The 4 Best Drum Recording Interface | 2018 Reviews & Buying Guide

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What We Looked For In Our Reviews Before Making The Top Picks? Since we are well aware of all the problems that a drummer can find while recording his performance, we have decided to help you in selecting the recording interface. After selecting a drum set, drum heads, hardware, cymbals, sticks, microphones, we've come to Read More »

The 5 Best Bass Drum Microphones | Reviews 2018

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5 different models of microphones suitable for bass drum

It's very important that you have a good drum microphone, your bass drum plays an important role in your overall sound. We know it's not easy, from too many products by many manufacturers to choose the right product. If your snare drum sounds fantastic, you may have the most excellent overhead microphones, the amazing sound Read More »

Best 10 Inch Guitar Speakers - 2018 Reviews

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So you're thinking about replacing the speakers in your guitar amp? Yes, you can upgrade or change it at any point. Therefore, no matter if you've got a combo or stack there are modifications you'll be able to make to get your sound. Eminence, Celestion, and Jensen are the 3 main speaker builders in the Read More »

The Best 5 In Ear Monitors For Drummers | Reviews 2018

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a drummer on a stage, wearing best in ear monitors

Personal monitors are a really practical answer to a typical set of issues in live performance. Typically, every musician is supplied with a monitor mix, allowing them to listen to themselves (and the rest of the band) while playing. The problem with this kind of monitoring is that the monitor speakers (also known as floor wedges) and acoustic sounds from near instruments like drums interfere with each other, leading to volume wars between musicians. As a result, on-stage volumes will become dangerously loud, and also the threat of feedback is considerably enhanced. Read More »

The Best Overhead Drum Mics on the Market | Reviews 2018

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picture of the best over head drum mics

Drums, drums, drums… Most audio engineers will probably say that it is one of the most complicated instrument to mike. What works on the bass drum will not be ideal for the snare, toms or cymbals if you want it to sound good. Depending on the style of the music and the player, you need Read More »