Peace Drums - Review 2016

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Peace drums is a division of Peace Best Music Co., Ltd. They offer a wide range of musical instruments like drums, marching percussion, latin percussion instruments and saxophones. They are based out of Taipei, Taiwan.

Additional wraps and lacquer finishes for many of the kits are available upon request for a small fee of course.


Peace has been around since the 80's making musical instrument parts for other companies. In 1998, they started using their own components to come out with their own line of drums for a fraction of the cost of those they were supplying parts for.

Keep in mind that the prices listed here are just a general ball park. Each retailer's price may vary to some degree due to promotions, or sales, or whatever. Today it's a common practice to sell "Shell packs", meaning that no hardware is included. These, obviously, can be found for less than an entire kit with hardware and goodies included.

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The Peace drums Echoplasma series are seamless acrylic drums with black nickel hardware. The toms are mounted by hardware that attaches to the top hoops so the shells are not drilled through.


A typical 5 piece Echoplasma series set costs around $ 3,100.00

The set comes in 3 finishes:Phantom Black, Chimera Breath and Demon Wine

Peace Echoplasma Review

The snare has a nice crisp attack with a great tone and doesn't over-resonate. The bass drum is very punchy with plenty of low end. The toms have a really nice controlled tone and resonance. Even the floor tom is very controlled. This is a great sounding kit.
The Peace drums Genesis series is an all inclusive entry level kit made from all Mahogany shells.

The snare drum is made with 9 plies and the toms are made with 6. The black hoops are made from a composite material. The black hardware is double braced from the Ravenplate series. A claw style snare stand, chain driven bass drum pedal, and boom cymbal stand come included as well.

The Genesis

comes in 2 standard configurations. The Rock Set and the Jazz Set.

The Genesis Rock set comes with a 22" x 16" bass drum, 10" x 8" & 12" x 9" rack toms, a 16" x 16" floor tom, and a matching 14" x 5 1/2" snare.

The Genesis Jazz set comes with a 20" x 16" bass drum, 8" x 7" & 10" x 8" rack toms, a 14" x 14" floor tom, and a matching 14" x 5 1/2" snare.


The Genesis series 5 piece Rock and Jazz sets both cost around $ 500.00

The Peace Genesis comes in Black

The Peace drums Kahuna

series uses 9 plies of bubinga wood all the way through to the lacquer finish. The lugs can be off set to stagger the tuning a bit.

Kahuna drum set

The Peace Kahuna comes standard in 6 finishes: Nut Brown, Coffee Brown, Cream Ale Newcastle, Brown Gothic, Red Tobacco, Burst Lacquer

Kahuna Review

The snare drum is very bright with real crisp attack and great tone. The toms have a really great controlled tone and project very well. The bass drum gives a pretty good punch with plenty of low end tone. Overall, a really nice sounding kit.

Paragon series

is made from 9 plies of Canadian maple. They are available in a wide range of sizes to custom build your own kit.

The Paragon series uses the LIFTS (Lug Integrated Floating Tom Suspension) so the shells don't have to be drilled. They are also fitted with micro tube lugs.


The Peace Paragon comes in 7 standard finishes: WhiteUV, Sparkle, Quartz, Raspberry, Sherbet Lime, Sorbet Tangerine and Fireball Sparkle

The snare drum has a very crisp attack to it and great tone. It does not over resonate. The bass drum has a real nice punch to it and is very clean with plenty of low tone. The toms have a very controlled tone and resonate nicely with no over ringing. This kit sounds really nice !

DNA series Chrome

is made with 9 plies of Canadian maple. The ball and socket tom mounts make set up really easy. DNA stands for Dynamic Nuero-Audiology). The shell edges are cut to 45 degrees.


There is also a DNA series Ravenplate series available which comes in black hardware.

DNA series Chrome comes in several finishes including: Black Castle and Sanskrit

The snare drum has a crisp attack with really nice tone. The bass drum gives you a nice solid punch with plenty of low end. It's not boomy or cheap sounding. The toms have great clarity and tone with controlled resonance. This kit sounds like others almost twice it's price. Very nice sounding.

Chromadose series

are made with 9 plies of birch. They are designed to have a high end appearance while still bringing out the warm tones and projection that birch provides.


The set comes in 5 standard lacquer finishes: Frozen Ocean, Iceberg, Seizmic Zebra, Spun Metal, Root, Beer and Candy

Adonis series

is a step up from your entry level kits. It comes with black hardware and is made with 9 plies of Mahogany and come with duotone low mass tuning lugs. The toms are suspended by a double tom mount stemming from the bass drum.


The Peace Adonis comes in 5 standard finishes: Black Mirror, Apple Green, Metallic Yellow and Opticallusion

X3 series

is made with 9 plies of maple. Designed for jazz, the bass drum is 16"x 18".


The Peace X3 comes in 4 standard finishes: Strawberry Fields, Iceburn Sparkle, Aqua Marine and Emerald Burst Black

The toms have more of a fat resonance due to their smaller dimensions but for a jazz set that is typical. The bass drum gives a small punch for its diameter but gives you more boom for that classic jazz sound. The snare is very bright with a crisp attack and good resonance. For jazz applications, this is a great kit.

