10 Best Trombones [Buyer's Guide + Reviews 2021]

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If you are in the market for the best trombone, you have come to the right place. After hours of research into customer experience, close colleague’s opinions and real user feedback, we have come up with a list of top 10 trombones available in the market.

Hence, we have spared you of having to make hours of research trying to decide the best trombone to buy. We have made our selection based on user satisfaction, ease of use and durability.

With this in mind, here are the top trombones available in the market:

Yamaha - YSL 882O

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If you need a trombone that gives an excellent response and great sound, Yamaha YSL-882O is worth checking out. Many top players contributed to the development of this trombone. It comes with a .547-inch bore offering players of all level optimum performance. The lead pipe is made of gold and a hammered bell, 8-11/16-inch one-piece. Its other slide comes in yellow brass and a nickel silver inner slide.

Yamaha YSL-882O Trombone comes with top aesthetic design, attractive look and a lacquer finish. It weighs a total 17 pounds and features a yellow brass body. It has a narrow hand slide which joins the valve mechanically. Users also get access to a carry case and large shank mouthpiece.

Users also get accessories to maintain the trombone: spray bottle and slide cream. It has a compact case which makes the whole unit compatible and portable. It is not recommended for beginners and intermediate players. We will review trombones directed at beginners and intermediate players below. This is a trombone directed at well verse trombonist. It is lightweight and a good value for the money.

Mendini - MTB-31 Intermediate Slide Trombone

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Whatever you want in a trombone, this Mendini MTB-31 Intermediate offers it. It is directed at beginners and intermediate players as such. With the F trigger, it gives a superb key and gives out a well-balanced tone alongside an 8½-inch bell. It comes with a big 547-inch bore which gives a large volume and superb projection. It also enjoys a fine lacquer finish

It also has an F attachment that is mechanically linked to it. Users get a pretty fast response as it comes with a nickel-plated side. The slide action of this wind instrument is superb as it is accurate and gives an easy slide transition. There is also a big shank 12C mouthpiece which makes it a top choice for professional trombonists.

Mendini MTB-31 has the inner and outer slides, a lead pipe which is plated with nickel. This enhances durability. We love the abundant accessories that came with this wind instrument. A few of these are the cleaning cloths, white gloves, a robust and durable carry case, and a chromatic tuner. The one year warranty also makes it well worth it.

The slide action you get from this trombone is lovely alongside the great and high-quality sound. With a total weight of 13 pounds, it is pretty light and measure of 42 by 17 by 15 inches.

Yamaha - YBL-822G Xeno Series

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Yamaha YBL-822G bass stands out for having a gold brass bell and a big shank mouthpiece. It has a yellow brass outer slide and a nickel silver inner slide. These make the trombone easy to use, of high quality and easily handled. It also has a pair of offset rotors, distinct from the common rotor types as well.

It also has a lacquer finish and a mechanical linkage. We love that the thumb paddle is adjustable and the D slide assembly which makes it easy to get rid of water. With a dimension of 16.1 by 38.6 by 17.5 inches, it has a total weight of 21.7 pounds making it pretty portable and easy to use.

We also love that YBL-822G offers a clear, distinct and precise sound which resonates on many notes. It also features an extra bend which helps it convert from B flat to an F. We love that it comes with a carry case. The presence of a slide makes it appealing, as well as the pair of valves.

It is possible and pretty easy to get low notes on YBL-822G trombone. Other features worthy of mentioning are the 9-1/2 inch-diameter bell and a .563 inch bore. We are delighted by the bright epoxy lacquer finish as well.

PBone 1B Jiggs Plastic Trombone Image

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If you need a very light trombone, consider PBone 1B. Weighing around 1.8 pounds, it is one of the lightest trombones around. It is durable, made of high-quality material. It is durable, stylish and comes with the matching mouthpiece as well as a blue durable ABS plastic. This makes the trombone stand out.

Playing this trombone is easy due to the superb ergonomic design. It also features smooth action glass fiber lockable slide which can be easily maneuvered to have a change of note. If you need a trombone to play several notes and various genres of music, this is a good choice. It is very versatile, which makes it appealing to a broad category of users – students and teachers alike.

The bell is 8 inches long which is very almost indestructible as a result of the extra toughness and rigidity built into it. This trombone is the output of a set of some famous British Musicians. It is a powerful wind instrument resistant to dust. Hence, with time as you use it, it does not depreciate. It is ideal for beginners as the fear of getting damaged is out of the question.

Glory GTD-2 Bb Tenor

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If you are a student looking for a durable trombone, Glory GTD-2 B is the right choice. It is really cheap option but it can surprise you. It comes with a gold lacquer finish, accompanied by a deluxe durable hard case. We love the classic lacquer finish, ease of use and the high quality sound it produces.

