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Posted in Drums | Last Updated on October 4, 2018

Four kids sitting on the floor and playing Remo floor drums

Cool Sound Inspires… Remo World Drums are beautiful, high quality built, really affordable, easy to handle and to clean, light weighted, long lasting, and on top of that: They really produce cool sounds which inspire your kids and all family members to delve into their play.… and They Look Beautiful!

The colourful Kid drums are going to be played on the floor, the white Buffalo Drums are hand drums. You can easily hold them in the centre of the backside (ropes), and play them with the other hand, sitting, standing, going, dancing. They can also be played lying on the floor, they won´t sound at their full range, but additional to the Kid Drums it will be okay.

The Buffalo drums are available in five sizes. They have a great effect on our body and well-being, they are easy to handle and to clean, and they are very suitable for drumming with babies, toddlers, preschoolers – with any child. The smaller the diameter of the drum, the higher it will sound.

Babies and Drumming?

Oh yes. Babies can develop their gross motor skills as they first pat with their hands on the playing surface, and later on, learn how to hold and handle a mallet. They love to listen, they love rhythm, and they are masters in being: stunning and thrilled that there are great things pulsing and sounding. Newborns have been surround-sounded by mum´s heartbeat for nine months nonstop, so they love listening to drummed pulses and rhythms. The big 22″ Buffalo Drum is great for them, they can lie outstretched on the playing surface while you play on the free space at the side with your hands or with mallets.

What a great massage! Make eye contact with your baby while playing and you will know if it is all right. After a while, you can put the Fruit Shakers into their hands.

Fun for Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

Floor Tom

Remo Buffalo Frame Hand Drum - Thunderbird

If you want to start with one drum for the beginning, I´d recommend the Kids Floor Tom. Ideal in size and handling, they have an excellent sound, not to compare with those junk drums available in supermarkets, which just produce noise. Toddlers can start their first climbing actions with the drums in the playing process. Simply place a Buffalo Drum and a Kids Gathering Drum (22″ x 8″), which is a great family drum, together, and they will climb on them as they want. The big 22″ Gathering Drum even can stand my 176 lbs  Make sure your child climbs barefoot or with soft shoes if you don´t want them to slip and to fall.

Lollipop Drum

From many Workshops in Kindergarten I have experienced that preschoolers need a lot of room for exercises, they love to run. A great deal is to put your drums together in a way that kids can play them circling around. If you have got more drums, you can also make the opposite: Build a free space in the center, so that one child can play the drums from there. The other kid(s) can play them circling around at the same time. If you don´t have many drums, you might think about the lollypop drums, available in 3 sizes, which would cost about $40 – 50 altogether. They sound quite well, and if you care about them (don´t strike them together or throw them onto the floor too often), they will provide joy for a long time.


A girl playing Tubano drumThe Kids Tubano is an outrageous sounding drum. Patting your hand into the center of the playing surface will provide great bass sounds. Kids play them in standing position. For a good drum set to begin with, I´d recommend you the Kids Bongos, the Floor Tom, the Tubano and the Gathering Drum. To add one more I´d recommend the Kids Djembe or the Kids Konga. The Bongos can be played with hands or fingers. To produce a nice sound with mallets, you will need smaller mallet heads than those of the Remo mallets.

Bongo, Konga, Djembe, Paddle Drums

Cool Sports Toys for Boys and Girls will also have fun with all instruments recommended above. Because of their great sound they can deepen their play and their rhythmic, listening and communication sense. In the warm weather, I can recommend the paddle drums, played with soft little balls, like family tennis with a great sound – pure outdoor fun for the whole family. Start with the 2-pack, where the balls are included.

Want a Long Life for Your Drums?

There is one thing, the Remo pre-tuned drums don´t like: too warm temperature. Make sure you don´t keep them at a temperature higher than 22 degrees Celsius. The colder, the better. They even stand zero degrees. Do not store them on a floor with underfloor heating! These drums are pre-tuned, which means you cannot tune them. Too warm temperature will scale down their pitch rapidly.

Although some drums like the Buffalo Drums still sound great with a little deeper pitch, the day will come when they don´t sound anymore, because the pitch has fallen too deep. Make sure you keep them not too warm and you play them regularly, and you will explore the joy of sound for many years.

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