Best Turntables for Sampling - 6 Top Picks [Reviews 2020]

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There is an increasing search for turntables for sampling in recent years. This rising demand is inarguably caused by a growing interest in sampling and DJing.

Sampling is a vital aspect of music making that all DJs and producers would have to embrace in the course of their career – sooner or later. It brings life to your music and makes your job seem seamless. A turntable is like life to DJs and producers. So, the quest to sample vinyl records effortlessly sounds like every DJs big dream. Although samples could be taken from MP3s and CDs, the sound quality produced would be a bit below standard. And that’s a big NO for the pros.

This makes an investment in turntables – specifically designed for sampling – your best bet. With a sampling turntable, you are guaranteed top quality sound of vinyl records. Interestingly, this can be synchronized with your own beat for a customized sound. So, watch out for a turntable that is capable of sampling records. Besides its record-sampling capacity, you would also have to check out for durability, design and sound quality.

In recent times, the market has been flooded with different brands of turntables and with various price ranges. Selecting the best turntable has become a difficult puzzle for DJs – particularly the newbie – to solve.

Are you also caught in this web of confusion?  Not sure which sampling turntable to purchase? No worries! Just read on. This article will take you through different kinds of turntables for sampling, reviews of their varying capacities, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as their price range.

Reviews of the Top 6 Turntables for Sampling

Numark PT01 Scratch Portable with Built-In DJ

The Numark PT-01 is a belt-driven turntable. Its biggest advantage is its value for money. You can get one of these for just about $100. Really cheap.

This turntable is extremely simple to set up and doesn’t need you to download any drivers. There is a pair of optional programs that accompany the PT-01. These programs are EZ Vinyl converter 2 and EZ Audio converter and both are windows and mac OS compatible.

This turntable is 100% portable. You can scratch and sample any place you want. It is small and light enough to carry more or less anywhere. PT-01 has an ability to be power-driven with batteries only. It needs six D cell batteries. After all, you can power it by the standard AC power adapter. However, if you have got a powered mic/sampler, you'll be able to do vinyl sampling on the go.

The PT-01 could be connected to your PC with a simple USB cable. You can easily record your "scratch" performance directly in to your pc. Amazingly, this record player provides you a really nice sound. If you're new in a world of sampling records, this may be an excellent place to begin.

  • Portable, Battery Powered
  • Mini Stereo Input for quick looper / instrumental connection
  • USB port for quick vinyl to digital conversion
  • Two headphone outputs & Line RCA Output

  • Scratch Switch as opposed to Scratch Fade

Audio-Technica AT-LP120

Editor's choice best pick badge

For almost a double price of the PT-01, you get a lot of options, a much better sound, and a much better build quality.

So let’s initial mention the AT-LP120’s build quality. This record player is made very well. It's a solid aluminum platter that spins nice and sleek.

An amazing feature regarding the AT-LP120 is that it's an internal phono preamplifier. After you connect the turntable to your pc using the USB connection, the sound is going to be amplified loudly and clearly.

The AT-LP120 is a direct-drive turntable. It has a really durable motor and operates with high force.

You have multiple choices once changing the speed of the motor. You'll be able to set the record player to 33, 45, and 78 rpm. This enables you to sample multiple totally different record varieties. For a software system, you get a copy of Audacity. Audacity can assist you to record vinyl records. It'll work on each mac and win.

The sound quality of the AT-LP120 is kind of nice. It produces a crisp sound quality, nice for sampling.

  • It’s simple to line up and even fine tune once it's been set up
  • High-quality options at an inexpensive price
  • Its adjustment choices are way far more than alternative models on the market

  • The use of internal preamp isn't one of the best choices because it exposes it to some level of feedback noise
  • The RCA cable is non-removable and this will be quite frustrating for those people aiming to output to the required source
  • It’s not an automatic player and requires you to turn it on, push the start button, raise the tone arm and manually place it on the player

Pioneer Pro PLX-1000 Direct Drive

This is a direct drive high torque turntable that provides you with exceptional control and stable rotation. Except for its formed chassis, it's a significant mass that assists in preventing resonance and vibrations.

It works well for those equipment placed on an equivalent surface with vibratory speakers and mixers.

Its multi-tempo controls assist you in increasing or decreasing the tempo. It additionally features a push button that helps you revert the track back to its original tempo.

Its power and audio cables facilitate connecting the turntable to a power supply and sampling the vinyl records. Gold-plated (RCA) jacks provides low impedance therefore wonderful sound quality.

