Best Pelican Case Alternatives. 9 Suitable Choices!

Posted in Misc | Last Updated on September 25, 2019

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Pelican cases are no doubt the industry standard when we’re talking about protective cases. They have acquired such a reputation over many years. Sometimes however, you may need other brands. This may be due to different reasons. It may be your budget, or you just can’t find your preferred protective case among all the pelicans you can find.

In that case, you need worthy alternatives, and this is what this article is all about.

Here are our top reviews of the top 9 Pelican case alternatives.

Gator Cases Titan Series

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Either you’re simply carrying one piece of small delicate equipment, or you’re moving your whole arsenal, Gator has you covered. This range consists of hard cases with capacities as little as 1 litre and as large as almost 150 litres. I’m pretty sure you will find a size that suits your needs within the range.

When you open the case, you’ll observe that the foam is not cut at all. It is entirely left to you to customize it to your taste. The outer part of the body is resistant to UV rays. This means that long hours of sunlight exposure will have little or no effect on Monoprice Hard Cases.

It has a water resistance rating of IP67, which means that it can survive rain. Taken an IP67 rating literally means that it can withstand submersion under 3m of water for at least 5 minutes. It would require a high level of neglect for this to happen to your equipment.


The best thing about the Gator Range is that it’s built to withstand the rigours of outdoor use. It’s both ultraviolet resistant and water-resistant; this means that the sun and rain will not have adverse effects on it. It is also inexpensive.


The only issue you may notice in the Gator cases is air leakage. The cases are not really airtight. So, if you need something that will prevent even air from entering or leaving the case, I can’t guarantee any of the Gators.

Nanuk 910 Hard Case

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Nanuk 910 is a gear carrying case that is designed to look like a briefcase. This design makes it quite handy, such that you can easily carry it around just like you would a regular briefcase. It measures 14.3” x 11.1” x 4.7”. That’s just about what you would expect for briefcase dimensions.

Nanuk has gained some reputation with their shockproofing, and they show just that with the 910 hard case. It’s well built to withstand falls and slips in a way that will not affect the items inside.

The foam inserted also helps in absorbing any impact before it reaches your precious equipment. It also has an IP67 waterproof rating. This means that if you get beaten by rain, or some water spills on it accidentally, you can be sure that your gear is safe.

You can keep all sorts of delicate equipment in this case, including your camera lenses and microphones. The Nanuk’s body is made of resin material, which is renowned for its toughness and ability to withstand abuse.


One major advantage that Nanuk 910 has over pelican cases, is its price. Nanuk 910 is quite affordable and offers excellent protection. I half expected the latches to be a weak point, but I was so wrong. The latches hold the case tightly closed and you can be sure that it won’t pop open by accident.


A drawback that this case may have is its size. It’s shaped like a briefcase, so there’s a limit to how big it can be. This obviously limits how much stuff you can carry with it.

Seahorse 920F Protective Case

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If you are in doubt of the reliability of this case, always remember that it has a lifetime warranty. I believe that giving this kind of provision for your product is a sign of total confidence. Perhaps, this is also why it’s in the premium price range.

The material that the manufacturers chose for this case contributes the most to its strength. It’s the Polypropylene Copolymer. Usually referred to simply as PPC, this material is tough, durable and rarely cracks even under stress. This is exactly what you want from your case.

Seahorse has adopted a hands-on approach with the 920F, using their very own Accuform foam. The Seahorse Accuform foam can absorb impact before it gets to the contents of the case. This foam is also adaptable to the shape of your equipment.

In terms of size, this case can contain a few pieces of equipment, but you may need to hold your boom stand in your hand if you’re carrying video gear. If some of your equipment is heavy, or you can’t carry heavy stuff for long, the 920F helps your mobility with its wheels and adjustable handle. The locks and latches on this case do their job pretty well too, holding everything secure even if you accidentally drop the bag.


The number one plus of this case is the size of the interior. You can pack a whole lot inside it, even though it may not look like it on the outside. Also, the fact that you can customize the foam to fit your unique use, make Seahorse 920F quite versatile.


Right off the bat, the one issue that I think some people may have is the price. Is it overpriced? Most definitely not: It’s value for money spent.

Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry-On Case

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If you’re travelling with equipment and you don’t want to carry too many bags, then Nanuk 935 can be a good ally. It’s not only large on the outside, but the inside is also quite roomy, measuring 20.5” x 11.3” x 7.5”. The foams inside are set up such that your equipment can fit in, even if its a little bigger than the space provided. Even at that, the foam still does its shock proofing job so well.

Apart from the foam that directly houses your stuff, there is a layer that lines the sides of the case. This layer of foam is shaped like an egg crate. It provides added protection for items in the case.

The Nanuk 935 isn’t only useful for travelling. You can store your delicate equipment in it for long periods. You can count on it to protect your gear from dust, moisture and damage. If you have any items that you want to protect from dust, simply arrange them in the 935, lock it up, and they’re good for years. Those mics or cameras that you aren’t using anymore but you also can’t do away with because you’re attached to them one way or another? Store them in The Nanuk 935. When you’re ready in 10 years, they’ll be just as clean as they were on the first day.


You can take the Nanuk 935 anywhere with you because it’s designed to comply with air travel regulations and does well at high altitude with pressure changes. Nanuk fitted the 935 with pressure equalization.


If you’re on a tight budget, then maybe this particular case is not for you. Its price is a bit on the high side.

