Best Cymbal Bags & Cases [Buyer's Guide + Reviews]

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Are you looking for the best cymbal bag? Or you need one in a hurry? Whatever the reason is, you do not have to fret over it. There are things to consider, however, and you would have to follow these considerations before you make a final conclusion. Cymbal bags are important when you are drummer always on the go, or you need to look more professional when bringing your own gear to the gig. You would have to ensure that the cymbal bag you carry around fits the types of cymbals you have, and the purpose you need the bag for. Go through the tips below in selecting a good cymbal bag.

GGuide's 5 Top Picks, Reviewed

Zildjian 22'' GIG Cymbal Bag


If you need a strong cymbal bag, then you have walked down the right path. The Zildjian 22” gig cymbal bag is one that would serve you in many ways than one. As a drummer with gigs in different locations, you would need a bag that can handle lots of heavy load and movement from place to place. A lot of bags can carry up to ten cymbals but would tear from the weight of the cymbals and heavy use of the bag.

The Zildjian 22” gig cymbal bag can carry only three cymbals, with an extra compartment like an extra-large pocket that can hold up to a 15’’ cymbal. This means that you can carry up to four cymbals with the bag. Four cymbals are quite enough for your gig since there would most likely be prepared drums with cymbals. Taking your cymbals along would be like an added advantage for you. The best part is that carrying the cymbals would not be a problem because it has adjustable shoulder straps that you adjust to suit your desired length. Sad that this nice cymbal bag does not come with a roller, and you would have to carry it on your back. The straps must be comfortable enough to handle the weight for you, without any discomfort, or maybe its price does not cover rollers. The Zildjian 22” gig cymbal bag comes at a whopping price, and nothing more or less. It is quite affordable, in comparison to other cymbal bags.

Even with the price, it still offers a comfortable and reinforced handle, a reinforced bottom for supporting cymbals, and three inner sleeves for separating the cymbals on the inside of the bag. They prevent the cymbals from the abrasion caused by being together and that of the walls of the bag. In some cases, the reinforced bottom might cause an amount of abrasion on the cymbals, but this is negligible in comparison to the protection it offers the bag and the cymbals.

However, if you feel like the bag is not suitable for you, and you would love to be able to carry more cymbals, then there are larger cymbal bags available that you can choose from.

  • Affordable for the average drummer
  • Three inner sleeves for cymbal protection
  • Adjustable straps for easy carrying
  • Reinforced bottom and handles
  • Outer extra pocket for up 15” cymbal or other drum accessories

  • Maximum of three cymbals load
  • No rollers for added ease of carrying

Bottom line

The Zildjian 22” gig cymbal bag is a great cymbal bag for your gigs, and it is capable of carrying three cymbals in the main compartment. It comes with other features such as the D-hook for attaching other accessories, and it is quite comfortable. Although the absent rollers would be a turn-off, it is a very good cymbals bag for your gig and would last you for a while. Some drummers might have issues with the size and capacity, and they should ensure they look for other bags that suit their need if so.

Sabian QCB22 Quick 22 Black Out Cymbal Bag

Cymbal bags are now needed daily as drummers prefer taking their own gear to gigs. With modern drumming advancing daily, it is no surprise that most drummers have more cymbals than the standard amount; crash, ride, and hi-hats. The reason is solely in the interest of the drummer, but most times drummers need the extra cymbals for added effects and professionalism during play. In order to get all your kit to your gig, you would need the best carrying equipment.

For your cymbals, the Sabian QCB22 quick 22 black out cymbal bag is recommended. It is affordable and of good quality for that price. If you should consider the features of the bag, you might develop some interest. It comes with a well-padded strap that allows you carry the bag with ease and comfort. Cymbals tend to get heavy as they increase in size, and carrying a number of them on your back would not be a very pleasing experience. This is where the Sabian QCB22 quick 22 black out cymbal bag is recommended. It is made with good quality to ensure that you are comfortable while carrying the bag from gig to gig and back home.

You can get it at a lower price tag, it’s rather cheap but in the bad way, just ensure that you make your purchase from a trusted source. It comes with an extra compartment in front to allow you to carry an extra cymbal, although smaller, or other accessories that you might need. If you take a look on the inside, you will notice the interior is made so that the cymbals would experience any form of abrasion or hurt you on your back while carrying them. Comfort is of utmost importance, and the straps ensure that you are able to move from place to place with the cymbals on your back and without feeling too much discomfort.

