The Laptop Cajon Drum: What a Strange Beast

Posted in Cajons | Last Updated on May 1, 2020

For the traveling drummer who is on the go and performing in front of a small crowd, the laptop cajon drum is a great alternative other than packing up a complete drum set. Convenient, portable, affordable and excellent producing sound makes the laptop an attractive instrument for the percussion enthusiast.

How the Laptop Drum Works

The new laptop cajon (sometimes called conga)  is an extremely useful and compact addition to the comprehensive variety of cajon instruments. For the many different playing circumstances, the need to offer a different option for those who use the box has led to the craftsmanship of this beautiful laptop instrument. With in the drum itself are a variety of strings which touch the playing surface on the inside panel.

These strings deliver a sensitive sizzle effect when played on this area of the drum. This sizzle effect offers a substantial sound to the various musical applications that are played. Unlike the traditional best cajon drums, the Laptop drum offers high and low pitched surface areas so that it can play bongo patterns. Being that the laptop is compact in size and light weight makes it the perfect road companion.

Drum Popularity

Due to the fact that the cajon drum has grown in popularity within the past few years, it is one of today’s most popular percussion instruments. The instrument is extremely easy to play and provides a great feel and rhythmic foundation to any musical situation. Not only is the Laptop variant fun to experiment with, the sound that this percussion instrument makes will wow the crowd.

Versatile and Affordable

The drum can be played in literally every musical genre, makes this instrument unique unlike any other instrument. More often the it is used during unplugged gigs or when playing softer songs when the need for a beat is minimal. Besides a whole complete drum set, the laptop is the most versatile rhythm instrument available on the market today. There is no need to save up money for months or even years to purchase it. You can purchase it for as little as $50 online or up to $150 online. If you are an avid drum player, the cajon should be item in every percussionist’s arsenal.