Alesis DM10 Review. Is it That Good

Posted in Drums | Last Updated on May 1, 2020

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Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Professional Six-Piece Electronic Drum Set - quite long name 🙂

If you are looking for an electronic drum set that sounds perfect for live settings and studio environments as well, then you might want to check out the DM10. It is a product of extensive research and development. I bet that this review will help you in decision.

Probably one of the key features that puts an edge to the Alesis DM10 and makes it way more advance than electronic drum sets along its price range is its new drum sound module. Perfected by the sonic geniuses behind Alesis, this innovative drum-sound module allows you to load fresh sets of sounds and beats through a USB interface.

How about the sound quality, you ask?

Thanks to its powerhouse partnership with FXpansion, Alesis nailed the DM10′s sound right. In fact, Alesis DM10 will leave you stoked with its mind-blowing sound-quality that would make the competition sound like a garage band drum ensemble.

DM10 - The Ultimate Electronic Drum kit

Certainly, your first impression upon setting eyes on this baby is the modules quality par excellence. So what does the Alesis DM10 offer to all you skinbashers out there? A lot. However, it is best to focus on the superb sound quality of the DM10 first. Composed of sick beats and killer drum sound samples, the set will definitely inspire you to be more creative in making music.

It offers true cymbal, percussion, and drum sounds that are meticulously patterned after original samples culled from classic prized cymbals and studio drum sounds. Even purist drummers will dig the DM10 because it perfectly captures the majority of the most sought-after signature drum sounds of professional studio drummers. Music producers who are looking for a vast archive of international drum and percussion sounds will also appreciate a wide array of Canadian, American, Turkish, and Chinese cymbal samples.

Those who are into electronic music, on the other hand, will be wowed with the drum machine sound collection offered by the DM10. From vintage Kraftwerk-inspired beats to 80s reverb-laden thumps, the sound module of the DM10 will definitely make you jump for joy.

Killer Drum Sound Samples of the Alesis DM10

If you have keen ears, you will definitely notice that the individual sound that the set produces is actually an amalgam of assorted sonic samples. Every multiple dynamic-level drum sample as well as articulation is built in. This means that the timbre and volume of the drum and cymbal sounds will be altered based on the way you play. The harder you play, the louder and more varied the timbre becomes. This dynamic sound realism is a proprietary feature of DM10.

Through this engineered sound production realism, it gives you all the freedom you need in articulating that drum and cymbal sound that has been playing in your head for some time now. With or without reverb, you can enjoy perfecting your rim clicks, rim shots, and various cymbal sound pallets as well.

Why don't you take a look of the video below and see for yourself.

An Innovation in Electronic Drum Technology

Getting an DM10 set is like being a part of a whole sound revolution since it is definitely the first, and probably, as of this point, the only drum-sound module in the world. With its impressive collection of drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds, you will have no problem creating a custom live and studio drum sound that would fit your style and purpose.

And if you are planning to take or import your custom drum sound on other computers, you can easily do so by using the USB connection interface module. Through the USB interface, you can also load fresh sound samples from other sources. This will make sure that your drum sound will always stay updated not to mention fresh and extremely cutting edge.

An Excellent MIDI Interface Trigger

Aside from these key features of set, you can also use this device as a highly efficient trigger to MIDI interface. This is perfect if you want to track using software drum modules such as Toontrack, Reason, and even BFD. With the ergonomic design of the DM10, you will have no issues in terms of handling it. DM10 Professional Set is also built like a tank. It can endure many years of torture since it is heavy duty. Apart from this, it can also accommodate various drummer preferences.

It is highly adjustable so that you can arrange it to fit your own drumming comfort zone. Below are the key features of the DM10:

alesis dm10 review

Main Features

  • High-definition drum sound-module12 trigger inputs with mixer
  • Dual zone real mylar-head drum pads
  • Real 10-inch snare and four 8-inch toms
  • High quality hi-hat, triple-zone ride, and two crashes
  • Aluminum compact
  • Stealth Rack

Excellent quality drum and cymbal uncompressed sound sample library


Despite the amazing features of this electronic drum set, still no device could ever equal the feel and the nuances of using an acoustic drum set. Aside from this, drummers who have been used to the warmth of a real drum set found the digitized sound of the Alesis DM10 a bit dry-sounding. Even if you're using digital reverb, keener ears will still notice the artificiality of the effects.


However, if the best electronic drum sound is your cup of tea, you will no doubt appreciate this electronic drum set from Alesis. If you are interested in getting one, you might as well check out Amazon.


May be it's time to take your drum skills to a whole new level. There is no doubt that the DM10 Professional Set is currently at the summit when it comes to producing high-quality electronic drums. With this model, the company has once again raised the bar of modern electronic drum sets. In fact, it would definitely take some time before rival companies get close to the standard that Alesis has just set. If you want to put more edge on your playing, in or outside the studio, the DM10 is without a doubt the right tool for you.