The Best Drumming Shoes | Reviews 2018

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There are many varieties of shoes that are comfortable to wear when playing drums. Most drummers need footwear that provides them some additional power without interrupting the foot's natural motion. There are several techniques for playing the bass drum. Most popular are heel up, heel down, heel-toe, slide etc. The heel-toe technique has been around for quite a while, however only recently has it become extremely popular among the drummers. This can be a good technique for playing fast double strokes. The slide Read More »

The Best Overhead Drum Mics on the Market | Reviews 2018

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Sennheiser e602 mic

Drums, drums, drums… Most audio engineers will probably say that it is one of the most complicated instrument to mike. What works on the bass drum will not be ideal for the snare, toms or cymbals if you want it to sound good. Depending on the style of the music and the player, you need Read More »

Best Vocal Harmonizer Pedals | Review 2018

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A vocal harmonizer is what you need if you are a performer and wish to transform or tweak your voice. Today, these instruments have found wide usage in modern music and are extensively used in recording studios, live performances, and even for practice sessions in home studios. The right vocal harmonizer provides you with the Read More »

The 4 Best Cajon Bags: Review 2018

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Cajon Bag Picture

With the onset of the Cajon’s increasing popularity, comes the need to give the instrument the proper care and handling it needs to maintain its beauty. This is where the Cajon Bag and Case comes into the picture. The specially designed bag is very useful to a traveling musician since it makes transporting the instrument Read More »