Pyle Pro PTED01 Review. See What We Found Out

Posted in Drums | Last Updated on October 19, 2019

closer picture of the drum's digital screen

While this kit will not replace a much more costly digital drum set up, it offers some unexpected attributes I really like. It additionally has downsides. The Pyle Pro PTED01 is your best option for practising in a flat and/or late at night. You will be very delighted in that case. It will not take any time at all to figure out the best ways to utilize the settings to set each pads sound and tone to precisely how you desire it.

I especially liked the built-in drum combos with the timer that enables you to swiftly play and become familiar with the songs very well, since they are reasonably straightforward songs. This will certainly give beginning drummers an improvement in confidence that will make them want to attempt to play more intricate patterns additionally.

Out of the box, I utilized the AC adapter to plug the system into an outlet because I didn’t have the optional 6 C batteries available. If you plan to have a set that is a lot more transportable, this is a neat attribute. I stressed that it would be obnoxiously loud and perhaps irritating to the next-door neighbours, so I had some headsets available to utilize. You should use ones with a rather lengthy cord to get to you from the rearmost of the device under or around it.

Thus off of your moving arms. I rarely ever really utilize them given that the sounds are much more pleasurable to listen closely to than anticipated. Plus, the volume can be adjusted down if needed. I uploaded a song I knew onto my mobile phone so I could possibly play along. I matched the tracks volume, and it mixed quite well.

Some Drawbacks

A significant complaint is that periodically a drum pad doesn’t respond. This can be agitating if you’re recording a song. I identified that you are required to strike them “perfectly” to get a solid feedback. I suspect when you’re used to a full-size drum set, it’s a little bit awkward to strike these little pads consistently and in the ideal place. There are “dead areas” at the edges of the pads and in some cases when you strike two pads simultaneously, one might not seem to make a sound. That may be just due to the fact that my small inaccuracy with these smaller sized pads.

If you anticipate utilizing this electric drum set for more than just working on technique and play, it’s just something to think regarding. I also thought the ride cymbals and a few other noises ought to have a lot more tuning modifications compared to what they do have, however, that probably will not matter that much if you’re simply practising or finding out how to play playing drums for the first time. If you pick to do so, there are nevertheless a great deal of set-up options to modify.


Things that wound up amusing me the most for a very long time was that aside from drum sounds, you can also fool around with over a hundred sound FX as well. That was totally unexpected, you can hear every little thing from booming explosions, thunder, different animal noises, laughter, steps, a creaking doorway, an eerie scream, vehicle sounds, and encouraging battle noises. You can establish each pad and pedal independently and conserve the configuration simply like how you could with the drum set sounds. So a young drummer could create sound kits to match tales he/she composed, and after that make them a lot more enjoyable with numerous noises. That’d be a great deal of fun.

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Finally, it’s an extremely simple and economical electronic drum set to set up as needed. You could make use of one among a number of pre-configured drum configurations designated to the pads and hi-hat and kick pedals that are very basic. You could additionally create and save your very own kits that you altered to your liking. I prefer to make my very own sounds given that I prefer every piece to sound a specific way. I was amazed at the options available to set things up to match certain needs, even though I wish there were a lot more. It didn’t take too long for me to find out how you can do this without the instructions and spent hrs experimenting with it. Playing along to songs I know, as well as playing together with the provided songs and demonstrations.

So if you’re searching for a cheap electronic drum set for novices, The Pyle Pro PTED01 is the perfect beginner set. It’s a great set for a nice cost.