6 Best Drumsticks for Kids. Colorful, Durable and Light

Posted in Gear | Last Updated on October 18, 2019

kid drum player holding a pair of drum sticks

Are you looking for drumsticks to go with your kids' beginner drum set? Do you wish to get a drummer kid a birthday present? There are drum sticks that are perfect for them. Generally, drumsticks are usually the last consideration when buying drums and accessories. Because they're often an afterthought, most people end up buying unsuitable drumsticks, especially when picking them out for kids.

There are some sticks that are specially made for kids, and there are others that just happen to work well for children and teens because of their qualities. Our guide brings you the 5 best drumsticks that your kids will love and why they're the best.

Vic Firth Kidsticks

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Vic Firth Kid sticks are specially made for younger drums players between ages 3 and 8. They are 13 inches long, shorter than the average professional drumsticks size and also lighter, weighing just 2.08 ounces. However, the weight distribution is quite good, which makes these sticks a good starting point for kids learning to play the drums. They are perfect for playing on electronic drums.

They come in blue and pink colors, which make them extra attractive to kids. The slight issue here is that there's no regular drumstick color, it's just pink and blue. I mention this because even though the paint used is non-toxic, some people may be put off by the smell. This is why a non-painted option would be fine too. Even some kids may prefer that to blue or pink.

The length and weight also make them a good option for adult practice. Sure, they're not the right length or size, but at that length, you can easily practice your strokes with your drum pad on your laps while watching TV. This way, you won't even need to move your elbows all the way back because the sticks are pretty short.

Antner - 3 Pairs Maple Wood Drumsticks 7A

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These Antler sticks are standard size, even though they're made for beginners, both young and old. It's 15.6" long and 0.55" thick. The package comes with 3 pairs, so you don't have to worry about placing another order for a long time. The pairs only come in the natural wooden finish; nothing too fancy. The tips are made of the same wood as the rest of the stick. Even though they're light, the wooden tips give these sticks a warmer and quieter sound, especially when they hit the cymbals.

Because of their weight, they can also be useful for performing drummers who play very gentle music, especially when you need that type of sound between a brush stroke and a regular stick hit.

A velvet bag comes with the sticks so you can store them in it. The bag will keep you from launching a search party every time they want to drum.

ProMark - JuniorĀ (TXJRW)

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They are light weighted and small in size, and this is making them perfect for kids between ages 4 and 6. They are short 7A and 13 inches long, which makes them very suitable even for toddlers.

During our drum lessons, we never found a kid who is complaining about their weight. As you may know, if particular sticks are heavy, this will reflect on the wrists of the player, and kids especially are very vocal about it.

The tip is well designed, providing quite a controlled rebound. They have a nice finish and are pretty durable.

ROSENICE - 7A Maple Drum Sticks

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Maple wood, 7a design, wood tip, multicolor, package has 5 pairs, 15.6 x 2 x 0.4

These Rosenice sticks are a set of lightweight 7A drumsticks that are good for beginner drummers and kids. The package contains 5 pairs with different colors. Even though they're lightweight, they have the regular 7A standard length. They're 15.6" long and 2" thick. With these dimensions, they may be better suited for older kids and teenagers than 3-5 year olds.

The tip is wooden, giving well-rounded sound on the drum surfaces and cymbals. The colors in the sticks are only at the base area, where the drummer grips. The rest of the length is pure wooden finish. This means that the colors can't give so much showmanship finesse, because no one will see it since it's the part you're holding.

Of course, they are made from maple wood, but it's not the hard type. They're made from soft maple. This means that they generally won't take the beating that hard maple sticks will endure.


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These Kasemi sticks are 16 inches long, standard 5A length. They're available in four colors, but it's also important to note that the sticks are not just all glitz and glam. They are well weighted and are made to provide premium satisfaction for both the beginner and advanced drummers.

The reason they are considered suitable for kids is the weight. They're quite light and are therefore considered good enough for kids to handle. However, the length may make them not suitable for younger kids and those with smaller hands.

While these Kasemi drumsticks are good for even advanced drummers, more aggressive drummers may find it a little fragile. This is more likely to be experienced while playing certain genres or styles. If you're playing style requires hard-hitting spells, then this may not be a perfect fit for you. Having said that, you may still go for it, since it's five pairs in the pack. By the time the show's over, you may have run through 3 or 4 pairs.

Pocket Stix - 11" 5A

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Pocket stix is one brand of drumsticks that is aptly named because they come in a size that can practically fit into your pocket. They're just 11" long. If you need drumsticks for your toddler, then this is the one to go for. Your kids will be excited by them because of the attractive color options available.

You can choose from the alien green, bebop blue, wild purple, passion pink, cool coral, and jedi black. If you showed your kid all these colors before buying, you would probably need to buy everything, because they might have a hard time picking. I also really like the fact that they've added the maple color option for people who just want the 11" sticks with none of the color frills. This is good for more mature drummers that have smaller hands.

If you're using them for drum pads, you'll have a smooth ride. But with drums, the paint tends to smear on the drum rims after some time, while leaving marks on the sticks.

Drum Stick Buying Guide

Stick Lettering Guide

Through the article, you may have seen mentions of 5A, 7A, and the likes. It's the drumstick lettering system. You can have 5A, 2B, or 5B sticks. Both the letter and the number have distinct meanings.

The letter stands for the genre or type of music the stick was intended for. A means orchestra, which explains why they're usually light. "B" means Band, "S" stands for street. The number is used to indicate the thickness of the stick. The lower the number, the thicker the stick. This means that a 2 stick will be thicker than a 7 stick.

So, a 7A stick will be light and narrow while a 2S stick is expected to be thick and heavy.


The material used in making the stick also matters a lot. The most common are hickory, oak, and maple. Maple is the lightest of all the materials, which explains why most of our choices for child-friendly sticks are made of maple wood. Hickory is the next in line, slightly denser than maple, and has some shock-absorbing qualities. Oak is the heaviest of all. Most drummers prefer it because it is usually more durable than other materials.