Buying A Used Drum Set: The Short Guide

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A used drum set can be perfect for those on a budget, or those looking to find a vintage drum sound that might not be in production anymore. When buying used, it's really important that we know what we're looking for. Naturally, older drums are going to have some wear and tear. Some of that Read More »

Drum Set Independence: Gaining Control Of Your Limbs

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Drum set independence is an illusion! No, really. I prefer to call it “drum set coordination” because rather than splitting your mind up, you’re teaching your limbs to works as a team. Even, if each limb is playing a different part, it’s important to view them as being a part of a coordinated whole, because Read More »

Getting A Good Drum Sound

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Getting a good sound on the drums is easier/simpler than most drummers would like to believe. There are lots of guides on buying drums, and on tuning your skins, with the goal of achieving a desirable drum sound, but I’m here to tell you that all you need is your ears and some technique to Read More »

Samba Drumming

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We've all seen the YouTube videos of some North-American trying to teach us samba drumming on the drumset. While I don't claim to be an expert in the field, I know that this is not the way to learn about samba. Samba is one of the hardest feels to replicate for pretty much any drummer, Read More »

Reggae Drumming

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Reggae drumming is one of the most unique styles of drumming. The rhythmic concept that developed in Jamaica is really something amazing. Reggae is a unique music that emphasizes almost all the possible weak beats of the bar. It can be written in a couple different ways (i.e. with pulse on quarter note, or eighth Read More »

Funk Basics

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Funk drumming is all about two things: groove and syncopation. Groove is universal, syncopation is where the funk starts. Grooving goes without saying. Every single thing you play needs to groove. Every fill, every ghost note, every accent needs to be in the pocket. That’s not just for funk. That’s for everything. Syncopation is where Read More »

Jazz Drumming

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Ignacio Berroa playing on the drums, black and white picture

Playing jazz drums might be one of the most widely misunderstood things in the drumming world. There are so many different opinions and misconceptions surrounding the idiom, that it can be tough to know where to start. First of all, there is already a huge debate among musicians about the word “Jazz”. Some people feel Read More »

Rock Drums, It's About Time

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Playing rock drums is something most drummers in the western world do at one point or another. The genre is so popular that it's hard to avoid it. Rock is the predominant genre among drummers just learning, because it's simple, it's fun and it's all over the radio. The sheer popularity of the style is Read More »

Basic Drum Beats To Get You Grooving

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drum with 2 sticks on the head, it is header image of the article "Basic Drum Beats"

The first things I played on the drums were a couple of basic drum beats. Who doesn't? I think it's the first thing anyone wants to play, really. When you hear "drummer", don't you immediately think "beats"? I certainly do. We provide the beat for the music; we are responsible for grooving. It would make Read More »

Drum Stroke Rolls: Applications Of The Rudiments

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Single Stroke Roll The single stroke roll is the simplest, most fundamental rudiment for the drumset. It may seem simple, easily mastered, and "over-lookable", but be warned: it's one of the best options for playing almost any figure or fill around the drumset. What is the single stroke roll? It's as simple as it sounds; Read More »