Onyx series

are made with a 9 ply Maple/Mahogany wood combination. The first floor tom is suspended from a cymbal stand for better projection. The Onyx also uses the duo tone low mass tuning lugs.


onyx series

The Peace Onyx comes in 6 standard lacquer finishes: Natural Blue, Honey Gold, Wine Red, Antique Tobacco (Satin), Morbid Cherry and Sparkle

Peace Onyx Review

The bass drum gives has a nice punch to it with some good low end but not the deepest. The snare has a nice tone and resonance but the attack is quite as crisp as others, but still very nice. The toms have good clarity and tone but have a hint of bomminess to them. Overall, its a pretty nice kit.

Terra R-A-X series

are made with a 9 ply Maple/Mahogany wood combination. This set up uses a rack system to mount the toms from.

terra r-a-x series

The Peace Terra R-A-X comes in 4 standard finishes: Black,Wine Red, Bronze Star and Arctic Blue

The bass drum gives a pretty nice punch with some good low end. The snare has a nice tone and resonance to it but the attack is not as crisp as others, but still very nice sounding. The toms have good clarity and tone but have a hint of boominess to them. All in all, not a bad sounding kit for the money.

The Peace Spectrum

series are made with a 9 ply Maple/Mahogany wood combination. The lugs are off set from the top and bottom heads to stagger the tuning. This series is outfitted with black lugs and hoops.


The Peace Spectrum comes in 3 standard finishes: Pink, Spun Metal and Arctic Blue.

Demolition series

is made with 9 plies of Mahogany. It uses the Ravenplate black lugs and rims. It comes with the heavier 690 series hardware.


There is also a Demolition Max series available which uses a 24" bass drum and 12", 14" and 16" toms.

The set comes in 4 standard finishes: Black, Wine Red, Metallic Yellow and Mirror

Elevation series

is a mid level kit made with 9 plies of Mahogany, even the snare. The rack toms are a bit more shallow and are mounted differently to do away with mounted tom brackets. The Elevation series is similar to the Demolition series only with chrome hardware.


It comes in 5 standard wrap finishes: Black, Wine Red, Fuchsia, Bronze Star and Arctic Blue

Neorebel series

is made with 9 plies of Mahogany. The hardware is made with bright colors to really stand out.


The Peace Neorebel comes in Black or Snow White with 5 hardware finishes: Black, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Camouflage kit

is designed to practice without annoying the people in the apartments around you. They are outfitted with silent mesh heads. When its time to take the stage, you just switch out the mesh with real heads. The toms and bass are very shallow and the toms have no bottom heads making them very easy to transport.


The Peace Camouflage comes in Black and Purlple

Manhattan kit

takes the cocktail kit to a new level. By having 2 concentric drums, you have an individual bass and snare drum as well as a tom. (A sound off pad is included to maximize clarity between the snare and bass). The Manhattan Stage II kit has 2 toms.

The bass drum measures 18" x 14". The matching tom is 10" x 5". Two accessory arms are included for hi-hat, cowbell, splash, or other types of cymbals.

manhatten kit in blue

The Manhattan series comes in 8 standard finishes: Navy Blue, Black Tangerine, Sparkle, Metallic Blue, Wine Red, Apple green, Mirror and Arctic Blue. Available wraps or custom finishes are available upon request.

The snare is very bright with an extremely crisp attack and rings out loud. The "bass" drum gives a nice punch and gives a lot of low end tone given its diameter but still is no match for a real size bass drum. The toms have nice controlled tone given the fewer tuning lugs. In a jazz club type atmosphere, this kit will serve you well.

Bantam kit

is a compact, easy to transport kit with very shallow shells containing no bottom heads (other than the snare of course).

The Peace Bantam comes with 10" x 4 1/2" and 13" x 4 1/2" rack toms, a 16" x 5 1/2" floor tom, a 22" x 6" bass drum, and a 16" x 3 1/2 wooden snare.

Also included are 2 cymbal boom stands, a snare stand, a hi-hat stand, 3 tom holders, and a bass drum pedal.

Cymbals and carrying case are NOT included.


The Peace Bantam comes in a red finish

Spider kit

is a junior kit with a lot of full kit features. The 20" x 16" bass drum has several boom arms extending out. One leads to a 12" x 5" snare, one to a 10" x 7" rack tom (Which the double holder also holds a crash cymbal on a separate boom). The last boom arm holds a 12" x 8" floor tom.

A hi-hat stand and peace bass drum pedal are included. The cymbals are not included.


The Spider kit comes in several finishes including Metallic Blue

Peace Drums Classic series

is an inexpensive compact 4 piece beginner kit to break into the drum market easier. The classic series features an 18" x 14" bass drum, a 12" x 8" rack tom, a 14" x 14" floor tom and a 14" x 5 1/2" snare. It comes complete with a bass drum pedal, hi-hat, and snare stand.


The Classic series comes in 3 finishes: Black, Apple Green and Idaho Sparkle

The Peace Classic makes a pretty good jazz kit. The snare is very crisp with a good tone. The bass drum is a bit boomy for its size. The toms are pretty controlled at higher volumes but tend to sound boomy with lighter hits. Of course in jazz, that's not really an issue.
Famous drummers who use Peace drums include: (just to name 1 or 2...) Joey Scott of Lizzy Borden Bio, Jay Westman of the Matadors

Peace drums are high quality kits. Keep in mind, they used to make parts for other drum manufacturers. So in essence, you're just cutting out the middle man and the brand name to get the same product at a cheaper price.

They also offer a wide range of junior kits, octobans, cocktail drums, and assorted hardware.