Djembe Drums Overview | 5 Reason Why You Will Love It

Posted in Percussion | Last Updated on June 3, 2019

djembe drums

Some folks may not have learned about the djembe drum; it’s a percussion instrument used your hands. Not long ago I wrote an article about it's history and reviews of the drum, but now let's focus on it's charm. OK, it is basically help drum… but not simply any hands drum, it’s a djembe. This is actually is one of coolest hands drum around, for me, and let me share this short article about the reason why I love it so much.

1. Where ever there’s a djembe drum there is a party.

All of us used to have worldwide students that lived as well as worked with all of us in Scotland. There is about 6 guitarists, I’m greatest at key boards, some superb singers, along with a guy that had a djembe drum. The actual djembe was so awesome; it additional rhythm plus some beat to the jams, making the seem so much larger. Over 20 people went to Nigeria in spring as a alleviation visit for 2 months. A number of of the team came back having a djembe drum, after playing and gaining knowledge from the africa drum experts all of us spent a while with in Jo’burg. I am not joking, the actual djembe drum became a part of our team, and there had been usually somebody drumming away inside a corner having a guitarist.

2. It is portable.

You are able to take your own djembe drum with you anyplace (except marine). It hardly ever goes out associated with tuning, to help you just take it and start to experience. We’ve tried on the extender in a recreation area under a sapling, in a chapel, in a coffee shop, in a home, on the high street, on the beach, inside a subway there is no way I possibly could do this along with my violin keyboard, perhaps a guitar… but nonetheless, it’s well suited for the music performer who wants to consider his device with him or her.

3. Easy to get and study.


I started to play the djembe drum within 2003 whenever we had the group of college students living with all of us. I started by viewing my friend Paul, and also Bryan as well as Sophia. They were the very first ones within our group that played the djembe. In the beginning I was truly nervous to choose it up as well as play when i didn’t need to make a fool associated with myself. I’m musical, nevertheless, and have drawn on out an aura drum to songs for years. And so i paid near attention to my buddies and got in the guts to inquire about a quick training.

Mike demonstrated the different shades the djembe can make, and a few factors to note, he then picked up your guitar and I attempted playing together. I found which i could perform a few is better than, and as long as I did not mess up the actual timing or even try and obtain too extravagant it was alright. As period went on, I got myself my own djembe drum within South Africa at the begining of 2004 as well as haven’t appeared back. Which year, following a whole couple of us purchased a djembe in Nigeria, each person might play fifty percent decently towards the end of our tijme collectively. There’s not numerous musical devices you can state that regarding.

4. Everyone loves the way in which the djembe drums appears.

types of djembes

It’s true….lots of people I’ve had in my home has inquired about my djembe. It’s a wooden djembe drum We picked up very cheaply within South Africa in a market, also it probably requirements tuning, however it has been a actual conversation beginner. So many people happen to be itching to experience it, and that i can realise why… it nearly begs, perform me. Hehe Of course, not everybody can go to The african continent, so it’s great that there are great stores online such as Amazon, to get a djembe drum.

5. This sounds great with lots of other kinds associated with music.

We have used the actual djembe in a choral live concert. This was weird, as my spouse sings in the choral plus they needed the djembe drum for one of the pieces to make a different impact. We’ve performed it within worship periods with our chapel home team it works exellently with this. We’ve performed a show playing Scottish songs (jigs as well as reels and so on) with the djembe. Not to mention there’s conventional african songs too. I am not an expert upon african songs, but it’s easy to find a nearby drum circle in your town where you could participate in and perform together.

I’m certain there are other types of music which may work well with the actual djembe drum. I’d like to hear your own stories for those who have any.

Therefore there you go, 5 excellent reasons to obtain a djembe drum. I could continue, there are so many a few things i like relating to this musical instrument percussion. Now you ask ,, Are you interested in trying out the djembe drum your self. If so, after that pop upon over to for any great choice of djembe drums to see for yourself.