This wind instrument measures 37 by 10.1 by 9.5 inches, with a total weight of around 8 pounds. It is accompanied with a 12C mouthpiece. We love the fact that users can practice a lot of notes on it. Arguably the only downside is that it is not the strongest thing on earth.

The superb finish makes this attractive to beginner students. Sound quality is more than decent, and it’s pretty loud. It is well worth the money.

Conn - Selmer Prelude TB711 (Best for beginners)

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For students and beginners out there looking for an excellent trombone to perfect their skill, Conn-Selmer TB711 is a terrific choice. It comes with essential features which makes it easy to play, besides producing great sound. The projection and resonance from this wind instrument is superb as the bore comes in a .509″ which amplifies the tone provided. It also features a yellow brass bell with a dimension of 8 inches.

This tenor trombone comes with a case and a durable finish. It comes with a fixed lead pipe and a yellow brass lead pipe. The hand slide enjoys a nickel silver finish which allows the trombone to performs at optimum capacity. There is a plastic case which makes it easy to move the trombone around.

This is a pretty cheap wind instrument affordable for all, but it is built really well. It comes with a 12C mouthpiece. While it is pretty light in weight, it does not come with the F attachment.

Yamaha - YSL 448G Intermediate

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This is the perfect choice for people who wants to take trombone lessons and upgrade with time. It is one of the top trombone available in the market as it comes with F attachment with string linkage and a slide lock. It is directed towards intermediate players and allows the user to play on the Bb key. It has a .525 bore as well as an 8-1/2 gold brass two-piece bell.

Weighing around 17 pounds, it measures 37 by 15 by 12 inches, light enough to be easily carried around. It comes with a medium size bore horn made of high-quality materials. Its inner slide features a chrome plated nickel silver material. It has a durable slide which is also pretty sensitive and responsive.

It has a .525 bore size and a bell size of 8.5 inches. It is cheap and comes with a terrific balancer. This trombone enjoys a perfectly rounded tubing, allowing players to play without interference and turbulence while enjoying a smooth airflow. You are bound to enjoy smooth action, exceptional durability and super sound resonance with this.

Bach Prelude - TB711F

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This is our top choice, and we recommend it for all who care about great sound and superb projection. You can expect high-quality sound from this trombone. It has .547 inch bore and the bell measuring 8.5 inches.

Weighing 4 pounds, it is pretty light which will not pose a problem while playing, and a dimension of 40 by 7 by 12 inches. It comes with an inner slide that is chrome-plated nickel silver. Thanks to its lightweight, it can be easily moved around while playing. The carry case makes transporting easy. This wind instrument enjoys a bright lacquer finish and an F attachment that makes it easy to play.

There is an outer slide made from nickel silver, yellow brass. Users also get 12C mouthpiece alongside. We recommend this trombone for beginners and intermediate players. All in all, it is easy to clean and maintain and pretty durable. The slide action is fluid and can be played right after unboxing.

Conn - 88H Symphony Series (Best for Jazz)

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This trombone is the output of Conn Selmer, one of the best instrument brands known for producing superb musical instruments. If you are looking for a versatile trombone, this is a brand worth considering as it was designed for veterans and professional players. It is a excellent choice that features an F attachment which gives projection to your sound. The bell is 8.5 inch, and the bore measures .547 inch alongside a fixed lead pipe.

It is one of the top trombones available in the market. Perfection was designed into it to make sure you get a sound projection with minimal effort. The brass used is traditional and pretty durable, guaranteed to last long.  It is versatile as the primary bore and F attachment gives a different measurement. It is light and will not produce unnecessary fatigue while playing.

We wish that the manufacturer included useful accessories with it.

Ammoon - VI-006 (Budget Choice)

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This top budget choice trombone is an output of Ammoon, simply a good manufacturer. Over the years, company has established itself as an authority in the musical instrument world. One of its output is the Ammoon tenor trombone.

This is a classy trombone that comes in B flat and employs durable and quality materials in its production. It is highly durable and has everything you need to get you started in playing the trombone. It is light, perfect for young and intermediate players. Users will have access to accessories like cleaning stick, mouthpiece made of cupronickel, gloves and a hard shell carry case.

The bell is 208 mm, and the device is suited for trombone players of any level. The slide is great and works smoothly, which ensures you have a hitch free time playing this. It enjoys high-quality material in its manufacture (brass and cupronickel) which adds to its durability. It plays only in the B flat with a great and bright tone.

