Yamaha DTX500K Review

Posted in Drums | Last Updated on May 1, 2020

an electronic drum set

When searching for a drum set manufacturer be sure to look over the many drum manufacturer companies that offer a wide range of percussion and electronic drum supplies. Oh but WAIT A MINUTE you came to this page because you are interested in a particular brand and model, so here we are gonna talk only about:

Yamaha - DTX500

Yamaha successively runs many different units within the musical industry. Their wide range of expertise allows them to use their combined knowledge to provide today’s extreme musical drummers with the top instruments. They also offer electric guitars, and electronic keyboards. They continue to lead the way into the future of musical expression in the world. I should say that for the protocol, not that you don't know it already.

Alright, so the DTX500 series electronic drum sets feature the updated DTX500K module with improved kits and voices, and compatibility with the XP series DTX-PADs.

This pinnacle of electronic drumming technology is fully equipped with DTX-PAD drum pads, next-generation electronic drum pads that Yamaha has designed specifically for drummers. It Feels Real, Sound Real, Plays Real. They've raised the bar for electronic drum sets. For over a decade now, the DTX series electronic drum kits have set the bar very high for quality electronic drums for both the hard-core professional drummers and the hard-core at heart.

The Yamaha DTX provides superior sound when matched with other electronic drum kit’s. Through the years they proved themselves in many occasions. The DTX500 set allow you to practice all of your favorite music without all the noise at practice time. I am are sure you will find the price benefit of these drums to fully meet your expectations. And you will enjoy the new level of music expression you are able to provide. Now let's be clear here this is not a top class set, it is simply good.

The sets provide a unique sound expression that traditional wood drum sets don’t provide. Your traditional drum set consists of a bass drum, cymbals, tom-tom’s, snares and a floor Tom. Additional international percussion instruments include the djembes and bongo drums and congas. The Yamaha DTX set is superior in many ways to traditional methods for achieving new and unique sounds that wooden drum sets cannot provide. So I can safely say that this set provides versatility.

Of course if you want something cheaper you can go with DTX450K I am sure you won't be disappointed regardless the price you will pay for it.

Let's highlight some of the features of Yamaha DTX500

  • Hi-hat pad with stand
  • 1 Kick pad
  • 1 Snare pad (can be upgraded)
  • 3 Toms
  • 2 cymbal pads (can be upgraded)
  • MIDI output
  • Wide Sound Selection
  • Metronome (you can program it), master EQ and onboard effects
  • Over 400 voices

Take a look what is going on here, enough talk 🙂


Pads - they are silent except the bass (there is a pedal after all). The set is family friendly. Overall it is very comfortable to play, it's compact. The sensors are superb. You may get a little bit confused while you setting it up. It come in 3 boxes with booklet for each module, it can take you some time.

Honestly there is nothing disturbing in the set. So I can't point any major fall back. The set is simply good!