The big difference which makes this TT amazing is the variable tempo range. In addition to the standard plus-or-minus 8%, via a tempo range button below the base of the tonearm, you can also adjust at 16% or 50%.

This turntable additionally features a multi-pitch control, clastic cables, sound quality, and club-grade build. It's been designed for glorious vibration damping, finest audio, and ultra-precise playback.

  • A high starting torque of concerning 33.3 revolutions per minute in only 0.3 seconds ensures exceptional control and stable rotation
  • The gold-plated RCA jacks can guarantee glorious sound quality because of low impedance
  • The interchangeable audio and power cables guarantee versatile connection

  • The bright start and stop button could also be an inconvenience to some individuals
  • Some customers have complained concerning the pickup arm having some loose bearings thus resulting in severe tracing distortion
  • the bottom case made of plastic - less resistant once it comes to resonance feedback

Reloop RP-2000-M DJ | Quartz Driven Direct Drive

An amazing DJ mixer with a quartz driven, the direct drive engine means an absolute advantage and will impress even the most prominent professionals. The importance of the high-torque direct driven motor is that the torque permits for larger and faster power to the TT. In addition, this model offers exact-to-second technology!

Some of the highlights of this record player is not only an electronic motor brake, it has nice shock absorbency, is offered in the two-speed manual and tonearm which is really precise. A few more notable things to think about with this model is that you simply can hook up with a distant starter or a beat counter with the purchase of some extra tools.

While we've mentioned several great skilled TT’s during this guide, the Reloop is exclusive therein its created by those that have only been within the business for 2 decades yet they're passionate and with their work as if they simply opened their shop yesterday. On their website, you'll be able to find support in more ways than most. Download a guide, inquire about a component, be a part of a forum, or post an issue.

Reloop has not only engineered an excellent product, however, but Reloop also built a community of enthusiasts similar to them self who have an interest in helping each other get back to playing as quick as possible. Really good turntable for beginners.

  • Quartz-driven DJ turntable with direct drive
  • Very powerful motor
  • Robust and clean design that works

  • Loss of performance over time

Pyle PLTTB3U Belt Drive

Editor's badge - budget choice

It's not a high end product, but it can satisfy every average listener and it is definitely the best turntable that you can buy for less than $ 150. This is a belt drive turntable with +/-10% variable pitch slider. Belt drive turntables are usually not constant speed. This turntable is very good at keeping a constant speed, but does need adjustment from time to time. An important factor is that this is not an automatic TT.

Great thing is that it already comes with a built-in amplifier which means you can just plug in a pair of computer speakers while you save up to buy a receiver and speakers to make the most out of the TT. It is extremely light-weight because it is created of sturdy plastic. This model is an impressive turntable for DJing. Many entry-level DJ’s have commented through reviews, client reports, and on various forums that this device is an excellent entry-level TT.

Great value for the money, you may not only receive a top quality TT with belt drive and USB, it also includes the Audacity digital recording software package, headshell, dust cover, and 45 adapter. USB output connection of the PLTTB3U is fully compatible with both Mac and PCs. The sound quality is surprisingly good despite having a built-in pre-amp and an internal ground.

As with all Pyle product, they stand behind their equipment and provide a one-year manufacturer guarantee.

  • Modern design
  • Professional turntable features
  • Less than $150
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Belt-driven
  • USB compatible with software included
  • Built-in Dust cover

  • Short RCA cable
  • Only one strobe light
  • Dust cover only opens at about a 45 degree angle

Numark TTUSB

The Numark TTUSB is a plug and play turntable with which you can digitalize your vinyl collection to your win or Mac computer since it is USB compatible. If you're trying to export music to alternative formats, archive records, or transfer to container tapes, the TTUSB includes a ⅛ -inch stereo mini jack connection that will enable you to complete this task.

With the power to export songs to digital formats, you'll be able to additionally create the file into a WAV or MP3. Its platter is made of aluminum, not plastic, so it is heavier and less sensitive to vibrations.

The Numark, like the most turntables, can play 33-1/3 and 45 rpm records. According to the company, via software, it can also handle 78 rpm records. In other words, you can slow down the audio on your computer after the fact.

Numark TTUSB is very easy to use. If you want to digitalize your vinyl just turn the power on, press the start button, make sure the recording software on your pc is on, lift the tonearm and set it down on the record, and then quickly click the software to start recording.

This is a high-quality vinyl converter turntable for the entry-level audiophile, it has several fascinating options that customers will love. The inclusion of GracenoteMusicID with the EZ converter a pair of software. Gracenote’s intuitive style saves millions of time by crucial once and where tracks end and by assigning song titles.

