the purchase bundle is economical and you get many units for a small price.

Final words

If you do not want to end up in a boring desk or scrubbing or to give up to your singing hobby, it is crucial that you protect your voice.

Try to sign up for a course to improve the use you give your vocal cords, and try out one of these products to get even better results.