Ion Electric Drum Set [Reviews]

Posted in Drums | Last Updated on May 1, 2020

An Ion electric drum set is probably a new brand to watch out for. Ion Audio just started in 2004, and now, the inventor of the USB turntable is making heads turn with its fantastic line of electronic products like audio accessories, music or beat making bundles, music players, cables, computer recording, drum console gaming sets, DJ equipment and much more. Ion Audio is also one of the pioneers in creating drum sets and guitars for console gaming, and when it comes to electric drum sets, it is also a cut above the rest. There are two Ion electronic drums: Pro Session Drums and Sound Session Drums. Find out what Ion electric drum set reviews are talking about with these key features:

Ion electric drums, whether Pro Session or Compact models are designed to be fully adjustable and conform to any player’s height and playing specifications. The rack stand is adjustable and is foldable perfect when you need to play elsewhere. The stand also boasts of heavy duty material that will never cause movement no matter how hard you play.

1. Drum and cymbal pads are made of a highly sensitive material that guarantees to deliver truly authentic drum sounds. The Ion drum set module also has everything a novice player needs and all the necessary features that a professional need to perform all housed in just a fraction of space compared to other electric drum set brands and models and various sampling drum pads.

2. There are useful inputs that will allow you to connect a CD player, MP3 player or a portable device for easy playing, recording, and music sharing.

3. The Pro Session and Compact Ion electric drum sets have easy playability options. The drums easily lights up to play along while you are learning new beats. You may use headphones or ear buds and guaranteed you won’t make any noise when playing.

4. Has a record and listen features to allow you to make adjustments and improve your creations the minute you play them.

5. Have a built-in metronome, play-along music, practice tunes, speaker system outputs and many more features that will truly make any beginner learn as quickly as possible.

Why choose Ion electric drum sets over other electric drum set brands and models?

Certainly if you are looking for a practical and economical electric drum set, then you will get your money’s worth. Versatile models, classical electronic drums, drum console gaming sets, even this:

ION Audio Discover Drums MKII Tabletop Electronic Drums

The Pro Session and Sound Session drums set are in the average price range. The features of this electric drum set truly makes it very convenient to use and easy to master. It is certainly the best choice for beginners who are just starting to perfect their own drumming style. But pros will certainly enjoy playing the Pro Session with its six-piece drum components and easy to play features.

Ion IED08 Drum Rocker Premium Drum Set


Are there any Ion electric drum sets disadvantages?

The Ion electric drum set is really an affordable set but most who have bought is were not so impressed with the ability to adjust each component with the right specs that most drummer need. There is limited ability to program each type of drum even with the Pro Session drum set which makes it a far less quality drum set to use.

There are also several issues of the components’ sensitivity issues specifically with the hi-hat and the foot pedals. According to Ion electric drum set reviews, many found the drum set a best buy but were concerned with the sensitive hi hat/snare that may not allow you to play totally complex beats.


The Ion electric drum set is definitely one of the most practical ways to learn basic drumming skills, stances, how to create simple beats and to get to know more about each drum component. This drum sets may not be able to make fine tuned piece adjustments that are specific to player’s needs, but it is technically the first step in learning all the complex drum skills and lessons. Think of the Ion electric drum set as a borderline to learning to play high-end instruments.