How To Craft A Mallet For Toddler Drum Set

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Are you looking for homemade crafts for kids? Here is a little guide to how to felt a mallet, as they are very important utilities for hand drums. As you dig deeper and deeper into the world of drumming, you can’t get a big enough variety of mallets, because every sort sounds different. It truly makes sense Read More »

How to Play the Buffalo Drum

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White Remo drum with mallet near it

Although you can learn to play this awesome instrument autodidactically, I want to give you some useful ideas of how to play the Buffalo Drum. If you are looking for immediate drumming success, and you want to learn to play the easiest kind of instrument, your choose of the Buffalo Drum is perfect. As said, it is easy to learn, music will Read More »

Ho To Tune a Drum - Expert RoundUp

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General Drum Tunning It seems a common question that comes up with beginners to seasoned players as well is the topic of proper drum tuning. The first thing to consider is; what type of sound are you looking for, what are you trying to achieve with your drums? This should always be re-evaluated every time Read More »

How To Kill Noise | Kids and Drums

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a boy behind a drum set

There is no getting around it: drums are loud instruments, especially when kids play them. So how do you deal with the common issue of how to kill the noise, without having to abandon the sound of your drums? Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make the circumstances more acceptable for everyone in Read More »

Drum Miking [The Definitive Guide]

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Drum miking or micing drums, whatever you prefer, is largely spending time experimenting with different microphones and varying their distance and placement from the drums. While this can be time consuming, there are many tried and true techniques to get the best recording or live sound out of your set. There are 2 main methods to Read More »

What is Making Music About | For Parents and Kids

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You may be new to learning an instrument or to singing, and you ask yourself, “What is making music about?” “What do I need to start off with and how do I get good at it?” In this post I am going to give you tips and advises, which can be implemented in your kid music Read More »

Reading Drum Music | Trust Me It's Easy!

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How to read drum sheet music

Introduction Drum music is typically written in Bass Clef. However with drums, you don't need to worry about key signatures so it doesn't really matter. You may ask ''So is it hard to read drum music?'' and I will answer you - Hell no! There is standard method for writing out drum notations. However, drum charts Read More »

Drum Tuning - How To Get a Perfect Sound

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drum tuning

This article is divided into 5 sections: 12 Short Tips What Music Do You Play? Getting The Head "In Tune" Top/Bottom Head Relation Tuning The Bass Drum Tuning The Snare Drum Before you can start banging on your custom drum set, you need to set it up first, so without further ado. Here’s how you Read More »

Drum with Kids Using Floor Drums

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Although there is no universal formula of how to drum with kids, here are some suggestions that help you get rolling. Drumming together with your kid deepens your relationship, makes fun, develops your rhythmic sense, your rough and fine motor behavior, your sensibility of movement and feeling, and the strengthened networking between your cerebral hemispheres.All Read More »

How To Build Cajon Drum

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Blueprint on how to build a cajon

Used traditionally in South America for the rumba or samba music, the sound that emanates from a cajon is as unique as its fabrication. If you want to build a good cajon drum here are a few general tips to help you get started on your project. This is by no means meant to be Read More »