[Buyer's Guide] How to Choose the Best Trombone?

One of the first thing to consider before heading out is your budget and set number. This will help you get the perfect trombone. This is because your budget has a big role to play in the type and quality of trombone.

After having a set budget, you can as well explore various needs and other factors that will affect your choice of a trombone. Your interest in music matters, as well as the level you are. This explains why a professional trombone player will buy a trombone different from a beginner or someone just learning.

For beginners, we recommend that you start small; your choice should be a little bore horn. This is because there are horns designed with beginners in mind, and we have some already discussed above in our trombone review.

Intermediate students should consider going for medium bore horns. These types of trombones come with excellent features that will help hone your skill on the horn. Features like a dual bore, raised brass, F-rotor, plated finishes and sterling bells. This will take me to some essential features of a trombone:


This is the origin of the sound wave in the trombone. Trombones are different, and they come with varying size of bell ranging from 7 inches to 1.5 inches. The bell size is directly related to the type and projection of sound you can get from it.

Valve/Trigger Attachments

While this does not come in tenor trombones meant for students and beginners, it is directed towards advanced players. Brass trombones come with brass, and they do have two. The common types of valves you will find are rotary valves known as triggers. Triggers help in changing the length of the tube of the air path; it is a way to alter the note played.


Trombones do come with two types of slides: the tuning slides that is found at the trombone heel which is essential in making adjustments to the tune when playing. There is also the outer slide which can be used to produce different tones by adjusting the length of the trombone tubing.


With this, the player gets the air and lip vibration to the horn. Generally, this type of mouthpiece is large and deep. This is important as it gives new players the ability to produce tones easily compared to other brass instruments.

Materials and Finish

In times past, trombones were made of brass. This days, however, they are made from varieties of materials. The most common of this is metal, and even some come with plastics. Trombone some in various finishes, with the most common one being a lacquer finish.

Bear in mind, however, that the finish and material of your horn is a mere decoration. This is because they hardly have any effect on the quality of sound. Hence, your material of choice is often a factor of personal preference.

Different Types

There are five major types. Hence, you need to know the one that suits you and your brand best before making a choice. With this in mind, we discuss the various types of trombones

  1. Tenor

Also called the straight tenor trombone is the most uncomplicated trombone design available. It does not have tubing in the main body. This is its distinguishing factor.

There is tenor trombone that comes with an F tenor. This stands out in the fact that it is straight. It will remain this way until engaged by a trigger which turns it. With this, it becomes longer, which alters the tune from Bb to an F.

  1. Bass

This is similar to a tenor trombone in that they are usually about the same length. However, it comes with a bigger bell, pretty more prominent than the tenor type.

It also has a bigger bore on comparison with an F rotor trombone.

  1. Valve

Valve trombones do not have a definite size. It comes in various size, and its size is one of the most sought after in the market. This is because a typical player prefers a valve trombone to the slide type. And the valves of the bass trombone allow players to maneuver through tempos fast. This makes it pretty easy to use. Besides, it is easy for the user to reach the entire notes which could have posed some problems with the slide.

  1. Alto

This is a pretty popular choice known with the orchestra. With it, you will be able to play a solo very well. This is because reaching a higher pitch is smooth, unlike with the tenor type. You also get to cover a broad range of note with this.

  1. Soprano

It is also known as the slide trumpets because it does look like it. It is more suited for jazz music because of its capacity to bring out the smooth rhythm from your music. It is the top choice of most people around the globe as it originates from Germany. The soprano trombones perform excellently when played alongside a trumpet or any wind instrument.

Other things to Consider before Buying a Trombone

  1. Price

Just like any wind instrument, trombone comes at different rates. With this in mind, be sure to have a particular budget. Beginners will have their trombones cheap compared to the ones for professionals.

For beginners, it is good to go for simpler options and proceed. This is important to prevent wasting your money on an instrument that you will find challenging to play. For people who wants to establish a career as a pro trombonist, an expensive device is ideal.

  1. Size

Trombones are of various types which affect the shape and dimensions. This is evident in the bore and bell measurement as pointed out in the review. The weight also varies, determined by the type of materials used.

Before choosing your trombone, the type of your playing band, your body size and strength matters. Marching band trombones are pretty indifferent from orchestra trombones. Band trombones also differ from jazz models. Hence, your requirement matters much.


Trombones are a terrific instrument which you will definitely love playing. However, to get the best of a trombone, you have got to choose the best one that serves your need adequately.

We have offered a detailed analysis of many types of trombones available. In helping you make a healthy decision, we have provided a buyer’s guide. We believe that this post will hold you by the hand in selecting a good trombone that will last years to come.