How To Kill Noise | Kids and Drums

Posted in Learn | Last Updated on June 3, 2019

a boy behind a drum set

There is no getting around it: drums are loud instruments, especially when kids play them. So how do you deal with the common issue of how to kill the noise, without having to abandon the sound of your drums?

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make the circumstances more acceptable for everyone in and around your house.

Firstly, I´d recommend you covering solid floors with a sheepskin rug or densely woven carpet. Be advised: Heavy plush carpets will make your drums sink in, which will affect their sound! No sound, no joy.

You can use multiple layers of carpet, which will benefit the people downstairs, drums need a solid ground to produce an excellent sound! A better option would be to cover the bordering walls with lovely wall hangings or rag rugs.

Plastering your walls with egg cartons will absorb high frequencies and high mid frequencies, but they will not diminish unwanted bass noise effectively since they are too lightweight. Effective sound absorption of deeper frequencies requires weight and some distance from the walls.

Carpets or heavy textiles are better suited, not to mention prettier than empty egg cartons.

Booming Bass


The unpleasant booming of the bass can be reduced by free hanging textures, which could, perhaps, double as room separators. Make sure you use densely woven textiles which have weight. Fixing them to the ceiling may take some time, but it will make your child´s playing much more agreeable, as textiles insulate the strenuous high frequencies and, hanging free, they will also reduce the undesired deeper frequencies.

Tip: A shelf filled with stuffed animals or other textiles can do the trick, provided it is used as a room separator (i.e. does not stand directly against a wall). If this solution eliminates the daylight in your room too much, increase the distance from the shelf standing against the wall up to four inches at least.

Involve Your Family Members!

Play around with the ideas of moving shelves, changing distances, free hanging textiles and carpets covering floors and walls, until the strenuous frequencies are killed. The time you spend on achieving the optimal sound-circumstances for everyone in the house really pays!

Just start with one of the recommendations above and you will dive in quickly. This is measured in terms of your ears only. Involve your family members: one for playing drums, one for listening in the drumming room and the bordering rooms, while you are placing shelves or hanging up carpets and textiles.

If you have any questions, if you are stuck or just need any further information, please leave your comment below, I will be happy to connect and to help you out!

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