The materials used in the construction of product are of good quality, and this cannot be overemphasized. You would notice the Sabian logo imprinted on the front of the backpack. You should know that Sabian is one of the leading Cymbal brands, and you can trust their quality. They might not be bag makers, but do not expect them to pack their cymbals with low-quality bags.

If you are not convinced that the Sabian QCB22 quick 22 black out cymbal bag is the one for you, then you should keep searching. There are more bags to select from that would suit your need.

  • Affordable for the average drummer
  • Made of quality material
  • Can size up to 22 inches cymbals
  • Comfortable straps
  • Extra cymbal or accessory compartment

  • Does not have rollers
  • The absence of bottom reinforcement

Bottom line

The Sabian QCB22 quick 22 black out cymbal bag is a good quality cymbals backpack, with an affordable price. It should help you get your cymbals to your gigs comfortably.

Zildjian 22'' Deluxe Backpack Cymbal Bag

When it comes to quality, Zildjian has proven to be a force to reckon with. They are one of the leading cymbal brands in the world, and their reputation is one like no other. If you are a Zildjian cymbal user, then you should know that you need a Zildjian cymbal bag. If you do not use Zildjian cymbals, it is all good. All you need is a bag to keep your cymbals, and they have got you covered. The Zildjian Deluxe backpack cymbal bag is a streamlined cymbal bag designed to be as flat as possible when carried. It is affordable and comes with a cymbal protection system.

This cymbal protection is on the inside of the bag, and it is made of plastic. It ensures that both the cymbal and your back are safe. On the inside the bag, there are two cymbal dividers that allow the accommodation of three cymbals. At least, you are assured of getting three cymbals to your gig. This might be small for some drummers, but is quite enough if you intend taking along the standard amount; a crash, ride and a pair of hi-hats.

A lot of drummers now prefer using extra crash cymbals and a number of effect cymbals, which would increase the load they would carry. Sadly, the Zildjian Deluxe backpack cymbal bag might not be able to contain them all. So a bigger bag would have to suffice. But if you are cool with this bag and you are okay with carrying the standard set, you are good to go. The bag quality is excellent as it is made with military-grade backpack straps. You are assured of quality that you can get for that price. It is quite high priced than some other cymbal bags in this category, but one should be careful not to compare them in features and quality. It is made by Zildjian, and once should trust their reputation for quality.

One nice feature is the external cymbal pocket that can hold up to a 14-inch cymbal. Some prefer using this pocket to hold other accessories that would come in handy, than carrying another bag for accessories.

  • Variations of sizes: 20’ / 22’ / 24’
  • Military grade straps
  • Internal cymbal protection made of plastics
  • Streamlined shape to reduce the surface area
  • External 14” cymbal pocket
  • Affordable

  • Can only hold up to four cymbals
  • Absence of rollers

Bottom line

The Zildjian Deluxe is ready to serve in any way it can. It offers an internal compartment that can primarily hold three cymbals and an external compartment for a 14-inch cymbal. It is of good quality and is affordable.

Stagg CY22 22'' Economy Cymbal Bag

Editor's badge - budget choice

If you are looking for an economy option, then look no further because Stagg has got you covered. Stagg CY22 is a very affordable bag that is still very capable of serving your cymbal-carrying needs to its best. It is large enough to contain cymbals that are up to 22 inches in diameter and can contain more than one cymbal. It is cheap in terms of price, price is a steal and offers a number of features that are worth the price and even more.

Stagg did well to try meeting up to standard, although not standard, they really did well even for an economy bag. It is made with reinforced black nylon that is strong enough to carry the cymbal, although one would doubt its efficiency. You should not expect much from an economy bag. If you want quality, why search for an economy bag? Since you need something cheap, then you should appreciate the Stagg CY22 22” economy cymbal bag.

One of its features that makes it handy is its double handles. With these handles, you can carry the bag around just like a handbag. The handles are hand-friendly and should serve you over continued use.

  • Very affordable
  • Can carry up to 22 inches cymbal
  • Handy design
  • Reinforced nylon material

  • Unreliable durability
  • Cannot accommodate a lot of cymbals

Bottom line

If you need something for the rush, the Stagg CY22 22” has got you covered. It is not a standard model, so do not expect top-notch performance from it. It is a budget pick; a product that is not quality but can serve you for a while. It is perfect for those that need a cymbal bag in a short notice.

