8 Best Conga Drums of 2018 (Reviews, Extensive Research)

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header image of the best conga drums article

You must have heard of Cuban-American singer Gloria Estefan and her song called Conga. Yeah, a great, cheerful track that makes you dance. Unfortunately, we will not talk about this beautiful singer, but our topic will be equally interesting. It's about one of the most awesome percussion drums. There is a really large number of Read More »

6 Best Treble Booster Pedals (2018 Reviews)

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Picture of different guitar pedals on of them is treble booster

Surely you've wondered how Brian May and many other artists do to get those effects in their chords. He is one of many guitarists who use treble booster pedal to get some effect on his treble and high notes. This tool is useful both for live plays, as studio recordings and became very popular in Read More »

9 Best Ride Cymbals (2018 Reviews & Buying Guide)

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stick hitting a cymbal

Choosing the best ride cymbal is a bit relative than one might think. Depending on a lot of factors, there are things to consider before making the final decision. Ride cymbals are divided into several categories based on their price and function. Each price range has its best cymbal, and so does each style of Read More »

The 8 Best Cymbal Polishers & Cleaners of 2018

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hand holding cloth cleaning cymbal with polisher or cleaner

The cymbals are usually made of copper, tin, and silver, so like all instruments they must be kept free of dust or other debris; not only for the aesthetic factor but for the sonority of it. Similarly, keeping your plates clean will be an advantage to detect any fracture that may suffer the instrument. Therefore, Read More »

Best P-90 Pickups: Your Top 6 Choices | 2018 Reviews

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picture of Gibsons guitar pickup

If you can play with a guitar with P-90 pickups, then you know very well how difficult it is to define the sound of these coils. Aggressive, but with a rounded sound full of nuances and colors. Created by Gibson in its early electric years, they were its queens for a short time, since the Read More »

Best Cymbal Bags & Cases | Reviews 2018

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opened black bag with few cymbals in it

Are you looking for the best cymbal bag? Or you need one in a hurry? Whatever the reason is, you do not have to fret over it. There are things to consider, however, and you would have to follow these considerations before you make a final conclusion. Cymbal bags are important when you are drummer Read More »

5 Best Hi-Hat Cymbals (Look No Further) | Reviews 2018

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picture of 5 different models of cymbals

As a drummer, your hi-hat setup is critical to your overall sound. There are many different hi-hat cymbals that you can buy, and it can be hard as a drummer to find the best hi-hat cymbal for your current needs. You need to look at a wide range of products before you buy one. This Read More »

The 4 Best Drum Recording Interface | 2018 Reviews & Buying Guide

Posted in Recording & Audio Equipment

What We Looked For In Our Reviews Before Making The Top Picks? Since we are well aware of all the problems that a drummer can find while recording his performance, we have decided to help you in selecting the recording interface. After selecting a drum set, drum heads, hardware, cymbals, sticks, microphones, we've come to Read More »

Best Record Player and Turntable | The Buying Guide of 2018

Posted in Misc

The phonograph was 1st created back in 1877. And after years of electrical and technological advancements, it quickly started being mentioned as the record player by the general public. Record players, for pretty much 100 years acted as the main staple for individuals to get pleasure from their music on a day to day, therefore Read More »

The 5 Best Bass Drum Microphone | Reviews 2018

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5 different models of microphones suitable for bass drum

It's very important that you have a good drum microphone, your bass drum plays an important role in your overall sound. We know it's not easy, from too many products by many manufacturers to choose the right product. If your snare drum sounds fantastic, you may have the most excellent overhead microphones, the amazing sound Read More »

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