Best Piccolo Snare Drum of 2018 - Review

Posted in Drums | Last Updated on January 20, 2018

Why not Add a Piccolo to Your Arsenal and Vary Your Attack! Drummers tend to collect snare drums more than any other piece of the sound puzzle. Snares have tremendous individual “personality,” and none have more than the often overlooked it. Piccolo snares are shallow snares, usually just 3 inches deep, and rarely wider than 13 inches, which is the most prevalent width.

Experienced drummers know a piccolo, often used as a secondary snare, can be used to fantastic effect. Maple piccolos deliver super high, super crisp sound that cuts through the din with great projection and plenty of crack. Shining, high-spectrum attack is the chief characteristic of the piccolo snare, as it delivers an “alternate” voice to the featured snare, and gives the drummer the flexibility of tuning the featured snare looser to cover more tonal ground.

Best rated products

Perl M1330102 Maple

  • Dimensions - 14 x 3 x 14 inches.
  • Weight - 3 pounds
  • Rods - 8

It can be used for a primary as well as be used as secondary drum. Very solid hardware, easy to tune, and on the top of that good looking. All in all it produces superb sound regardless of whether you play it with sticks or brushes.

Conclusion: Great quality on great price you will be amazed.

Mapex 13X3.5

  • Weight - 7.3 pounds
  • Dimension - 13 x 3.5
  • Remo Heads
  • Key for tunning

High crisp and pitch sound. Durable, easy to tune. I really can point out any cons. This is pretty good deal for the price.

Drummers often use it for emphasis in a tune, or feature it during fills or solos. If you are in the market for a piccolo, look for one that has a wide tuning range, a quality true of all good snares. That way, you have the capacity to tune the instrument loose and use it as a primary snare in pop, rock, jazz, and country, or tune it high and feature it for reggae, punk, or even metal. You may have to try several different heads to find the ones that deliver the perfect sound you are after. Spent few seconds and hear how it sounds

This instrument is a superb way to personalize your drum kit, adding to your attack, and giving you a sound uniquely yours. Pick one up and have fun tuning it high, low, and in between until you find just the right sound for your style.

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