The 5 Best Electronic Drum Amps [Reviews 2020]

Posted in Gear | Last Updated on May 1, 2020

Whether you're at a gig or simply practicing at home, a decent amplifier for your electronic drums is of great importance for your performance. the quality amp should be able to amplify all frequency sounds while keeping the music clear and crisp.

Things you have to consider before making your choice

A drum amp is simply any kind of amp that's able to power up electronic drums and other instruments. However, compared to regular amps, drum amps are a little hard to find because only a couple of amps carry over exceptional features that are meant for drums, particularly electronic drums. This is why they're slightly rare. The electronic drum amplifier should be versatile and it also could be used to power up other microphones or musical instruments. It should have plenty of ports like for mp3 players and headphones for utility and practice purposes. The good drum monitoring amp ought to have an EQ and other effects to feature beauty and clarity to your drum sounds.

It’s tempting to assume that running your e-drums through a spare guitar or bass amp can save you money, however, it’ll sound terrible.

For the most effective tone, you must use an amplifier designed to for drums. However keep in mind that some keyboard amps have versatile connectivity, which means they’ll deliver the goods for electronic drums and different electronic gear too. If you’re holding low-keyed jam sessions at home or teaching students in a very quiet surrounding, then a personal drum monitor may suit you.

If you would like a much better setup, with dynamic stereo sound, try a higher electrical power model with speakers and a dedicated subwoofer for low frequencies. If you’re a drummer on the move, you’ll need an amp that’s transportable and powerful, while if you have got a gigging band, a high-quality set of active stereo PA speakers might be the perfect option. In any case, keep in mind that frequency varies is more crucial than volume.

Some of the best e-drum monitors have live-friendly features like anti-feedback technology, slanted cabinets that focus your sound onstage, and battery-power option to allow you to, for example, perform on the street. Alternative amps embrace effects like reverb and delay or provide a multiband EQ to fine-tune your sound. Many allow you to attach to a CD/MP3 player and jam along with your favorite songs, or perhaps connect a percussion pad to supercharge your performance. Basically, each active speaker may serve you as a monitor. However some of them you'll not be able to place at an angle that suits you and this is just one of the many shortcomings.

And because of that, we will introduce you to the best amplifiers made especially for drums.

Behringer Ultratone KT108

Editor's badge - budget choice

A compact, budget, model launched by Behringer, the Ultratone KT 108 is 20 W amplifier that is created for electronic drums. With 2 channels and an 8-inch twin cone BUGERA speaker, it's excellent for a close, intimate gigs, practice or the studio. The three-band equalizer provides superb and seamless sound shaping and manipulation. The VTC (Virtual Tube Circuitry) is also an excellent addition, imitating warm, vintage, tube sounds.

It works quite well with low tones, however, the quality drops steadily as the note rises. Featuring 2 separate controllers for each the channels, the Ultratone KT 108 provides enough options for the proper sound. Equipped with a CD player, the user can even play songs and music to practice.

A headphone jack provides noise management for the environment. Weighing around 10 pounds, the KT 108 is tiny in size and excellent for transportation. A metal jacket is used to guard all the components within the wood box, thus it will give security and a decent feel at the same time.

Finally, the Behringer KT 108 is an inexpensive drum monitor for players with a budget. The VTC and seamless management of sound create it notably good for the amateurs. Coming in an efficient package, it's nearly the perfect electronic drum amplifier for your drum kit.

  • Affordable
  • Vintage tube sound
  • Headphone jack and CD Input
  • Lightweight
  • Two different channels

  • Not loud enough for a big room
  • Not good with high-frequency sounds

Coolmusic DK-35 35watts

Another budget choice for the best drum amp is the Coolmusic DK-35 40 W. It's made and designed to be an e-drum amplifier, but, may also do a job for keyboards, guitars, and different instruments.

Compared to our previous review, this one consumes 40 watts of power. It has a 2-channel configuration in its cabinet which is very similar to all speakers and monitors out there. Therefore the coaxial speakers are 10 inches in its diameter and might deliver you the most powerful sounds possible. The elegant yet easy design makes this drum amp very engaging in its build and hassle-free to maneuver around.

There's additionally unique reverb control for this amp. With that, you can easily regulate the amount of reverb. So you'll be able to achieve reverberant sound while not getting it too muddy. You will be able to also listen in private to your drum sounds (chosen instrument) or tunes using the inbuilt headphone socket so you do not disturb the neighbors while playing. There's additionally a DI output, therefore, you'll be able to use it for recording or PA systems.

In contrast to the EQ of our other picks, this one has only two bands but can give amounts of adjustability for the deep bass as well as the bright snare drum sound. The cymbals, toms also as the hi-hats, can sound crisp and clear with this amazing amplifier for drums. And also, drop resistance is incredibly good due to the method the cabinet has been shaped and designed. There's also some way to listen to instrumentals or backing tracks using the CD or mp3 jack so you know a way to follow the rhythm and practice smoothly.