Ibex Cases 2500

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Looking at the Ibex 2500, you get the feeling that it was made primarily with videographers in mind. The shape and orientation seem to favor them more. That being said, it can be equally useful for many other things, since the foam is not pre-cut.

The 2500 costs way less than Pelican, but that does not indicate low quality in any way. The outer shell is made of polypropylene, the second most commonly used thermoplastic polymer in the world, and for a good reason. It provides reliable protection and requires extreme conditions to make it crack.

The interior is padded with 2 wave foams and four pre-cut cube foams. This makes it easier for you to arrange your stuff. If you are a photographer or camera handler, this arrangement should suit you well.


The price of this case is quite attractive. If you always thought a pelican case is too expensive, this Ibex case is for you. It provides quality at an affordable price. You also have strong protection for your valuables, with the added dual padlock hasps.


If you’re transporting pressure-sensitive gear by air, you should avoid using this case because it has no pressure release valve.

Seahorse SE-520F Protective Case

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If you’re not carrying a lot of equipment, the SE-520F will do a good job protecting your stuff. Although this case is small, the foam inside and the thickness of its body do not take so much space.

This means that even though it’s not so big on the outside, the space inside is optimized. Outside, the protective case measures 15.27” x 12.13” x 6.69”. The thickness doesn’t take so much space, so you get something close to that for the inside space.

Seahorse uses their Accuform foam here as usual, but this time, it is not just a flat slab of foam that you can customize. The foams are arranged such that you can use them to make smaller compartments as needed.

Seahorse SE-520F is not the best-looking case, but it makes up for it in terms of ruggedness and effectiveness at keeping your stuff safe. It’s also pressurized, which means that you can carry it along while flying without any worries.


The SE-520F is quite inexpensive, but it delivers top-shelf protection for your gear. It’s also compact, so you can keep different small equipment inside and move around comfortably.


Obviously, it can’t take a lot of stuff because of its size. Also, if you’re big on aesthetics, you may not find this case to your taste.

Member's Mark Safety Box

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Member's Mark is another adequate alternative to pelican cases. It is built such that its weight and dimensions allow you to carry it along during air travel. It measures 18.06" x 12.89" x 6.72" on the inside. It may not carry all of your stuff, but it will contain your laptop and camera conveniently. This means you can put the delicate part of your gear in this case and pack the others separately.

Charcoal foam shaped like an egg crate is used to line the inside of the case, while the area that houses the content can be arranged using the remaining charcoal foam. You can cut and place the foam as you please. If you play outdoors and there's a sudden rainfall, you can pack your gear into the case, lock it up and be sure the water won't get in.

Additionally, it has a pressure valve that makes it even better for air travel. The Member's Mark is also airtight, which means dust cannot find its way in, just make sure it's well locked.


This case has almost everything you want in a pelican case alternative. It's sturdy and durable, has an interior that you can arrange to your taste, you can carry it on your flights and to top it all off, it is quite affordable. If you were in doubt of the quality of this case, it has a lifetime warranty.


While Member's Mark has so many benefits, you may not enjoy it so much if your delicate equipment is quite many, because it may not have as much space as you need.

Common Sense 5015

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Like a worthy Pelican alternative, Common Sense 5008 is built to thrive under unfavorable conditions. For a lot of video creators, performers, and photographers, a larger percentage of their equipment can easily get damaged during movement. This case provides adequate protection for your delicate gear.

Inside the case, the space that houses the content measures 29” x 21” x 11”. Of course, it’s not something you’ll carry by its handle. It has wheels for smooth movement.

Even if you’re not working, and you’re just on a trip, this case will hold all of your fragile stuff through your whole journey, no matter how bumpy the ride is.

The Common Sense Cases 5008 is closed to air and moisture once to lock the lid in place. It also has a pressure purge valve that regulates the pressure in case of any atmospheric pressure changes.

This case is practically immune to extreme environmental conditions. It’s good to go either there’s it’s cold or very hot. This is important because some delicate parts of equipment can easily get damaged in extreme environmental conditions. With this Common Sense case, your gear lives in a world of their own.


The 5008 makes your equipment immune to any adverse weather conditions. In addition to that, it has an added security; the dual padlock clasps that prevent your stuff from being stolen.


The foam inside the case is high-density type, so you may have some difficulty making your equipment fit in.

AmazonBasics Hard Camera Carrying Case

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The AmazonBasics case is what you can call a ready-made protective case. This is because the foam inside is cut into spaces already and all you have to do is place your stuff inside.

However, when you open it, you’ll get the first impression that it is made for photographers because the foam is cut to size the camera and its parts. Even if you are not a photographer or camera handler, the holes will conveniently house some of your stuff. Things like instrument pedals and headphones for musicians and DJs can still fit in perfectly.

AmazonBasics comes in three sizes, so you can make your choice depending on how much stuff you want to protect. All three sizes are fit to be taken on flights because even the largest of them is not too big or heavy for airline standards.

The pressure equalization valve does its job quite well, so don’t be afraid of taking these cases on long flights.


For a case, this strong, AmazonBasics is quite light, which makes it the right choice if you will be moving around a lot. Also, because the foam is prearranged and cut, all you need to do is put your equipment in; it makes life much easier. Last but not least, it is cheap.


Your gear may not fit into the pre-cut spaces, and this may be a problem because if they are not well fitted, the strong impact may cause them to shake or become damaged.