Zildjian 24'' Rolling Valut

Editor's choice best pick badge

One of the brands that do well to come up with innovative ways to do things is Zildjian. Their products are great, and so are their cymbal bags. The model on our focus is the 24” rolling cymbal vault. If you need a bag with all-around qualities, then you are at the right stop. The Zildjian 24” rolling cymbal vault can contain cymbals up to 24 inches in diameter. I don’t think you would want to carry the biggest cymbal this world has to offer to a gig.

If you are a drummer that needs more cymbals at your gig, then you have found the right bag. It can contain up to ten cymbals all at once, depending on their shape. You might wonder how this bag would be able to carry that much cymbals efficiently. On the inside of the vault, there are foam paddings to minimize the abrasions happening on the inside. These paddings ensure that your cymbals do not also affect each other on the inside. Don’t be surprised if you see reinforced support for cymbal bells.

Cymbals take different shapes, and these shapes can affect them if they are placed together. You should ensure that you arrange the cymbals well before expecting the paddings to do the rest. One of the key features of the model is the contoured shaped. This shape ensures maximum protection for the cymbals, and another great thing about it is the dimensions. The dimensions are ideal for most airline baggage requirements. This makes it ideal for drummers with international gigs, and its rollers just make it awesome. You do not have to worry about your cymbals giving the airlines any issues.

To be honest,” rolling vault” is the ultimate hard case for cymbals. You do not need to worry about you cymbals getting damaged or what not. It is made with a molded polyethylene exterior shell, which is a very rugged material. Its shape and curvatures allow it to hold 5 to 10 cymbals variably, and it would be a perfect choice if you are able to afford it.

  • Hard exterior shell
  • Presence of rollers
  • Can contain up to 10 cymbals
  • Internal paddings to reduce abrasion
  • Sleek quick-retract handles

  • Might be heavy to transport
  • Very expensive in comparison to others

Bottom line

This is a unique type of cymbal bag (vault), and its price depicts the qualities it has to offer. Other than that, it is a very suitable cymbal vault for your gigs, if you love having all your cymbals to play with. Of all the models mentioned, this one is the overall best. Its features make it completely outstanding from the rest. If one would also consider the cost, the Hands down this is the best cymbal bag for the money. Just buy it once and be assured of top quality.

What to look for in a cymbal bag?

Before you purchase any cymbal bag, it is essential that you so a bit of research on what you need to put into consideration. Here are a few pointers for you

Purpose , and the questions you should ask yourself:

There was a need for a cymbal bag, and that is why you are here. So you should ask yourself what you intend using the cymbal bag for. Do you need a bag that can carry cymbals on a daily basis? Or one that can serve for single quick use? Or one that would be used to house your cymbals when traveling overseas? All these are questions to ask yourself because there are cymbal bags designed for all the purposes mentioned above.

You might be interested in reading our article about the best cymbal packs.

The purpose of the cymbal bag determines the material used in making the bag, and all other components the bag might possess. These components include the handles, the material used in making the handles, the shape, the reinforcements, etc. If you are a drummer that needs to carry a few cymbals to a gig, you should opt in for a cymbal bag that can be carried like a backpack. The same idea applies for selecting other cymbal bags.


Since you now know what you need a cymbal bag for, it is expedient you consider the size of the bag you need. You would not want to carry a 16 inches cymbals with a 22 inches bag, and vice versa. Size of the cymbal bag plays an important role in the selection of the cymbal bag that would suit you need.

There are different sizes of cymbal bags that you can choose from, and some brands produce a single bag that comes in different sizes. Some bags come in handy and are quite like handbags, while some can be carried like backpacks. Their straps are made with different materials, and the grade of the material depends on the type of strap used.


The efficiency of the bag matters a lot. This indicates if the bag is suitable for heavy duty use or for a single Some cymbal bags are ideal for long distance travels, and sometimes for flights. Some are just for carrying around to gigs in the environment. So it is expected that know what you need the bag for before making any other decision.


After putting all die consideration in place, you should ensure that you pick one that is in your price range. Price comes last in making any decision because a lot of people, not only drummers, mistake expensive for what they need. Some think that the more expensive a product is, the more satisfactory it would be. Cymbal bags come with different functions, and it is possible that the bag that would satisfy your need would fall under the cheaper section of cymbal bags.

The most important consideration is your budget. It is possible that the bag that suits your need might fall under a high-priced category.


To sum it all up, you should put a lot in place before making your final choice. Your budget, your preference, the number of cymbals you intend carrying, all these are important in selecting a cymbal bag. Following all the tips would ensure that you do not end up wasting money, especially on one that is too much for what you intend using it for. Your discretion is needed in making the decision of the cymbal bag that would suit you.