The bass works at 60Hz at 15 dB while the treble works at 15 dB at 10 Hz. The microphone port has an input impedance of 2k and also the line in has an input impedance of 10k. It's rated to be used on 110 volts AC at 50 Hz / 60 Hz, however, you'll be able to use a converter for 220 volts system. Its rated power is 40 watts RMS into 4 ohms and its general power consumption is 50 watts. With dimensions of 15 by 17 inches, it's very handy to carry around and bring excellent high driven music to your ears.

If you just need to practice at home or in a very little to medium sized room then this drum amp could be a great solution to your issues.

  • Simple elegant design
  • Two channels

  • Can't handle bass frequencies

Ddrum - DDA50 50W

Editor's choice best pick badge

The top drum amp recommendation for many critics is that the Ddrum DDA50. It provides high-quality sound at a reasonable value. Being remarkably realistic in sound, it provides a finely polished and clean output of the music. It provides the foremost range of options of all the amplifiers reviewed here. It helps you to modify many aspects of your music with the help of a regular set of controls. Frequency, bass, and tone are simply a couple of the choices available. The Ddrum DDA50 comes with a 10-inch subwoofer and an adjacent a pair of.5-inch speaker unit.

It's XLR line out, three stereo ¼” inputs and a ¼” stereo output. MP3 and headphone jacks are the other modes of input and output severally within the drum and might be used to play music silently. The amp is especially great for handling the extremely transient nature of electronic drums with relative ease while ensuring the sound quality stays an equivalent. The three-band equalizer is often used to modify treble, mid, and bass. a versatile model, the Ddrum DDA50 is moderately significant. Transportation is created straightforward with its handy style, while a metal grille protects the speakers.

Overall, the Ddrum DDA50 is one of the most effective electronic drum amplifiers on the market. It comes at an excellent value and is ideal for both amateurs and professionals.

  • Great value for the price
  • Ideal Drum Amp for Gigs
  • Headphone jack

  • Expensive

Roland PM-100V Drums Personal Monitor

The Roland PM-10 Personal Monitor amplifier features a coaxial speaker that is two-way in its design and measures a typical 10 inches across in its diameter. Despite the tiny build, it's a really sensible drum amp and drum monitor for your personal use or for an acoustic live session.

Definitely, you'll be able to use it for electronic drums like the V-drums because of its input ports for such drums. It consumes 30 W of power despite its tiny build. Therefore you'll get pleasure from power on the go while not having to bring large drum sets. You also get a large number of inputs to attach different instruments and audio gear with so you'll use it for the studio recording as well or with vocals and microphones. You'll be able to undoubtedly use it on the road because of its giant handle.

There's also a mixture input for a range of instruments and audio sources out there. Its EQ has 2 bands that have simple functions of tweaking your drum amp’s sounds. You can, also, connect any mp3 player or CD player to the line in jack so you'll be able to hear your favorite backing track and jam on and practice playing the drums. It's also very compact therefore it may be used at home or in any little area or venue and it's twin voltage such it may be used for 120 volts and 240 volts. It may be also used for keyboards and guitars aside from V-drums.

  • 80w
  • Integrated mixer with independent volume controls and global EQ
  • Angled design

  • Not cheap

Kustom KDA100 100W Drum Amplifier, 1x10"

The Kustom Amps KDA100 Electronic Drum amplifier is a really nice drum amp with a headphone input. This drum amp is extremely useful in a very ton of situations. However, you may also use it for home practice with your electronic drums. This e-drum amp consumes 100 W of power which isn’t like most traditional drum amps out there. It’s much stronger. It has an input slot for the headphones so you'll be able to practice your drum skills while not the excessive worry that you just would possibly disturb the neighbors when you play your instrument.

There's also an audio and mp3 input slot so you'll be able to connect your favorite music player. That option allows you to play a backing track and begin practicing virtually any song or tune you prefer. You'll be able to also use it for gigs and much away events because it's very reliable on the road due to its unmatched quality. It is significant duty build which will not take its toll on the weight and also the performance on the large stage.

This drum amp was created and designed for drummers and instrumentalists with nice producing experience in its hands and it's quite loud that it doesn't allow you to hear the stick sounds. That is very important for any drummer once he performs. It's also very straightforward to set up because of its simple components and controls and it can even be used with the iPhone using connectors.

You'll be able to get rich, full tones of your drum, and music coming back from this top quality amp. It also includes a ton of features like a regular EQ. Like the most drum amps thus you'll be able to tone down your music to your best-suited preferences. So, you'll be at your best while acting on stage or recording beats at home or in the studio.

  • 100w
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Aux In and Headphone Jack for personal practice,

  • N/A


Whether you are a professional or just starting out with the drums, one of these amps will definitely work for you. But before you go shopping, you need to know what to look for in a quality drum amp. Meaning, you of all people know best what your goals and needs are. The last piece of advice we can give you is to think in advance and accept such purchase as an investment. We hope that we helped you a bit.