Another nice feature is that the automatic transference of imported songs to iTunes, that saves a lot of time.

  • Cartridge is replaceable
  • Easy to use
  • Decent sound quality for the price
  • Compact and easy to move

  • Fully manual
  • Lacks 78 RPM playback
  • No dust cover
  • Not the most attractive design.
  • No 45 RPM adapter

Buyer's Guide: Things to think about before making a purchase:

Should you buy a direct, or belt drive turntable?

This is probably the foremost important factor you need to think about before getting turntable.

There is no difference in sound quality, the only factor is that almost all people like direct drive turntables because they're much better for scratching.

So if you prefer scratching likewise as sampling vinyl records then you should choose direct drive turntables.

So, do you need a direct drive turntable or a belt drive turntable? This difference is how the turntable's motor is connected to the platter, the part that truly turns the record.

Direct drive turntables, as you should know, feature a direct connection from the motor to the platter, which means the platter itself could be a magnet that's driven by an electrical motor right below it.

Belt driven turntables separate the platter from the motor and link the 2 with a belt. Professionals like belt drive turntables because they produce less vibrations. However, there are also a lot of problems because on some turntables you need to move the belt after changing the speed.

Basically, no technology (drive or belt) is better than the other, so you will not notice any difference. So everything is up to you and your decision.

What's your budget?

The next factor you need to think about is how much do you intend to pay.

Like the most, you will get what you pay for.

So if you expect to get a top quality turntable that's durable and appropriate for sampling then you must be able to spend some money.

How durable is it?

This is very important thing you should think about. The turntable should be of solid construction. Should include a high-powered motor which can provide you plenty of torque and an accurate needle that tracks properly and gives you pitch. So ensure you go for model that's durable and can last for a long time. You do not want anything break when you spinning.

How many start buttons does it have?

Most turntables go with 2 start buttons whereas others have only one.

The distinction between the two of them is that those with two buttons make them simply adjustable to a range of setups and configurations.

Also, this can be a personal selection but it's better than you just go for the turntable with 2 start buttons as this provides you additional flexibility and choices when operating with it.


There are 3 main speeds that record players usually use: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPMs. The common are the 33 1/3, that are used to play LP (long playing) records, and the 45, which are used to play singles. 78 is way less common, however, some record players come with that possibility, just in case you meet a record that quires that speed.

Pitch and Shift control

This may change the speed of your turntable so as to correct the pitch. If you choose to get a turntable with pitch control, a pitch shifting vary that is higher is best, naturally, as you've got a lot of space for correction (and to play with).

Torque Power

If you intend on doing any scratching, a higher force is better than lower. This means that the turntable will recover its speed very quickly once when stops or if you "scratched" the vinyl while it's spinning.

Quartz Lock

Again this primarily refers to direct-drive turntables. Quartz lock/drive technologies enable record players to lock their time very accurately. The quartz lock feature on direct-drive players is there to maintain a stable, constant speed for platter rotation.

Do I need a phono preamp?

A phono preamp also called a phono stage, is an audio component which amplifies the signal from your record player to a level that permits you to connect it to your audio system the same way you'd with any other audio source.

Here's wherever things begin to get technical. Some turntables don't go with a phono preamp (aka phono stage), that is required for record playback, therefore check if the turntable you are about to purchase has one. A phono preamp brings the amount level of a record up to a typical created by the Recording Business Association of America.

Most beginner turntables can feature an inbuilt preamp for convenience, however, hardcore audiophile turntables are without it. Our advice is that you'll need to settle on a record player without a preamp thus you'll be able to upgrade afterward.

Manual vs. Automatic:

A manual needs a lot of involvement by the user than an automatic player. The manual turntable requires the user to raise the tonearm and place it on the spinning vinyl whereas the automated player requires the user to hit a button. The automated turntable is best fitted to those that are new in world of spinning records.


After these considerations, it is assumed that you are now informed well enough for the best buy. Remember you are out for durability and top quality standard. Besides quality, if you want the best in your productions, you would have to go for a turntable with a motor that is stable enough to prevent vibrations and resonance.

The wide range of quality options out there makes it a bit difficult to say which is best. What is best for you is dependent, primarily, on the purpose for which it is acquired. So, you would want to consider the purpose of the deck as well as your mixing style before you decide what to buy.

Ask yourself the question ‘How much am I willing to invest in my music career?’ A sincere answer to this critical question would give you a clue on the most suitable turntable for your budget. So, do well to define what you seek from a turntable before you invest in it. This will help you make the best decision for your sampling turntable.